THE REPORTAGE: 'A True Story About The Destiny Of Fate'

In this text, written by God through me, you'r given answers to the biggest questions of life, about faith and religion:

* How can a God exist?
* Why do people believe in religion anyway?
* Who do most people believe in, in India?
* What is magic?
* Where is the difference and likeness between Islam, Christianity and Judaism?
* When will God, miracles and the Day of Judgement come?

Read the whole before you criticize the text!

The God
World Religions
Indian & South East Asia's traditions
Abrahmitic Religions
Magic & Medicine
Truths V.S. Tales

(©) The Copyright should be the God's, and He is Omnipotent and Wise, says God's invisible envoy creatures.

ISBN: 978-91-637-2253-0
ISBN ePub: 978-91-637-5152-3
ISBN PDF: 978-91-637-5159-2