'A true story about the destiny of fate'

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"The God"


Creator of the universe is mentioned in various forms in most religions and traditions, and clearly He emerges such as Allah in the Quran, God of the Bible in various languages or as Bhaga, Brahma, Vasudeva etcetera in the Bhagavad Gita. God in definite form actually gives a more accurate description in view of force and power, where the bare word God or His many names does not say as much about Him as the directed title "the God", which is also visible as such in religions as for example "New age" or Islam, but also in older scriptures and languages. "In the beginning there was nothing except the Creator", and this idea is also supported by anthropologists and scholars of religion, even if they rarely dare to go further. And just as the Creator is referred to in the singular definite form, He is actually correctly called "the God". For those who do not know Who or What the Creator is, it's recommended to read the Quran, the Bible or the nearest traditional, any monotheistic, religious record. All religions have basically the same Creator, but they call Him in different ways and languages, it seems. Allah, Bhaga or God are therefore synonyms, and so also other names of God, for that matter. This topic will be adressed more thoroughly later. The Creator is said to be close to the believer, who should fear and trust Him so that He can guide her to Himself. If you then, which with religious records can do, shatter the myth that God does not exist, you can strike a blow for that He continues to be the only party man can be subjective and personal around.
    The Creator-God is an entity that says to mankind, in books, and usually by prophets and other holy people, figures or beings, have created our world and another for man invisible world. He is also said to have created all the worlds in universe, animals, nature, and all other imaginable and yet not possible worlds and beings. A Creator symbolizes and is often the core of many religions. God is everything and all names are His, it is further said in the Quran, 59:24:

"He is Allah, the Creator, the Evolver, the Bestower of Forms [or Colours]. To Him belong the Most Beautiful Names: whatever is in the heavens and on earth, doth declare His Praises and Glory: and He is the Exalted in Might, the Wise."

Here in the above quoted surah (a surah is a chapter of the Quran), of the Quran one finds the reason why all of God's names are good, regardless of language differences and of barriers, despite every ones becalling or image of the Creator. In the Bhagavad Gita, Krshna presents himself as a variety of characters and idols before Arjuna, as an example of his various names:

"The Holy One said, -'Well, unto thee I will declare my divine perfections -///- I am Vishnu among the Adityas, the resplendent Sun among all luminous bodies; I am Marichi among the Maruts, and the Moon among constellations. -///- Of all the Rudras I am Shiva -///- ", says The Bhagavad Gita Chapter 10:19, 10:21.

God is not he as a man or woman, even though that word "he" is used when speaking about Him, in order to clarify the gender perspective, and no one has decided it so, why this is so is a mystery and danger beyond that, with risks to become a human interest issue. In order to distinguish the word he for man and He for God, use a small "h" for the man and a big "H" for God.
    One day, everyone will adapt to a single major power, it seems, it is rather the end result that is important. The strange thing is that the word God is not made itself more dominant in the relics that are of Norse and English traditions, when this word popped up as a name is actually an interesting conundrum yet.
    Just because people call a tree by different names, depending on the language, it does not mean that the tree's attributes are changed. The same applies therefore to the Creator, people can call Him by different titles or names but His mystical properties are unchanged and for man inexplicable. There are those in Science who want to try to philosophize about this, despite that the conclusions often is that it is not possible. John Hick, a noted postmodern philosopher, is trying in his book "The existence of God", to compile various thoughts on the philosophy of the existence of God. He says there are two kinds of thoughts on the debate about the existence of God, especially in Science. One is of those who have a theistic position and the other is the atheists who want to claim that God does not exist, with impact. Hicks conclusion is thus superfluous since he in need of philosophical reasoning still want to prove that it is not philosophically possible to prove God's existence, but Hicks is smart nevertheless. A chapter, where he tries to clarify this dilemma, begins with: "I shall discuss That philosophical proof of God's existence is impossible". The easiest way is therefore to start from the books of the religions. So, God is not like anything in creation as the planets, Moon, Sun or stars- the one God is the Creator of them. He is not a particle, God creates the small substances.
    The Creator of all religions wants everything and everyone to worship and honour Him alone for having created the world. Jesus says in the Quran, surah 3:51: "It is Allah Who is my Lord and your Lord; then worship Him. This is a Way that is straight". Allah says something similar in surah 2:208: "O ye who believe! Enter into Islam whole-heartedly; and follow not the footsteps of the evil one; for he is to you an avowed enemy". Regarding deniers and believers you can also hear in the Quran 67:12: "As for those who fear their Lord unseen, for the is Forgiveness and a great Reward". Please see the next example:

"The Holy One said, Fixing (their) mind on me, they that constantly adore me, being endued (besides) with the highest faith, are deemed by me to be the most devoted. They, however, who worship the Immutable, the Unmanifest, the All-pe vading, the Inconceivable, the Indifferent, the Immutable, the Eternal, who, restraining the entire group of the senses, are equal-minded in respect of all around and are engaged in the good of all creatures, (also) attain to me", says the Bhagavad Gita in Chapter 12.4.

If someone denies his God and at the same time is a bully of some sort, who then is the omnipotent? The Creator forgives much of the bad, says many religions with their own specific laws. This, that to some God created all faiths, means that man must follow a path they are destined to follow no matter what, but with a positive reflection on others, according to many religious documents. Start by reading the short surah 87! the Bible in Genesis 1:1-3, Bhagavad Gita 3:10, or an equivalent text, as an introduction to religion, and what is to come if you're not familiar with the emic cosmogonic nature of these important religions (cosmos means the world and gonos birth, in Greek, cosmogony means creation of the world. Emic means inside perspective - a word commonly used in the religious studies of Science). Just because the only God says to have all the names and titles as Allah, God, or anything else of good character, you do not need to conclude too fast and believe that anyone who claims to have created and maintain the world is the true God. In the end it's all an aspect of Him like a mirror image is of the viewer. The true God is beyond the material world and awaits the creation of a new world where the faithful can live in the good for all eternity and those who deny His existence and omnipotence have a penalty to wait in another world, also created by Him, it seems as. If not, the answer may be that religion is either completely true in all areas and texts, or on the contrary that it is not at all true - it has to be worked with in the same way it's worked with the Science and everything else. The best approach is by the logical and rational thinking and get results through analysis, however, not always through testing or experimentation as some seem to do. Or is there a single answer to what religion is? Hardly, this is a limit to how far philosophy reaches, because if man is testing, then she must accept that the consequences could easily be the opposite, that man himself gets tested or something else disastrous happens to everyone, such as that the Tellus explode apart, our planet Earth.
    Human souls and God is the opposite of everything in this world and in a variety of the world, rational reasoning, He is the One as its antithesis. If worship is given to plural things, it can be given to different persons or people as-well, for otherwise it will be difficult with a polytheistic homage to one, in etymology, singular entity. But be sure that you can not choose whom you shall worship of all people and nations, for there is only one God, the Creator of heaven and earth. To understand, imagine that everything has an opposite - the Sun has the Moon, the night has the day, humans have animals, and life has death as the opposite - and thus the whole manifold existence (with millions of animals, matters or metaphysical beings) have a Creator. There, existence of a Creator can be shown from both a philosophical reasoning, as from a logical analysis of being. There are then those who claim to be gods, which further led to many religions ceasure and that they became myths. The so-called idolated gods killed others, or got killed themselves by others, which further should reflect the end of their religions, - they obviously met the same fate:

"And Allah has said, "Do not take for yourselves two deities. He is but one God, so fear only Me". -///- "In the name of God the Merciful, the Compassionate. Say:" God is one. God is first. He is not begotten, nor has He begotten. And no God can take His unity", says Allah in the Quran, surah 16:51 & surah 112. -///- "Thou shalt have no gods before Me", continues Exodus 20.3. -///- "I will reward all of them in accordance with their assignment to Me. All follow my path in all respects, O son Parthas", concludes Bhagavad Gita 4.11.

Even in polytheistic religions the individual in the end chooses a personal deity among the pantheon of gods. He, the Creator is One God. Imagine if there had been several Creators, then they would certainly have fought with each other to own the world and see what happens with polytheism. Their, the alleged gods of polytheists wants to fight constantly for power which none of them seems to have in the end. In Kojiki, the book of Shintoism, an attempted is made to separate the five original gods from one another, as much as possible:

"The names of the deities that were born in the Plain of High Heaven when the Heaven and Earth began were the deity Master-of-the-August-Center-of-Heaven; next, the High-August-Producing-Wondrous deity; next, the Divine-Producing-Wondrous deity. These three deities were all deities born alone, and hid their persons. The names of the deities that were born next from a thing that sprouted up like unto a reed-shoot when the earth, young and like unto floating oil, drifted about medusa-like, were the Pleasant-Reed-Shoot-Prince-Elder deity, next the Heavenly-Eternally-Standing deity. These two deities were likewise born alone, and hid their persons. The five deities in the above list are separate Heavenly deities", says Kojiki in chapter I.

Thus, God is one and also in Kojiki they try to keep the faith away from an otherwise obvious war, in mythology. The separation of the shinto kamis in above quote has no meaning for Kojikis output except to explain how these five were born and how they were separated. This is the knowledge of how to study a metaphysical power of religion and not a compilation or a positive generalization and equalizing of religions or other social systems for that matter either.
    There are two worlds mentioned many times in most religious records, which are prominent and important to know, which are obvious in most religions. One is the everyday world where people work, eat, sleep and do other activities and it can be seen and perceived by ordinary senses - the profane world. The second reality is a spiritual one and for man invisible and imperceptible world of senses - the sacred world. This "second reality" is called "al ghayb" in the holy Arabic Quran and its counterpart in English is metaphysics, although it is used too seldom, instead of the complicated and lengthy sentences that try to describe it. Metaphysics means "the super-physical world". The term is used as well as in religious contexts, but also in Science and then to describe, among other things, the cognitive world, McIntyre says in his works extensively with later-day academies in the book "Metaphysical beliefs". The mundane and material world is subordinate to the metaphysical, says for example the Quran in surah 17:21: "See how We have bestowed more on some than on others; but verily the Hereafter is more in rank and gradation and more in excellence". The metaphysical world is also eternal which the secular is not:

"I will now, without leaving anything speak to thee about knowledge and experience, knowing which there would be left nothing in this world (for thee) to know. One among thousands of men striveth for perfection. Of those even that are asidous and have attained to perfection, only some one knoweth me truly. Earth, water, fire, air, space, mind, also understanding, and consciousness,--thus hath my nature been divided eight-fold. This is a lower (form of my) nature. Different from this, know there is a higher (form of my) nature which is animate, O thou of mighty arms, and by which this universe is held. Know that all creatures have these for their source. I am the source of evolution and also of the dissolution of the entire universe", continues the Bhagavad Gita 7.2, 4-5.

Al ghayb or metaphysics can not be explained otherwise than by granted permission from God, the one told in the sacred records. In short - there are two main worlds that are "the material and mundane" and "spiritual and metaphysical" and both are created and managed under a lot of power and is thus also completed. The same mindset exists also in Islam, the Quran, in 2:1-4, 67, 16:77 says:

"This is the Book; in it is guidance sure, without doubt, to those who fear Allah; Who believe in the Unseen, are steadfast in prayer, and spend out of what We have provided for them; And who believe in the Revelation sent to thee, and sent before thy time, and [in their hearts] have the assurance of the Hereafter". -///- "He Who created the seven heavens one above another: No want of proportion wilt thou see in the Creation of [Allah] Most Gracious. So turn thy vision again: seest thou any flaw?" -///- "To Allah belongeth the Mystery of the heavens and the earth. And the Decision of the Hour [of Judgment] is as the twinkling of an eye, or even quicker: for Allah hath power over all things."

In addition there are other beings than animals and humans, as the spirits and angels. Some of these creatures are said to live in the seventh sphere of universe, or in metaphysics, says for example surah Al Jinn. Those who live in the outer edge of the universe sounds a bit like aliens. The surah is many times interpretaded as pointing out to Aliens, meaning that those who try to contact these will see a meteor fall from the sky, this is because they require precise co-ordinations to get to Earth, or otherwise they slam into these flames of the sky, says surah "Al Jinn", "the ways of ascent" (chapter 70:04) and surah 55:33-:

"O ye assembly of Jinns and men! If it be ye can pass beyond the zones of the heavens and the earth, pass ye! not without authority shall ye be able to pass! Then which of the favours of your Lord will ye deny? On you will be sent [O ye evil ones twain!] a flame of fire [to burn] and a smoke [to choke]: no defence will ye have: -///- The angels and the Holy Spirit ascend to Him in a day the measure whereof is as 50 000 years"

For humans to come to the everlasting place, Paradise, takes 50 000 years; but by having some devine knowledge we could do it as the angels and the Spirit, in one day more or less. Further Vedas describe Vimanas, planetary flying object hovering above water. The prophet Ezekiel, sees these round flying objects, when God chooses him to be a Prophet, with cherubs (angels from Heaven) and with light, across the Jordan River. The Bible says in "Prophets, Ezekiel" that:

"Now as I beheld the living creatures, behold one wheel upon the earth by the living creatures, with his four faces. The appearance of the wheels and their work [was] like unto the colour of a beryl: and they four had one likeness: and their appearance and their work was as it were a wheel in the middle of a wheel. When they went, they went upon their four sides: [and] they turned not when they went. As for their rings, they were so high that they were dreadful; and their rings [were] full of eyes round about them four. And when the living creatures went, the wheels went by them: and when the living creatures were lifted up from the earth, the wheels were lifted up", said Ezekiel in chapters 1:15-.

Babylonia had for a long time written down on Nebiru (there are pictures & texts from them proving the nine planets around the Sun, and the Earth is shown with it's Moon and even a distant mysterious planet), a twelfth planet where Nefillim and Anunaki lived. Anunakis was in appearance very similar to Cherubim, they had wings and came down to Earth on discs or wheels from the sky. Some of these were from heaven, and like the Cherubim, had an appearance similar to animals in combination with man. This was written down during the time of kings and as Ezekiel prophesied to the Israelis that they really existed, as to overcome the dilemma they had about creatures from outer places, they did not believe him. Ezekiel warned then that Babylon will later enslave them (their scholars from Babylon and kings already knew about Nefillim and Anunaki from Nebiru), and so it was when the Jewish kings did not want to hear even though they had the same thoughts all over the world, it seems. Among others, the following sources of UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects) from UFO religion are in the Bible - 2 Kings 2:11, Psalms 68:17, Isaiah 66:5, Jeremiah 4:13, Zechariah 6:1. In the zodiac sign "Orion" who is aiming or shooting arrows at the night sky, Orion, with the hunter's belt of three stars, the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt points at, while Sirius points at Orions three stars which in turn points to the "womans", "sisters" or "ladies" of the Pleiades, and the three was in Europe, Asia, Americas, Australia and Africa believed to be a gateway to eternity. God is considered to be infinite in Islam and so difficult to explain that even the language puts an end to the efforts. The only way to understand God is the way He wants to.
    Vedas describes that spirit creatures have different groups, they are Asvins, Rudras (while Rudra in singular is the Vedic name of Shiva), Maruts, Adytias, Vasus and others, but also in surah Al Jinn (jinns - unidentified creatures in Arabic) they are divided into "clans" or people, tells Rgveda, Atharvaveda, Somaveda & Yajurveda and surah Al Jinn. The surah further says that jinns one day heard the Prophet Muhamed recite the Quran as they were inspired by God to connect with Muhamed to tell what jinns are, and also "whisper" the Arabic Quran to the people as a sign of Allah's power and performance of miracles. The surah says that there are those who are believers and those who are unbelievers among the jinns (they can make sexes, and create communities - which is not the angelic attributes - the angels are unlike without gender and obey mostly only God). The hungry would eat considerably and the full can hardly think about food before it becomes too much to bear. If you want to know what religion is, you should deal with the Creator first, He holds all the hearty titles, self-ordained to.
    Often God speaks of Himself as "We" in the Quran, but it's really the angels who speaks in these verses, but more interpretations can also be made (He may mean "we" as in when it appeals to a Lord in aristocratic language). Religion also describes how man was created and what is beyond what man can see, and it's really another name for Science or Knowledge:

"We created man from sounding clay, from mud moulded into shape; And the Jinn race, We had created before, from the fire of a scorching wind. Behold! thy Lord said to the angels: "I am about to create man, from sounding clay from mud moulded into shape; "When I have fashioned him [in due proportion] and breathed into him of My spirit, fall ye down in obeisance unto him." says the Quran in surah 15:26-29.

The believers actually know these contexts, but for the curious and the rest it can be very important to know the above and more. Clay is actually ground substance or matter which man is made of, consisting of five different substances, fats, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals mixed with water (what else did you eat?). Moreover, there is in every man a soul that is part of the Creator himself (the souls of the first creation the devils/jinns are made of a smokeless fire, the angels spirit of light, the humans from Gods own breath etc. - from explosion comes fire and from that derives light and also air considering the creation of the universe in the sense of spiritual evolution, according to the God in the Quran). Besides humans there are beings that are invisible to our normal senses and some people are equipped with the Creator's gift to see that world, but not without his presence or a spiritual gift. Satan is a being of such a nature and is considered an enemy of the believers and their souls as he, as continues the last quoted surah, refuses to bow down before Adam (the first man) seeing himself as greater than earthly material and therefore gets Allah's wrath upon himself and gets kicked out until the Day of Judgement comes, but Satan regrets a little and says that he only will mislead the unfaithfull, says the Quran in surah 15:30 and the Bible in Genesis. The same idea as above is in the Bhagavad Gita, but a little more indirect, see 10.20, 04.17. Spirits, angels, kings, fate, presidents, psychologists, professors, prophets, spiritual leaders etc. are not God. Or compare with this quote: "You shall have no gods beside Me", says God YHWH in the Bible chapter Exodus 20.3. God's power and He is everything and everywhere and implicitly this means that a Creator exists, for the believer in this.
    In the so-called metaphysics, the Creator works and there happens that which is not to be seen by those who do not believe fully in the truth, namely the mysterious, according to the monotheistic religions. God is in Heaven and has all power in His created worlds, He is the most interesting figure in spirituality, or? Yes, God is the one who makes summer solstice in the north, while in the same time it is winter solstice in the southern hemisphere. And also If God is the initiator of the world, He must logically also be the terminator of it.

World Religions

"Praise be to Allah, Who created [out of nothing] the heavens and the earth, Who made the angels, messengers with wings,- two, or three, or four [pairs]: He adds to Creation as He pleases: for Allah has power over all things. What Allah out of his Mercy doth bestow on mankind there is none can withhold: what He doth withhold, there is none can grant, apart from Him: and He is the Exalted in Power, full of Wisdom", says the Quran in surah 35, Al Fatir -///- "O ye who believe! if ye fear Allah, He will grant you a criterion [to judge between right and wrong], remove from you [all] evil [that may afflict] you, and forgive you: for Allah is the Lord of grace unbounded", says the Quran in chapter 8:29.

No one can fully explain what religion is, but it's enough to get a small idea of it. Human Rights of the United Nations says in Article 18 that "Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion". Those who can teach religious faith is often said to have a blessing. A blessing and a miracle is, in monotheistic religions, a way for the God of the universe to have a relationship with the person selected, as a symbol is according to its Greek meaning "that which can be united", like a contract. "Originally, it was an identification mark (a symbol in two or more parts, concluded together like puzzle pieces and which then could be identified by stakeholders) that linked two or more parties", explains Gilhus & Mikaelsson, Norwegian religious researcher who tries to do religious studies in paradigms that exist in the post-modern society's new rules, in the book "Nytt blikk på religion" (transl. "New perspectives on religion"). It may be added that the word symbol also refers to symbiosis-benefit of each other in a definite plan, like destiny and blessings, as in the case of Zechariah asking for graces, blessings from the Lord. The faithful pray to the worshipped for the tangible assets as spiritual knowledge and skills, but as well for material abundance.

"There did Zakariya pray to his Lord, saying: "O my Lord! Grant unto me from Thee a progeny that is pure: for Thou art He that heareth prayer! While he was standing in prayer in the chamber, the angels called unto him: "Allah doth give thee glad tidings of Yahya, witnessing the truth of a Word from Allah, and [be besides] noble, chaste, and a prophet,- of the [goodly] company of the righteous", the Quran 3: 38-39. Say: "All bounties are in the hand of Allah: He granteth them to whom He pleaseth: And Allah careth for all, and He knoweth all things" in chapter 3:73. "Allah did choose Adam and Noah, the family of Abraham, and the family of Imran above all people,- ", says the Quran in surah 3:33.

This is also mentioned in the Gospels in the New Testament, which describes that this, mentioned above, happened to Zechariah despite his old age and while the Virgin Mary got the "Jesus-annunciation" by the Archangel Gabriel half a year after, according to the Gospels in the New Testament. It's about, in the world of religion, either for the good bless others, ask for blessings and hope to get blessings for herself from the worshipped or followed, or for the evil to curse and contrary to avoid getting cursed or avoid cursing others. Some are in premade as souls in Heaven and thus apparently simply in advance blessed and those who hope to receive gifts, as blessings also can be called, has an implicit contemporary hope that everything rests with something slightly higher. In Zechariah's case it is to ask for blessings. The opposite of blessings is curses, but both work or get an outlet through prayer or formulas. According to the Quran in surah 2 are they who curse the archangels Michael, Gabriel and other angels, the Prophets and God himself, cursed themselves. Those who do not follow the law are most likely to get a curse:

"But for any disaffected one who shall defy what he has heard, he shall be one condemned, the god shall curse him", says Katarina Nordh in her book "Aspects of ancient Egyptian curses and blessings", on page 39.

And so on in the same study by Nordh:

"As for him who shall confirm them (i.e. the terms of decree), his son shall be established on his place, from son to son, his name shall not be destroyed, forever and ever. As for he who shall annu them -///- his children shall not succeed him."

If not the Creator is the largest in the position of religion, you will not see any similarities to Him in the records, or have some important phenomenon been untold? Most things have been said about God and if you have not noticed, He is termed as "the God" in Egyptian sources aswell from ancient days. In addition to Akhenaten, Tutankhamun's father (originally Tutanaton), who believed in one God (that he was the Sun, or on the other hand that the Sun is only a symbol of one God), one can see from older sources that there formerly was a monotheistic religion in Egypt. The Bible and the Quran confirms that a God curses similarly regardless of faith or people of origin, in Exodus. 20:1-:

"Thou shalt have no other gods before me. Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness [of any thing] that [is] in heaven above, or that [is] in the earth beneath, or that [is] in the water under the earth: Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them: for I the LORD thy God [am] a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth [generation] of them that hate me; And shewing mercy unto thousands of them that love me, and keep my commandments. Thou shalt not take the name of the LORD thy God in vain; for the LORD will not hold him guiltless that taketh his name in vain."

On the other hand, if one abides the rules set by the Creator, he receives blessings. Every soul is blessed by their God, but there are few who realize it and only those who believe in the Creator and that He is One are those who may have access to Him, though He preselected some. Every thing has a cause and effect, it is just the perception of where it begins as it differs. Some people say that life begins with parents and others in a greater Creator. Fate is thus clearly an important aspect in most if not all religious traditions, in the belief of predestination. Most commonly, you get to know the fate by what is destined for something good (luck) or bad (unluck). The belief in fate, for example, is closely associated with the power of Allah in Islam. The Quran in chapter 32:5 says:

"He created the heavens and the earth in true [proportions]: He makes the Night overlap the Day, and the Day overlap the Night: He has subjected the Sun and the Moon [to His law]: Each one follows a course for a time appointed. Is not He the Exalted in Power - He Who forgives again and again?", says the Quran in chapter 39: 5. -///- "He rules [all] affairs from the heavens to the earth: in the end will [all affairs] go up to Him, on a Day, the space whereof will be [as] a thousand years of your reckoning".

The following verse from the Bhagavad Gita may be interesting to compare: "They who know a day of Brahman to end after a thousand Yugas (ages), and a night (of his) to terminate after a thousand Yugas are persons that know day and night", says the Bhagavad Gita 8:17. If one then calculates a person's life by the quote from surah 32, the life of man is about three weeks or as most a God's month.
    According to the Quran everyone's name and life is inscribed on a plaque in the sky. These books and records will by will or coercion, be read up on the Day of Judgement, when the heavens collapse, the ground falls into the ocean and the stars fall from the sky. The notes are made by angels and other beings that are specifically created for this purpose.
    Even a Christian tradition made its mark visible through the faith of a punishment in the afterlife. This mixed up with the faith of common and those who were punished in this life already, got themselves to blame, people thus believed. Odin was said, or is said on the other hand, knowing human destiny through knowledge in the exercise of seidr (kind of ritual with the help of runes and anthems). Hence, there is the idea that people and things have a destiny and that someone knows or could know this. Odin is in turn part of the Asirs, idols or more workers for a major power. Two black crows, Hugin and Munin, sat on Odin's shoulders and were messengers who gave him information about people's destinies, the hidden knowledge and other important information. The belief in fate is closely associated with many religious worldviews, even if people lived apart in the distance, through time and space, one sees fate as central in the metaphysical powers. Today many do not believe directly on the old Norse mythology, but fate as the old Scandinavian belief do show up in paganism, popular art and literature.
    JRR Tolkien's tale (kind of romantic narrative on "World War 2") about the ring has much material from Norse mythology and the Edda. Gandalf, known in "Lord of the Rings" as the elf with Magical powers and wand that saves Middle-earth from the evil Sauron, is mentioned already in the Edda and so also the place the book portrays. Gandalf is mentioned as a dwarf who becomes an elf with a wand; Gandalf means elf with a wand. Furthermore, one can be learned from the wise woman Valan that the first people were Ask & Embla and before them was the Dwarvish race. When people then multiplied, the three - Urd, Skuld and Verdandi - who created the laws and weaved destiny for the people, came to Middle-earth. Weaving the fate is seen in many traditions as for example Neith in old Egypt or the Moirai in Greece who weaved the fate of people on earth. Thor was also part of the Asirs in the North. He was associated with thunder, happiness, and cure of illness as he also gave rain to the fields and plants. And in that way, he came to protect people from diseases.
    Thor's hammer Thor hurled against giants and other enemies which always hit its target. This symbol was common among Vikings (ancestors of Swedes, Norwegians, Islanders and Danes) and has in for example in Sweden become revived among Pagans where it's used as a talisman used in jewellery for patronage and power by believers and often Thor is portrayed as a warrior with a hammer. He was said to be a wise Asir, which could penetrate all obstacles, both the secular and knowledge. Thor flew in the sky on a chariot with lightning and light, drawn by billy goats and was constantly looking at war and frolic.
    Cosmogony in the North say that Ymir, the first creature, was a giant pieced up by Thor and his two brothers, and whose body was to become the creation; the blood became water, hair became trees, skin crust, and so on. Even in Chinese mythology, cosmogony says much the same thing, that in the beginning there was nothing but a giant cut up and whose body, like in the north and also as in India, became the creation. In the Chinese language destiny is referred to as "order" or also "send down", and is summarized as "Ming". About ming, Confucius says in "Analects", book 16 KE SHE, Chapter 8, that:

"There are three things of which the superior man stands in awe. He stands in awe of the ordinances of Heaven. He stands in awe of great men. He stands in awe of the words of sages. 'The mean man does not know the ordinances of Heaven, and consequently does not stand in awe of them. He is disrespectful to great men. He makes sport of the words of sages."

Confucius, or Kung Fuzi which is his Chinese name, was a moral teacher in ancient China who preached about different rules but these were more a knowledge of state govern rather than a religion, but is believed to be a religion because it lives today and have ceremonies around Confucius. Taoism is the religion in China which in many ways compensates this spiritual loss of Eastern thoughts. Taoism was founded by Lao Tse and describes in the book Tao Te Ching, how he believes that everything is Tao. There are different thoughts if Lao Tse, Lao Zi or Lao Tzu as he may have been called, lived for real or not. The Chinese religions fall into Sanchiao - the road with three branches- Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism (with more Far Eastern elements for example more focus about the coming Savior Maytreia etc.). What unites East Asia's religions is the belief in Yin & Yang - - the symbol of Yin & Yang is that Yin symbolizes the earthly, dark, wet and feminine, while Yang is the heavenly, bright, dry and masculine in the world. A balance between their two Chi, an energy associated with the power of creation and sexuality, gives an ultimate and perfect existence. Yin & Yang is common in China, the Korean Peninsula and Japan, but is visible in the rest of Asia, but mostly in Taoism, also called Daoism.
    Japan had originally a belief in animism, ancestor worship, as in Africa and in many gods and myths, but converted from the religion gradually to Buddhism and Shinto, and is there called Zen Buddhism respectively Kami. Zen Buddhism is a more mysterious kind of Buddhism that tries to find relief through riddles and meditation (Zen means just meditation) and teaches that liberation is from within, but that inspiration comes from above in a surprising way and is called Satori. Kami, like Tao, is anywhere in the world and may be ancestors, God, spirits, holy persons, etc., while Shinto is originally a Chinese word for this religion, which means the way of God (Shen/Shin- a God, To/Tao - way). Kami is certainly one of the most common emic used terms of this kind of nature religion in Japan that also inspired their art of war in the form of the samurai and the extreme way of death by suicide in defeat in war - "kamikaze" or "harakiri". If the goal of Zen Buddhism is to be relieved of being and becoming a Boddhisattva, the goal of Shinto, in comparison, is to be a Kami. Shinto/Kami is not great in practice today, even though it used to be the core of nationalism in Japan for a couple of decades ago, but can remain in the popular arts, traditions and national bond.
    In addition to these three paths, it can be said that there is also a fourth and more popular belief, with occult elements of Magic and Shamanism. Fengshui is included in the rest of Eastern beliefs- a religion that is based on finding places, colours, fragrances, or in other words atmospheres around religious activities in the belief that everything is a cosmic event, like astrology that lets the stars/heavenly bodies positions decide fate. Chi gong can also be added here as a interesting part of folk beliefs in China, which teaches how to accumulate the Chi energy. This group was earlier heavily criticized by the Chinese government who imprisoned, tortured and also killed many followers. What unites these strong beliefs is, interesting enough, belief that heaven gives a sort of mandate to a selected one so that he can rule or convey spiritual messages - a so-called Tiang Ming, meaning heavenly destiny. Without Tiang Ming no one would have been able to understand the world, a belief that is actually found throughout East Asia, such as China, North & South Korea and Japan.
    In Mesopotamia (Assyria, Babylon, Sumer) in the other hand, they believed in the same way as in East Asia, namely that fate, shimtu, are rules or powers that allow kings to govern. Shimtu were recorded in paintings and contracts which are regulations and are referred to in plural as fates. These "paintings" or rather an ancient book form, were buried and later found around the tomb of the prophet Jonah, and say for example these following sentences:

"1. To Nebo, the mighty son, director of the whole of heaven and of earth,
2. holder of the tablet, bearer of the writing reed of the tablet of destinies,
3. lengthener of days, vivifier of the dead, stablisher of light for the men who are troubled,
4. the great lord, his lord; Ashur-bani-pal, the prince, the favourite of the gods Ashur, Baal and Nebo,
5. the shepherd, the maintainer of the holy places of the great gods, stablisher of their revenues,
6. son of Esarhaddon, king of all, king of Assyria,
7. grandson of Sennacherib, king of all, king of Assyria, -///- ".

Fate is so on a kind of control mechanism of the world, hard to explain, although this phenomenon is sometimes said to be autonomous. In Science, belief in fate is called "fatalism", says Helmer Ringgren in the book "Fatalistic beliefs". Fate is also luck, as well as a gain or victory with great force and power. Friedrich Nietzsche, philosopher of the Enlightenment, believed that all forms of belief in fate is amor fati (extreme love in fate) and that man may be stuck in the fatalistic tendencies that may be similar to obsessions in extreme cases, but seems to give satisfaction in others.
    Is there anyone who believes himself to be scholar of religion, or a reporter working on religion, without even opening or reading the religious scriptures like the Bible or the Quran, or the Bhagavad Gita? It would be horrible in its own way. By recognizing that religious concepts actually are good enough, people might broad knowledge even more. For example, one can use a common way to discuss scientific works, namely impartiality. To be fair, impartiality is also mentioned in the Quran surah 60:8, and is thus being a part of the scientific methodology of religion and vice verse, and in that this is confirmed, they should be generally applicable in the study of religion and learning as well as in Science, this is fate in short.
    Which way an person takes, it will end in all places, but not at the same speed or simplicity. If everything is predetermined, then is there free will and space to any choice or religion? Yes, according to believers. Fate does not mean that man can blame the misdeeds on fate, as what the great philosopher Nietzsche mean is amor fati (everything a man do, both good and bad, can be added in fate, and thus there is an extreme love of fate). Instead you should see God as the one who is forgiving and overlook a lot, says believers continually. God determines everything in advance, but you have to see it as such with the word "path". There are many paths, but they all lead to the same place. Choosing the road is like free will, but like fate, it will still lead to a particular place. If you study the routes carefully, you quickly realize that the adage "all roads lead to Rome" is actually true, but they will not only lead to Rome, all roads lead indeed to all places. For example, you can go to the North Pole to get to Rome, and how is this possible? If you live in the North Pole it is not very difficult, but if you live south, as in south Sweden, you go northward towards North Pole than back to Finland to Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Germany, Switzerland and then Italy. Admittedly, it would be easier to choose to go directly to the south, if you are in southern Sweden, but it is not fate to be blamed for bad choices or exalted in turns of fortune, instead God seems to want to be admired for His Majesty. Another example is food. One can, for example, eat boiled potatoes or turn it into mush, but the sentence is still that it should be eaten when cooked for it. This leaves room for man to worship only the Almighty. When Abraham was visited by angels they told good news and bad for him. The good news was that Abraham would have a son, the bad was that the cities where his nephew Lot lived, would be destroyed. The angels rescued Lot and his family, except Lot's wife when she did not want to listen and cheated, says the Bible Genesis and the Quran in surah Abraham and 51:24, 29:31. Why did God change Lot's fate if it was predetermined that all would die in the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, where fornication was conducted? The answer is that Abraham's prayer was answered, and when Lot were visited by the angels Abraham had, he was just and protected them against the men penetrating other men who where highly intoxicated and now extremely excited and therefore wanted to rape Lot's holy people, according to the scriptures and the Quran queries "what is wrong with the woman?". Or why not take the example of Abraham and the question of his age and becoming a father, or Zechariah similar fate - both were really too old for children. This might clarify that amor fati is not just a personal choice, but that Science must believe in something higher to operate as humane and be based on truth. The good fate, luck affects the righteous and the unlucky affects unrighteous man, is the conclusion; but God forgives much has he learned man forever. Compassion and belief seems to generate luck, while its opposite evil leads to bad luck. Evil means doing the opposite of the law and its results should be unluck, if fate is from it's God. Would not fate be the from any higher it would disclosure belief in the one omnipotent God. Luck is therefore also associated with a surprise and that fate is often hidden to man may let happiness and good fortune to breed and have meaning, but bad luck lead to the disappointment and thus is initiated to faith or unbelief. For those who have an extreme desire to be lucky or those who are afflicted by misfortune without accepting a higher, omnipotent power, could have a morbid picture of reality and into an amor fati ala Nietzsche, but on the other hand, marvelling the Almighty, amor fati becomes obvious and essential. In response to this, a disease related to the fate should rather be called "distance fati", one that has not accepted fate as truth and thus departed from the truth of God and His omnipotence.
    The common fate is that man has a free will which will be used to achieve the best destiny. The Creator has marked out, for example, three major "paths" or "roads"; for the day of judgement, left for Hell; to the right for the ultimate blessing in Day of Judgement and in the centre that leads to the best forever with the Ruler where a life of royalty is offered, according to the Quran surah 56, Bible New Testament about the Son of Man and Garuda Purana chapter 1 verse 1, 4, and others. Humans, for example, paradoxical but true enough, chooses which of these paths they want. The free will exists in symbiosis with the fate and destiny and can be seen in the remarkable results of choices. In the Quran, surah 25:1-5, the word Qadr comes up as the way Allah rules His world be measuring the fate of all things, but Qadr is in the same time also His power to rule and which He sometimes grant to the believers in wars. Qadr means measure and is refered as fate in Surah Laylatul Qadr - The night of destinies. Since Fate is created by a powerful Creator, He is thus also in metaphysics and a large force.
    Another common term in Science today is metaphysics, coined by philosophers of Hellas and made famous by Plato and Aristotle. In his book "Metaphysical beliefs" McIntyre tries to describe what's in Science by seeing Science as contemporary mythology. Typically old and incomplete religious sources are termed myths, but in our world characterized without religious dominance, seen from an institutional power, researchers are trying to see our contemporary knowledge already extinct, so on they do not give the concept of mythology a new meaning. There's everything from cloning and photographing the spirits and to not mention the threats of war. Terrible events occur hypocritically in the name of religions and knowledge. In shelves after shelves and archives for archives theories of ego and super-ego are found, terms that have a physical nature in abstract form and commonly called metaphysics. The way to celebrate, honour, and marvel the Creator is seen as something impossible to incorporate into our fabricated everyday world, says McIntyre 1957:175. But if the desire is to remove themselves from this, in that the text is hostile to the fabricated world man lives in, then should not acceptance lie in precisely religious practices, or at least give them a chance, not the religion of man, as Humanists say while they deny religions to exist, but in religion and God's name, without hypocrisy? Furthermore, many in Science point to to the invisible force and mean it to be difficult to build anything on, continues McIntyre 1957. How many people have actually read the scriptures carefully who certainly can clarify this problem assumption? Just give it a chance. All knowledge is necessary but it is little man can understand and more important is it to use it correctly. The Creator is forgiving and says in the Quran in 67:12: "As for those who fear their Lord unseen, for them is Forgiveness and a great Reward". Despite their often small scopes, the religious scripture can be used equating to the current scientific. In the Quran, chapter 24:45, 21:30, the evolutionary theory already is mentioned, if you have a sharp eye and are analytical to see it.

"And Allah has created every animal from water: of them there are some that creep on their bellies; some that walk on two legs; and some that walk on four. Allah creates what He wills for verily Allah has power over all things. -///- Do not the Unbelievers see that the heavens and the earth were joined together [as one unit of creation], before we clove them asunder? We made from water every living thing. Will they not then believe? -///-Then He (rose over) the heavens while it was something like smoke, and said to it and to the earth: Come both of you willingly or unwillingly. They said, We come willingly."

Yes, this could probably be the evolutionary theory appearing in a book from the 600's. Life began in water with fishes, then reptiles, birds on two legs and mammals in four (interesting that Allah categorizes the animal world by their feet, just as Science does with insects as for example each spider has six legs, more or less). There could also be interpretations made for personal force, but most translations are equal. The Bhagavata Purana states Vishnu's 24 incarnations which are commonly divided into 10; his first form was a young or small (perhaps bacteria), a fish, a turtle, an eagle, a lion, a human king and to return as Kalkin in the future:

"When the practices taught by the Vedas and the institutes of law shall nearly have ceased, and the close of the Kali age shall be nigh, a portion of that divine being who exists of his own spiritual nature in the character of Brahma, and who is the beginning and the end, and who comprehends all things, shall descend upon earth: he will be born in the family of Vishnuyas'as, an eminent Brahman of Sambhala village, as Kalki, endowed with the eight superhuman faculties", says Vishnu Purana in chapter 24.

Instead of an eagle, however, some Purana texts have mentioned the boar and mentions neither the first, young or small, thou the eagle - Garuda - is more famous being also a flying vehicle for Vishnu. Kalki is also said to come to fight with a comet like sword against that which is not fair, on a white horse or he is a white horse, and has a connection to the iron and therefore it has been interpreted to mean that he might be a robot. Compared with the metaphysical idea that God pervades in everything, as found in the Bhagavad Gita, it sounds more possible for the tradition: "I am the Supersoul, O Arjuna, located in all living beings hearts. I am the beginning, middle and end of all beings", continues Bhagavad Gita 10.20. In contrast, says Islam and the Quran, 21: 30-33, and states:

"Do they not, those who want to deny the truth that the heavens and the earth (once) formed a single, cohesive mass and (that) We separated them? And they do not know that we have let all life arises out of water? Also the night and the day is His work, like the Sun and Moon, which moves each in its circulation." -///- "And ye shall be brought back to Us."

Muslims believe that some are blessed and some not, and that the earth one day finally goes under, which also Shaivas says. According to contemporary geological theories, the Earth constituted by same mass, in the Science called "Pangea" and also that universe is expanding from one mass, and about planetary cycles and the expansion of the universe, man is familiar with since the late Middle Ages, in contrast to the Quran which, shown above, has known this a millennium earlier. So, some people think knowledge should be added to God's revelations. The problem is that, in order to neutralize the whole, most believers do not seem to have taken these messages as particularly serious and neglected most of the messages from the past, and that academics done the opposite (they have indirectly, consciously or unconsciously stolen it), depending in different circumstances as for example irrational fear and power. Note, for example, in the Quran, in the above quoted chapter, that man should know how creation is built, thus there is no contradiction between faith and knowledge.
    The believers are encouraged, in the Quran, directly to also be a knowing being. In Vishnu's known avatars, you can follow in chronological order the creation from fish to reptiles to birds to mammals and then humans. It's just human hard-headiness that puts an end to just knowledge.
    The religious theories are as scientific, but in the latter mentioned are deficiencies in the link between species. Scientists have still no answer to how a fish became a reptile and then a bird, because there is no link between these species, or others secure for that matter. (Or, how is it that when scientists are experimenting with applying fruit peels in a container of clean air, without the possibility of parasites or bacteria to enter, yet sooner or later fruit flies grow- the so-called "fruit fly experiment"?) Instead evolution just may be an inspiration for delivering life and Allah says, in the Quran surah 36:82, that when He wants to create something he just say to it "Be" and it comes to existence. This problem or mystery still mystifies researchers who find no answers to their own theories on the origin of species, which is the most common problem in Science - namely, studied, analyzed or confirmed theories by repetition, despite that all methods frenetically seems to be aimed at this. Briefly, these are called theories of induction and deduction. A God teaches man in Quran 13:2 and 41:11:

"Allah is He Who raised the heavens without any pillars that ye can see; is firmly established on the throne [of authority]; He has subjected the Sun and the Moon [to his Law]! Each one runs [its course] for a term appointed. He doth regulate all affairs, explaining the signs in detail, that ye may believe with certainty in the meeting with your Lord." -///- "Moreover He comprehended in His design the sky, and it had been [as] smoke: He said to it and to the earth: "Come ye together, willingly or unwillingly." They said: "We do come [together], in willing obedience".

Note this: "raised the heavens without any pillars that ye can see"; sounds a bit like what Science calls gravity, an invisible but indispensable force for everything to be kept together. The theory is, of course, also later understood in scientific epistemologies. Although the idea of how the universe was created according to Science, is mentioned in the records of religions, Science doesn't want to believe in those. It is said in astronomy that after the ignition of the hydrogen combined with oxygen "The Big Bang" happened, and that after the Big Bang a smoke, or a gas-like clouds were created, which merged and formed the planets and other celestial bodies. If a God created it so, with explosive expansion, we must conclude that only He can stop it as-well.
     If there is a thought of chance how can the night be without the day? Can randomness be without the predetermined? No is the answer, just as negative as the hypothetical assertion that there are days but not nights. So the created presupposes an Uncreated Creator. Instead of trusting that everything is created in destiny, the researchers replaced it with the genetic material premise for confirming how future development will look like. Where is the difference? Actually nowhere, the Sun is still the same Sun regardless of where it shines. Nothing wrong with that, just know that there are referrings to these theories in the older sources. In comparison, all other theories are untested to the point that the religious are, by experience. Is it not so that respect is given and is not required, or has society come away from such useful proverbs that one time and maybe even still forms guide lines for our commonalities? In Genesis, it is about how the world was created, but you have to understand this in a critical way. When it says that God did this job for seven days, you should for example know that it's the Universe days the texts are accordingly talking about. As an example, the planet Venus is a good example to take up. Venus's days are more different from the Earth as it spins in a different way around its own axis, at a different speed, and a lap around the Universe own axis takes a few millions or billions of years, but claimed by critical Christian to be a few thousand years instead. As religions see God's day as several thousand human years, Universe days are thus longer than the Earthly. And if God made the day first and the Sun later, how could day exist before the Sun? It means that the light source and meaning of the word "day", as in a way of measuring time undependent on light or darkness, was another one simply. Important to note is that God did not rest because He was tired, but because he did not perform more during creation, on the seventh day:

Genesis Chapter I:
1 In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.
2 And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.
3 And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.
4 And God saw the light, that it was good: and God divided the light from the darkness.
5 And God called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night. And the evening and the morning were the first day.
6 And God said, Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters, and let it divide the waters from the waters.
7 And God made the firmament, and divided the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament: and it was so.
8 And God called the firmament Heaven. And the evening and the morning were the second day.
9 And God said, Let the waters under the heaven be gathered together unto one place, and let the dry land appear: and it was so.
10 And God called the dry land Earth; and the gathering together of the waters called he Seas: and God saw that it was good.
11 And God said, Let the earth bring forth grass, the herb yielding seed, and the fruit tree yielding fruit after his kind, whose seed is in itself, upon the earth: and it was so.
12 And the earth brought forth grass, and herb yielding seed after his kind, and the tree yielding fruit, whose seed was in itself, after his kind: and God saw that it was good.
13 And the evening and the morning were the third day.
14 And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years:
15 And let them be for lights in the firmament of the heaven to give light upon the earth: and it was so.
16 And God made two great lights; the greater light to rule the day, and the lesser light to rule the night: he made the stars also.
17 And God set them in the firmament of the heaven to give light upon the earth,
18 And to rule over the day and over the night, and to divide the light from the darkness: and God saw that it was good.
19 And the evening and the morning were the fourth day.
20 And God said, Let the waters bring forth abundantly the moving creature that hath life, and fowl that may fly above the earth in the open firmament of heaven.
21 And God created great whales, and every living creature that moveth, which the waters brought forth abundantly, after their kind, and every winged fowl after his kind: and God saw that it was good.
22 And God blessed them, saying, Be fruitful, and multiply, and fill the waters in the seas, and let fowl multiply in the earth.
23 And the evening and the morning were the fifth day.
24 And God said, Let the earth bring forth the living creature after his kind, cattle, and creeping thing, and beast of the earth after his kind: and it was so.
25 And God made the beast of the earth after his kind, and cattle after their kind, and every thing that creepeth upon the earth after his kind: and God saw that it was good.
26 And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.
27 So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.
28 And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth.
29 And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat.
30 And to every beast of the earth, and to every fowl of the air, and to every thing that creepeth upon the earth, wherein there is life, I have given every green herb for meat: and it was so.
31 And God saw every thing that he had made, and, behold, it was very good. And the evening and the morning were the sixth day.
Genesis Chapter 2:
1 Thus the heavens and the earth were finished, and all the host of them.
2 And on the seventh day God ended his work which he had made; and he rested on the seventh day from all his work which he had made.

Note that the first substances in the Universe must have been the hydrogen and oxygen, which are dependent on each other. Hydrogen explodes but need oxygen to "survive", and together they form water, thus the water the biblical creation story tells in the beginning. And even in the Bible there is something similar to the theory that Science calls for evolution, namely that in the oceans God created the first life (Chapter 1:20), then in the sky (Chapter 1:21) and then on Earth (in Chapter 1:24), only that the crawling creatures -insects, snakes & lizards, more likely came before the birds. In the Quran, surah Hud (one of the specific Quranic prophets was Hud, who was accused of obsession when he warned his people Ad in the Arabian Bay! A people who were wiped out), states the similar thesis as the Bible story about this first ocean:

"He is the One who created the heavens and the earth in six days and His lordship was completely covered with water to test you and to distinguish those among you who work righteousness. Yet, when you say, "You will be resurrected after death", they just say, "This is obviously Magic"."

Notice again that Allah has distinguished people to test and to see which one of them is the best in faith, and in a way this is an indirect learning that everything else is divided and tested aswell, so also water which becomes hydrogen and oxygen if separated. Note also Surah 79:30 which is interestíng for the modern world - “He made the earth egg-shaped” - taken from the Quranic word "dahaha", meaning "egg" or "oval". And also embryology which here devoloped in the late 1700’s, is explained in detail in the Arabic holy book.
    It would probably also be possible to incorporate the modern Psychology in religions and so also Science. There are already books on Buddhism as Psychology. In the book "Religion and Medicine" by Britt-Mari Nässträm and Hans-Inge Petersson you can even read about a Muslim hospital in the 1200s in Cairo for general care. But just as in today's health care in West it had a section for mentally ill, which seemed to have impressed most of those who visited the hospital when something like that was missing in Europe and that it had good care of these patients. Similar hospitals as the one in Cairo existed actually all over the Islam dominated parts. This hospital had been developed on the basis of the Quran which preaches that the mentally ill should be helped. To understand a bit of Psychology the phenomena and concepts that a doctor meet and work with every day - psychosis and schizophrenia, should be addressed. Is this something real or something man invented, most scientists are wondering? The tradition these concepts belong to is in Psychology, that has roots in some cases, among others Freud's and Jung's Psycho-analysis or Analytical Psychology as Jung calls his branch and which are the substitute for religion in the secular society. Modern society approaches, with regard to life in general, have either roots in Plato's thoughts or Aristotle, two philosophers in ancient Greece, as if our societies and leaders wants to be gods of Hellas or maybe change the ethnicity to become greeks, or maybe it is a legacy from Alexander? Plato was Socrates student and Aristotle was in turn a student of Plato and teacher of Alexander the Great (Alexander spread Hellenism to the world through conquest). Aristotle had an idea that existence was natural, in turn, he stated that it was man who created the social security units to understand the fact that he existed, but is said to have believed that that spirituality was important and used the word metaphysics for "the spiritual", says L.S Hearnshaw in the book "Shaping modern Psychology". Today you do likewise, get involved with understandings from the understanding that society is a human-created understanding by socio-biological or economic conditions. This is rather a self justification than truth justified. How can anyone say that in today's "post-modern" thinking the scientist can not create their own theories, while working with these created theories, theories that say that man has created conditions such as the anti-religious psychological and sociological characteristics? The theories that established the modern era are created by a methodological view disapproved of postmodern scholars, because of the results of the so called World War II, based on human superstition and theories of racial significance. Still no one knows how, when and who invented for example the ordinary wheel or the ax, and just think about the debate in the modern era about the invention of the radio which at leaast three people have a petent for - Marconi, Tesla and Branly - while in many religions it teaches that God is the Creator and Evolver in all aspects.
    They, the scientific theories are also the foundation of Psychotherapy and thus Psychology, which should be an eye opener. This is known in scientific slang "everything is relative", that truth is accessible, and which term is more fairly, relative and furthermore more truer than: "There is no truth beyond the truth"? Few, almost none. But missunderstandings can be harder to process than conscious abuse. Since society has become secularized and questions religion and truth value, the result is of course that they even deny their own governing position. Plato thought on the other side of "the world of ideas", like dreams, where the soul came from and said that there were two worlds, but on the other hand he had a morbid picture of society in terms of classes, and people who were born with defects would be killed, said Plato. Many of these so-called scholar philosophers, was actually really weird with ideas about paedophilia and death as a means to knowledge. Before the ancient Greek doctrine entirely perished, paedophilia and death germinated among the groups gathered around one or more philosophers. "Pederasty" was a way for teacher to "get to know" their students in Hellas and the word derives from the combination of the Greek stem for boy child with "eros" for love, says Marguerite Johnson, Terry Ryan in "Sexuality in Greek and Roman Society and Literature: A Sourcebook". Sleep about these facts and think why Greek mythology ultimately failed to succed, before being rewaked today.
    Science has divided sleep at different phases of which the deep sleep known as REM (Rapid Eye Movement), is when man dreams, and when they become controllable it is called "lucid dreaming". When man is in its deepest sleep he starts dreaming and the eyes moves in fast motion. The time frame is different in dreams and is confirmed by the traditional religious belief that one day in metaphysics is that thousands of years of physics. "Matter" is actually uncontrollable in the dream but to some the opposite, and according to the Quran the dreams are a divine medium, and a sign for miracles. The academic scientific way of looking at the world more often derives from Aristotle than of Plato who was more metaphysically understood, says L.S Hearnshaw. There are two kinds of dreams - the usual/nightmares and very mysterious.
    So there is a power struggle for the use of concepts used between confessionals and academics, as a psychologist or a philosopher himself might as well use, for example, the concept of metaphysics in his operating area and deny its use to others, such as religion. And again, why take these concepts so selfish? Thoughts about life as socially constructed and that humans can perceive reality through this thesis, and even relate to it as-well, shaped modern Psychology and probably has its roots in secular Aristotelian philosophies. They do, on the other hand, get extremely visible in Jungian interpretation of religious activities. He says that religious activities are within the category of "symbolum" - which means that the religious dogmas are anthropomorphic, humanized, phenomena or merely a symbolic expression that can not be justified or understood rationally, says Carl Jung 1929-59. If religions are anthropomorphic, Science researchers need not even attempt to discover the motivation or decipher it, which many claim to have actually stop doing, but they have these mental workers as base because of their tradition, as if there were no wiser option to follow. Had it been possible to decipher the symbols and religious motives and reasons when it is most interesting or most powerful, a mystery enigmatic even for prophets had been solved. The real God is alone in creating the world and the only one to know about it. Or, are some still believing in some parts of religion in subjection as useful, for example terminology, while others are rejected as impartial or rather alien? Religion confirms automatically your devotion, it is actually visible in the results of the work. There is always a Creator with His team, according to most religious books.
    Through various theories psychologists attempt to say that religion and religious phenomena is human cognitively constructed, even among psychologists with more humane approach to human consciousness. They, psychologists have simply made up a own traditional faith. Why would not religious dogmas work in religion but well in Psychology? The word psyche meant soul in ancient Greek, by the way, and the word was revived in modern Science. It's not the first time scientists reject religious terminology, which is intimately bundle to methodology, to then use it themselves in their own practice of profession, by also denying the original useful methodology, which recently was clarified in the above problems.
    Psychology says that man has a mind (which is the whole psyche function) which is divided into two main parts, one super-consciousness (often comes up in difficult situations positively, or negatively, in extreme ill behaviour of oneself or an object) and a subconscious (the processed beneath the surface of the anima (another word for the soul as it is referred to the related person, known in religion scientific community in the study of animism of nature religions and in its belief that all living things have a personal soul - anima), also known as the unconscious in the general language). In Hinduism all this is known as the inner mind. Some have pressed the traumatic parts to the subconscious because of shame and guilt and the belief that they are hidden deep in there, but the psychologist tries to bring them up as these depressed feelings run high in the psyche storage - the subconscious - and can "explode" or come out in abnormal ways. But can't reopening soars sometimes also be bad for the patient? Some things in the past should be delt with and never be looked at more, otherwise people can become hurt and angry. However, some things will automatically fall into the subconsciousness if it is controlled in super consciousness and result in deja vu, "I knew it-experiences" or "insights".
    From Freud and Jung, we have been taught that religion is a collective neurosis, mental illness, consisting of archetypal symbols in the mind and is the same for all people. Thus, it has become better known in Psychology that - all people are crazy - but only those who recognize the help and the first stage of healing which is to get past the denial stage, will get helped (is then all men religious, and does it also mean that the psychologist is also sick and if so, can the blind lead the blind as Jesus once said, or a sick and weak heal another sick?). This reflects the 21:st century West.
    They believe, in Psychology, that religions are stuck in everyone's subconscious, with the whole psyche referring to knowledge through symbol systems, ethically uploaded. Do they mean that the believer is forced by illness to get help? Hospitals in "the West", has both their own police, own courts and a private prison and soon they may well even own country and why should not everyone want that? What is the difference between the Inquisition during the Middle ages and western forced treatment of "mentally ill"? They seem to be very similar - they lock at all differences as sickness and tortures out Satan or the illness of deniers of the diseases or God. The law in Sweden says that if a person denies to be sick he is to be helped with forced treatment, and if he admits the illness he is still to be treated, or as an Albanian saying about ironic and cynic situations - "get up or I shoot, sit down or I shoot". How should the average person be able to act differently than their intellectuals, is the question? The other question is whether to treat mental illnesses with the help of talking therapy or medication or combination of them? Despite the image many people have of Islam and that it forces people to faith, it is ironically contrary. The Quran says that people have a right to argue, both in speech and writing (but considers in a bold way that there are no contradictions in Allah's revelation) and says in surah 2:256 that:

"Let there be no compulsion in religion: Truth stands out clear from Error: whoever rejects evil and believes in Allah hath grasped the most trustworthy hand-hold, that never breaks. And Allah heareth and knoweth all things."

Medication came in the 50's but not until the 80's psychologists began to question this approach. They noticed the fact that illness increased with drugs or neuroleptics. Medicines in general and medical industry has led to a "biologism" in metaphysical traditions as traditional Psychology.
    Sonja Levander leg. psychologist and psychoanalyst with experience of working with psychosis, is trying in a chapter in her book to explain what a psychosis is, but changes the question by instead responding to how and where you can see psychoses, as she says that rational answer can not be given. If so, then why make a problem of an unseen force or religious theories and why not believe in Islam or another faith? Like other books on the subject of Psychology, the answer is often based on its symptoms rather than on what it means. How can they try to cure something they themselves do not know? Could this mean that this institution which has the right to exist, really believes and teaches that the symptoms are the disease? Previously it was known that at least the symptoms came from a bad thing due to disease, which in turn had roots from elsewhere, for example from poor hygiene or bad influence from the spiritual. Spiritual influences are opportunities for psychological curing in the true meaning and compartments, if thinking rationally. You should seek help when needed, but the helper should rationally, help themselves and then deal with view finding, which the best curers from the past seemed to have done (they medicated themselves, among other things, while a common psychologist today do not even know what neuroleptics or psychiatric medicine contains). Schizophrenia is a form of psychosis that is larger than a standard, they try to reason further without first carefully explaining what psychosis is, says the well known psychologists Read, Mosher, Bentall, and Levander. But they try to agree that a psychosis is a condition that can lead to schizophrenia. What is the the error in using the more common word "confusion", for the metaphysical problems? How come that Science many times replaces terms with others and get it to look in a different way? Today Inquisition should be known as mental hospitals and confusion as psychosis. For the rest, because of the fear the new church met on the last turn of the millennium the Roman Church in Spain started a hunt for all dissidents, which seems difficult considering that Jesus himself preached to turn the other cheek. The hospitals in he West are full with mentally ill but on the other hand why treat all religious as if having a psychosis? Knowledge about schizophrenia man got from the years 1800 - and 1900 -, although many postmodern scholars directed strong criticism of its methods and mindsets, says Strauss, Carpenter Jr. 1981: Chapter 1. You certainly come from a time where scientists disagree old modernistic mindsets but still allow then some to work with these old patterns. Imagine the dilemma of euthanasia. If you can force caring people, who in some religious cases are healthy, how can you not authorize euthanasia or even why not allow any use of violence? The elderly God condemns such in both cases, unless reasonable suspicion that the law says and the offence would be of psychological nature, but surely it is time to stop punishing each other as if some were bad and the other good, which ends with all accusing each other in the end. And how come some call punishment for care?
    All observe each other and do things in a subjective manner in the name of objectivity, as we generally know that the viewer might only want to be viewed by or get feedback and confirmation. According to some post-modern psychologists the Creator would give knowledge to psychologists about origins of diseases and thus the cure, as He sees and hears everything. Or is there someone who claims that God is not omnipotent, in that case rational, logical and true evidence should be given, if it is successful, which in this case would still be inconsistent regarding the concept of God as he precisely means all power and worship and creates by words; when He says to something to "exist", it exists. Satanism is a religion in form that could take the position that God is not omnipotent, but then why even devote themselves to a religion or a "slightly higher" if the desire is also to put an end to it? In certain ideas it would be so illogical, but also in Satanism God prevails. Put therefore no bad names of your God if it is He you describe and give not people offensive nicknames. Logically, this was a generalization as there are different kinds of believers in all traditions, because the logic is that knowledge is difficult to understand unless it is relevant.
    Who can prove that a super-ego or atoms exist yet? These old ideas from ancient Greece, coined by philosophers, are interesting but a bit too much to bite in. For a time, some philosophers debated about the origin of matter. Some claimed that water was the origin, others fire, air or numbers. Mathematicians who followed Pythagoras said that the figures could tell you everything and that Phi -  φ  (pronounced Fi - letter F in Greek and also called half Moon with the symbol -  Φ  - to show that) was ultimate and infinite, the Golden ratio. This number, 1.618 ... and so on ad infinitum, is used today by, among other architects, but also in other designs, as all and ending with Phi is proportionately superior to all others, and the root of creation, so allso Pi and other mystical numbers. Pyramids also ends with Phi and so even ordinary cards.The easiest way to calculate the golden ratio of an object is to take the "a" plus "b" divided with "a" (ex. a pencils girth "a" and length "b") - the closer the outcome, of the calculation, is to the golden ratio, the better and perfected it is - for other forms to estimate, it is little more complicated. The one who seemed to have managed to unite all was a philosopher named Democritus - he said that the round small atoms were the smallest component which arises from matter at their collisions with each other. 3000 years later it is still a philosophy, a mind game not proven to origin, or form. Certainly there are such things as atoms, but perhaps there is also something that looks like lines or waves, or the word might be the smallest and also the largest material and a tool for creating, argues some others (think about the sound and that it is a wave, heat in turn derives from speed motion and if God said, with a special voice, to the world "be" then the sound waves heated the hydrogen which in turn exploded with oxygen and thus creating our existence?). Equally difficult is it to prove the existence of God, or existence of spirits, unless God himself wants it, due to the fact that this requires faith which is not reserved only old religion with a view to future affections of modernism.
    The church, in the Middle Ages revered the ancient philosophers of the past, whose books were translated by the colonizing Muslims who made these books available in contemporary languages, which was part of the factors that contributed to the Renaissance. The second factor to the Renaissance was the printing machine, made by the German Johan Gutenberg in the 1400s. Man could now for the first time mass produce texts and knowledge flowed from all sides. A new genre of books developed, a so called journalism, and which today is seen mostly in Media. When the media developed the distribution of advertisement of industrial productions grew to shape modern capitalistic society, while agriculture got rather marginalized. But journalism is also an important way of spreading information in most religions and society as magazines of churches, mosques, institutions or even in Science which in the other hand bases it's knowledge on firstly academic scientific literature, secondly on their compendiums and thirdly on scientific articles and reportages (also some times called essays in Science, or ordinary presentation of proofs, ideas/theories/dogmas or confirmations in textual form as called in regular terms), who are bridging between different world views and can be short and small ones. But also the secular world is using the media by writing articles or reportages etc.
     Society must wonder if we should not take religions more confessional, as they describe themselves to be working with them, otherwise even the modern Science branch gets lost as the people of Saba did, becoming only a memory or transformed. It is rather the institutional forms of power that control and many times they do this by being aware of the consequences. And even if they were not there think they can justify their actions through a tradition as old as the key idea of it - almost untried unlike the organized religions of the world. As what regards of methodology - to honour the Creator is a way to understand, Him, and possibly even accept the fact that God is flawless.
    Many believe that religions divide people, but that's the way God seems to want it, even though something big at the same time unites all religions, for the small differences create large distance sometimes and religions in-between. For example, the Phoenix is a good example. Phoenix is a mythological bird that appears in most mythologies as the Greek, Roman, Arabic, Chinese, African and American mythology. The bird is said to arise from the ashes, through a fire flame, and shall at end times come back again and symbolize the spiritual knowledge and God. Although Phoenix is visible throughout the world, however, the mythologies have such differences that it finally seems that nobody except a Creator can unite religions. Phoenix's name is not so in all languages, and has not the same background story, some seem to think it is an eagle, while others a peacock, but most agree on the belief in a fire bird and that it possesses knowledge and power, and symbolizes reincarnation and also sometimes world beginning & end times. Another example of phenomenons wich link and separate religious views at the same time is the “World Tree” - an “Axis Mundi” of religious studies (“shoulder of the earth”, meaning the center of belief in a system, for example the Quran i Islam is the “Axis Mundi” or Jesus in Christianity). It is a tree whos branches cover all Universe or more as the object that connect the metaphysics with the physics or “The Underworld” and “Sky” with the Ordinary World, and is mentioned in all major traditions and religions, but differ in name depending on language - “Yggdrasil” i Norse mythology; “Ashwattha” in Hinduism;”The Tree of Wisdom in Abrahamitic traditions.
    Perhaps it is important to know the demographic and geographical part of religions. The major religions are Islam (Sunni, Shia, Ismaili, Sufi), Christianity (Protestantism, Orthodoxy, Catholicism, Kopticism), Hinduism (Shaiva, Vaishna, Vedanta etc.), Buddhism (Theravada/Diamond craft, Hinayana, Mahayana), the Chinese and East Asian (Shinto, Taoism, etc.); nature religions (Magic, Sami, Central African, Pacific sea religions, native American, etc.). In short we can say that Shamanism/Magic is found mainly in natural religions and peoples of North Asia/China/Mongolia; Africa - mostly in the central part of the continent as well as northern Europe among Sami performing sejder; America - among Eskimos, tribal Indians of northern Mexico and the southwestern United States and among the rainforest living people; Australia with Aborigines and in the Pacific islands who believe in the spirit world and animism and Shamanism, and like other uses rhythms and ecstasies. But Magic is also found in other religions as a remote branch, part of folklore or in the West as the New Age - a new but not a uniform group that inspired much of occultism, ancient knowledge, Eastern philosophy and Shamanism mixed with the new and old knowledge that came after the discovery of new worlds on Earth. Nature religions have a common denominator and that is nature and its holiness and its adherents tend to live in harmony with the natural and usually in such a close relationship that they simply live out amongst rainforests, deserts, polar zones and so on. Usually there is also a common belief in animism and spirits in nature but also gods and a central God shows up in certain regions and groups. What also unites nature religions are ecstasies, the belief in fetishes, medicine and herbs for spiritual travelling, musical instruments and transnational knowledge. From North Africa to Indonesia extends Islam and represents approximately 21% of all religions. Christianity is found mostly in the northern hemisphere, South America and Australia & New Zealand and is about 33%. The third major religion is Hinduism, which is most widespread in India but has also elements in more countries to the east and constitutes about 14%. There are about circa 30 million Jews, 7 million concentrated in Israel and also Baha'ism (a belief from the 1800s, that the Muslim Savior has come, that all religions are one and the Baha'ullah (originally Mirza Ali Muhamed) promised a future Prophet and Messiah and further that God was one and would be the next prophet, which he was killed for) has its roots in the Middle East, but are scattered throughout the world and has a few million followers. Other religions are minor but worth mentioning sometimes. Examples of small but significant religions are Judaism (Liberal, Zionism, Orthodox/Ultra Orthodox, Reformed, Conservative), Zoroastrianism, Jainism, Sikhism, etc. Zoroastrianism is originally Iranian but exists also in India. Shinto, Taoism and Feng shui are the Chinese, Korean and Japanese religions, with approximately 6% of all followers. Buddhism exists mostly in North India, Tibet, China, Japan and Southeast Asia as well as in the Western world such as Europe and America and is about 6%. Nature Religions also represents approximately 6%. The statistical data, about religions spread, is taken from the website adherents.com by reference from SCB (Sweden's Central Statistics), all of which are based around this time. These calculations are based along the tradition born persons in number and location, and not personal choice or beliefs as politics or philosophy. You could say that these above and coming are among the main living World Religions.

Diagram showing the amount of adherents in the world religions, according to www.adherents.com and SCB. (Illustration: Firesoul)

Among other beliefs from modern secular time, such as New Age, Science or non-religious groups that make up 16%, one can also say that there are philosophies and movements which try to give answers to the questions of life, and these include: anthroposophists (a spiritual movement around a philosophy of the spiritual or religious man); astrologers/Spiritualism/New Age (known among other in media where they make contact with the spirits of the dead, or have charismatic beliefs about Jesus and where ancient astrological doctrines is believed to provide knowledge of problem solving); Bakhti Vedanta - ISKCON - International Society for Krshna Conciseness (Krishna Movement in the West); Darwinism (the belief in the theory of evolution by Charles Darwin in the 1800s), existentialism (the philosophy to be close to existence as a human being), Philosophy (ancient Greek approach to knowledge acquisition, expires to think and dialogue his way to the theses on life and preserve them either in writing or in closed lectureships), Children of God (a sect from the 60s. Parents of this movement were worried that their children had been brainwashed. They think they are children of God, not begotten of Him, however, related to Him as children); Ideologies (Marxism, socialism, fascism, racism, communism, capitalism, democracy, humanism, liberalism, fundamentalism, etc. believe in love, hate, compassion, evil, understanding, generosity and so on, in less ritual than the traditional where the practitioner subconsciously or "ad hoc" expects to acquire these characteristic feelings and experiences in either a social group or in solitude. To ideologies also includes compounds such as the United Nations, Liberals, Amnesty International, NATO - North Atlantic Treaty Organization etc.), the Illuminati (A mysterious but hidden group with roots in the Middle Ages, whose adherents are often rich or important people from all nations, continents and religions, who believe in God but struggling in some cases against Christian doctrine, and perform rituals and plans to develop community based on the requests the group sets up and usually this is done in secret with symbolism), Jehovah's Witnesses (missionary with their journal and follow a special verse in the Bible that calls to testify to the Jehovah-YHWH. They are recognized as the "door knockers" and has several million followers around the world and many here believe that human beings are living in the end times), Mormons (Mormons are Christians from the United States who circumcises, fasts and follows what they believe to be the origin of the religion, but also believe, like Jehovah's Witnesses, that man now living in the end times); Paganism, or a non-generic group (Scandinavian Asatro or Celtic mythology), Psychology (the knowledge of the soul in Science); Rastafari (Based on the thoughts of a prophet and the Messiah will come and liberate Africans and former slaves in the colonies, who will return to Africa. Marcus Mosiah Garvey from the end of 1800 - and the beginning of the 1900s, the founder of the Universal Negro Improvement Association, is said to have predicted this would happen during the 1900 century. When Ras Tafari, later called Haile Selassie was crowned king of Ethiopia in the 1930s, most people thought that Garvey's prophecy had started kicking in and people from Jamaica and former colonies began to plan the way back to Africa, but not until the 1960's the former colonies began to become independent from colonial powers. A significant personal and lifestyle have been Bob Marley and Reggae music. Rastafaris has a lot of inspiration from the Bible, Prophet Solomon & Queen Bathseba/Sheba/Saba, Ethiopia where even the Ten Commandments are said to be in the city of Aksum), Scientology (a church based on Science), Satanism (The belief that Satan is God), TM - Transcendental Meditation (a belief among other things, that if everyone would meditate at the same time, the whole world would be fine and was founded by the Indian Maharishi Mahesh Yogi); UFO religions (A modern belief in the existence of life we can not see or identify and who can live on other planets than Earth whose flying crafts are seen as UFOs - Unidentified Flying Objects), according to some postmodern thinkers - Science (that knowledge to know/confirm and communicate, which in turn is theorized by experiments built on an issue with the method of connection, rationality and repetition); Vampirism (is a faith from Romania and Transylvania, the mountains there, which says that some people need human blood to survive, which they suck out with their sharp and hollow teeth, a belief that has been common in popular art and literature in Europe and the U.S, the most famous vampire is perhaps the tropical bat, unless not Count Dracula, actually a converted and fictitious picture of Vlad Tepe from Vllakia who murdered and impaled people at the stake, the Transylvania Mountains), Wicca (modern witches); and others.
    Only Islam, Judaism and Christianity makes up about 55% of all religions and together they are then in the majority, during this time. They come from the same person, Abraham. However, one should be a bit critical about these kinds of statistics, given that today, in the Christian world, the Church has disappeared from the Constitution and has been replaced by scientific academies. Oddly enough, the same thing keeps happening to Islam or rather the countries with Islam as the state organized religion. Christians see Jesus as the last king while Muslims see Muhamed as the last prophet and perhaps this is the foundation of the distancing society seems to have so called rulers and scholars. There are more movements and to this we may add that there have been religions that does not exist in the historical scene of the 21:st century.
    In rare cases, it may be something good with myths, but the word itself means just an extinct religion or a tradition that does not have a functional status in society. If one is to embrace for example the ancient Greek philosophies and myths, you might as well embrace Islam, which has roots from the same areas. According to Aristotle and Plato, Pallas Athena was originally an idol from North Africa. Then it is logically not difficult to deduce the origin of the Greeks. This belief went on to Crete, where a great civilization was built with Mycenae and Knossos, while another group came from Turkey and Phoenicia (present day Lebanon) and a third from the north east, wandering towards the south. They met in the Balkans, where Hellenism (Hellas is the native name of Greece) began to germinate. Hellenism started thus by Europeans (Illyrians, Thracians, Dachians, Vllaks, Hellenes, Macedonians and others, called Pelazgians, as a common denominator), Asians (Phoenicians) and North Africans (Berbers, "barbarians") met and was inspired and cultivated, says the article "The religions of ancient Greece and Rome" by Clyde Curry Smith. Rest of Europe came certainly from the Caucasus in two big innings and a third with the Aryans, or what remained of them (the Aryans and the origins of Europeans must have differed on the Caucasus before the colonized India respectively Europe). From the horn of Africa to the west & south and also to Egypt man went, but the dessert of Sahara stopped man to enter Europe through Gibraltar, so they went east and from Caucasus and Iraq were devided with one part going West and another East conquering Asia, Americas and Australia with the Pacific, according to man's history, being three major groups (so how can Arabs or Caucasians be antisemits when being a semitic people themselves?).
    The most famous mythologies are the ancient Egyptian; Babylonian/Assyrian - Mesopotamia in the Middle East; Mayan; Incan; Aztec; Aboriginal; Japanese; Greek; Roman (identical to the Hellenistic, just that the Romans renamed the figures. Out of the box Pandora opened arose Xaos/Chaos and from Gaia (the Earth), and Uranus (Heaven), had children together. Gaia has also inspired New Age movement believing that she is Mother Earth. Gaia and Uranus begot Kronos (Cronus in Latin), which in turn begot Zeus (Jupiter), Hades (Pluto) and Poseidon (Neptune). Kronos is believed to mean "create" in Illyrian language and in contemporary Albanian - "krion", and in Greek it seems sometimes to mean "time" (for example the words chronicle, chronology and more are said to may be derive from the word Kronos, some times spelled Chronos, Creonus, Kreonos), and he was a "titan" from the Illyrian Alps, in some cases the son of Gaia and Uranus and in other cases the creator of them, and also created the world. He was removed later by Zeus and the others, which in the beginning led to the chaos of the world, thought the Greeks. Kronos cut off his father's sex (Uranus, the sky was believed to be the creator instead, but then not) with a curved small sword or dagger and perhaps reflects the debate whether the Creator begets or not); and the northern European - Scandinavian and Germanic; Celtic; Baltic and Gothic myths; shamanic myths and so one.
    Mythology is the belief in many gods, and that people can be gods or demigods. As for the Egyptian myths they became, as well known, extinct after Pharaoh had an increasingly high status and was considered to be Ra and the Avatar of God on Earth. The same pattern can be seen in the Greek and Roman, where the belief in many gods became so great that they did not believe in it fully and replaced them with Christianity, and for some with Islam. The Babylonian and Assyrian polytheism in Mesopotamia led to syncretism and religious diversity in the beginning, but to aggression and hostility with neighbours and was thus ultimately vanished. The epic Gilgamesh, from one of the oldest texts ever found in the world from Nineveh in the Middle East, is like Hercules twelve miracles with the hero Gilgamesh instead, who performs twelve wonders in the beginning of time. Even the story of Uta-Napishtim, Noah's counterpart who saved the world by building a boat with wood and nails and bring two pairs of all living he could find during a flood, the rest evolution took care of, are rewritten in Nineveh and new-found as old writings. Uta-Napishtim is mighty similar to the story that the Bible & Quran tells of Noah's ark, but is older than these, in book form, it seems, for it has not survived as a great living faith, a story that is also found in Chinese mythology etc. This syncretism is interesting but only temporally and locally. They mingled their original stories with others and as such it is Gilgamesh that meets Uta-Napishtim, which has become immortal, and raised to the sky, and questions him about wisdom, which leads to Uta-Napishtims re-telling of the Flood. The epic "Gilgamesh" says following, in a translation of the original texts from Assyria in today's Syria, which was found in the ruins of Nineveh and the kings palace:

"Uta-Napishtim said unto him, to Gilgamish:
9. "I will reveal unto thee, O Gilgamish, a hidden mystery,
10. And a secret matter of the gods I will declare unto thee.
11. Shurippak, a city which thou thyself knowest,
12. On [the bank] of the river Puratti (Euphrates) is situated,
13. That city is old; and the gods [dwelling] within it
14. Their hearts induced the great gods to make a windstorm (a-bu-bi),
15. There was their father Anu,
16. Their counsellor, the warrior Enlil,
17. Their messenger En-urta [and]
18. Their prince Ennugi.
19. Nin-igi-ku, Ea, was with them [in council] and
20. reported their word to a house of reeds."
21. O House of reeds, O House of reeds! O Wall. O Wall!
22. O House of reeds, hear! O Wall, understand!
23. O man of Shurippak, son of Ubar-Tutu,
24. Throw down the house, build a ship,
25. Forsake wealth, seek after life,
26. Hate possessions, save thy life,
27. Bring all seed of life into the ship.
28. The ship which thou shalt build,
29. The dimensions thereof shall be measured,
30. The breadth and the length thereof shall be the same.
31. Then launch it upon the ocean.

Mesopotamia was between the rivers Tigris and Euphrates in modern-day Iraq and Syria and had as many as 3000 gods in their pantheon but elevated Ashur, Baal, Marduk, Enlil, Ea and Anu, and others, as the largest. Anu also had links to Anunaki, aliens they believed lived in the ruby red 12:th planet Nebiru. This planet, Nebiru was said to come every 3600:th year and cross the Earth's orbit causing chaos and inspiration at the same time. That there were nine planets plus the Sun and Moon the people knew long ago, and in surah Joseph in the Quran it is mentioned how Joseph dreamed how the eleven planets bowed before him, plus the Sun and the Moon included. Anunaki was seen by some as gods, but by others as demons. But interestingly enough, Science has not been able to find these planets until the 1930s, when Pluto was discovered (and after the 1500- and 1700- century astronomers discovered Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and the others), although this small planet is questioned as such in later times. The thing that Pluto has a strange about 300 years of rotation period around the Sun, makes it a candidate for misstrusting it as one of the main Planets, and also against the fact that this period is many times used as a mean of calculation for the Astrological star calender, as a fixing point (all calenders need a focus point and for those in North and South the Sun plays the major part, but for those around the equator with 12 hours of day and night, the Moon is more likely to represent this fixation). In 2005 a remarkable group of senior astronomers (scholars of planets and planetary systems) from NASA (National Aeronautics & Space Administration) and ESA (European Space Agency) decided that there were eight planets instead, plus three more "dwarf planets" (Pluto, Ceres and Eris) and several smaller ones in the second asteroid belt the Cupier (Kuiper) belt.


Above: A zodiac - map of the star positions, planetary symbols, time, seasons, lunar year, Sun position during the year (not astrology, only symbolic & for time calculations). All religions used or use zodiacs, all from the Muslims, Pagans, Chinese, Hindus, Europeans to the Maya-indians. Every frame work and symbol moves depending on date. The example above is showing a date when it is the month of March 23:d, spring day, 03.00 a clock, direction North, in the planet Mars under the zodiac of the Aries and with the Moon waning. Today we see these as for example as apps on electronic devices. (Illustration: Firesoul)

If one is to follow the surah "Joseph" and "the winged board" (a drawing showing contemporary Mesopotamian astronomy knowledge) from Babylonia, showing eleven planets around a twelfth (The Sun), one can see that it may be that there exists as many planets as the original tribes of the Israels and the Arabs. Which the planets actually are, remains a mystery now to some. Before the 2000s NASA and other astronomers believed that there were nine planets, but reduced them to eight plus 3, in solar year 2005, says NASA at www.nasa.gov and Zecharia Sitchin - a fighter in this thesis on the planet X. However they introduced the concept of "dwarf planet", and Pluto was now such along with Ceres and Eris. Planets means, by the way, items with an orbit, unlike the more immobile and fixed stars, Sirius, Polaris, or the Pleiades. In the religious sense the name of the planets form a vital link for the knowledge of the ancient mythological belief of the past. They, planets have courses and life that violates the otherwise quiet everyday life. From Earth, the Sun is visible walking from east to west (but it just looks so, rather it is the Earth that revolves around the Sun), the Moon cycles and orbit (around the Earth), and the other planets - Mercury (messenger of the idols in ancient Greek mythology), Venus (Aphrodite, believed to be the goddess of love and beauty in Hellas), Terra (Earth), Mars (considered god of war in Hellas), Ceres (the planet between Mars and Jupiter in the closest asteroid belt, in Hellas - Demeter - agriculture goddess, according to Ancient Greeks), Jupiter (Zeus in Greek mythology), Saturn (agriculture patronage in ancient Roman mythology), Uranus (Heaven, created by Kronos), Neptune (Poseidon, in Hellas Poseidon had a trident and was believed to be a sea god), Pluto (Hades in Hellas, the king of the dead and the underworld), Eris (further out than Pluto in Cupiers belt, goddess of disagreement in the ancient myths). Then as some said, there maybe one more of the planets - Nebiru or the 12th planet, Planet X, which may replace the Eris and Ceres, as Ceres might as well be a meteor, when it is in the asteroid belt, but the original is 11 including the Sun and Moon.
    It seems that Israel's, Christianity's and Islam's God was the cause of the fall of ancient mythology in Europe, Africa, the majority of America, some of the Asia and the Pacific as well as in the Middle East, if you study the Bible and the Quran but still some fragments of these as Diana and her symbol - the crescent Moon i still believed in. It was and still is common that some believe in the goddesses and "the mother cult" of the thoughts that the Earth is a mother and the sky a father. Mother Earth goddess idols are surrounded by a lot of Magic, and were central to most of the major myths, such as the Egyptian with Isis and Horus, a cult of mother and son. Horus is said to have been born by Isis fertilizing herself with the first dead man in the world - Osiris who had previously been king but was murdered by his brother and rival Seth. In their future, a great fight, a cosmic rehearsal would take place between the nephew Horus and Seth for power in Egypt. This story is not only interesting from a goddess aspect, but also represents the mythological story of upper and lower Egypt, which may be true. True is that the ancient Egyptians rather thought that the Earth was the father, Geb, and the sky was mother, Nut. If these mythological persons were humans but later elevated to gods by some, is a question that at first may seem uninteresting, but that may provide answers to the origin of this people, or perhaps the whole world. They built pyramids, temples and cities with so large rocks that it must have required either extensive knowledge or great power to lift them into place. Speaking of cities and buildings, it is said that the people of Israel were slaves to a Pharaoh who built the city of Pi-Ramses, before they became recognized as an etnithicity. It has been interpreted to mean that it is one of Ramseses, during the 1200s before Christ, who is the person responsible for the bad in Genesis, while others argue that it would be about Thutmose III or at least one of Thutmosians, during the 1500s before Christ. The arabic Quran in chapter 10:90- says, indirectly, that the Pharao is a famous one. It says that when Pharao drowned after chasing the israelites, his body was brought back to be shown as a sign for mankind:

"And We took the Children of Israel across the sea, and Pharaoh and his soldiers pursued them in tyranny and enmity until, when drowning overtook him, he said, "I believe that there is no deity except that in whom the Children of Israel believe, and I am of the Muslims." Now? And you had disobeyed [Him] before and were of the corrupters? So today We will bring your body that you may be to those who succeed you a sign. And indeed, many among the people, of Our signs, are heedless."

The same thing actually happened with all the myths and most went under but was replaced by a monotheistic faith, but on the other hand, although there are those which are revived again. There is a best way to learn about these myths, then head out into the world and study their ruins. They have left their mark in history and received human imagination to dream away to other worlds and has somehow been revived by Science researchers in academic Science, albeit slightly.
    To understand the concept of religion, it is important to know that it originally in Latin meant to indulge to rules, to be faithful to the traditions and rituals and is just one of many concepts for the same knowledge. At the beginning religion seems difficult to understand, but if you give it a chance, it will be like child's play, and approaching to the truth. Religion is a collective term for the spiritual knowledge and is thus the Science of the world with an abstract perspective. The concept of religion in singular can be understood if one compares it metaphorically with the Earth's ocean mass. Man has named and divided the water mass of the Earth in to "Pacific", "Atlantic", "Indian Ocean" and so on, but it's still one big ocean. Certainly there are many religions with their rules, but which is basically unitary systems and laws created by one God, according to monotheistic faiths.

"Those who believe [in the Quran], and those who follow the Jewish [scriptures], and the Christians and the Sabians,- any who believe in Allah and the Last Day, and work righteousness, shall have their reward with their Lord; on them shall be no fear, nor shall they grieve", the Quran surah 2:62.

This, God's categorization mentions Muslims ("those who believe in this scripture"), the Jews, the Christians, Sabians (ancient religion), and those who have a faith of personal kind ("yes (all) who believe in God and the Last Day and are living righteous and doing righteous deeds"). Those who follow their religion must therefore understand that the Creator has given knowledge to all others as-well. According to the records and those who believe in a God, it is only those that can handle different tests to worship their Lord and God, without seeing Him, who are the ones to receive blessings and guidance.

Abrahamitic Religions

Abraham is certainly the one who technically is the origin of the three religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam's practitioners, but their God probably is more associate as that rather than a human. Abraham was promised, by his God, to be a great father to many nations. But he did not get a child until after the end of his life, and then with a maid and eventually with his first real wife. There is even speculation that he would have had several other wives, but the main thing is that from the children he had, came later the peoples Israelis, Arabs and others, which also influenced the West. The wives of Abraham, however, had difficulty agreeing and Abraham was forced to abandon one and take another, and so on. In Abraham's time was thus the foundation laid, also for today's conflicts with violence in the world, between Arabs/Muslims, Westerners/Christians and Jews/Israelis.
    Each abrahamitic tradition agree, however, in the idea that there is only one Creator and man is tested by Him, and Who gives the believer a choice over and over again to do right or wrong. This is different from Hinduism, where souls are said to reincarnate in the opposite of the Middle East's traditions where religion is reborn in different forms, according to each respective religion on unnecessary conditions of course. All three religions have a God they believe in. But the Muslims say that Allah, God in definite form in Arabic, is everyone's God, Christians claim that Jesus also was the Messiah, the Son of God, Savior of the Jews and the God incarnate, while the Jews are still waiting for this. The Quran wishes to clarify its position that the book also is sent to the Christians and Jews:

"Verily this Quran doth explain to the Children of Israel most of the matters in which they disagree", says the Quran in chapter 27:76.

Christians, in turn, would make it clear that Jesus was the Messiah (royal in Arabic, Hebrew, Christ in Greek) to the Jews and had kinship with Israel's kings and prophets as David and Solomon, even though Jesus himself never directly claimed what other claimed about him, despite that he was related to David and Solomon. About Jesus it is said in Luke 1:32: "He shall be great, and shall be called the Son of the Highest: and the Lord God shall give unto him the throne of his father David. And he shall reign over the house of Jacob for ever; and of his kingdom there shall be no end". About this, the Quran confirms only his relationship with Israel's royal family and the kingdom. Because there is a "common thread" in the stories, it is important to see each Abrahamitic religion as a unit, where all their books are important to address, in everyone's contexts. Quran is important, not only for Islam, and vice verse, the Bible with the Torah and the New Testament is not only important for Israelis and the Christians, so the knowledge of the people of Abraham actually is fetched best in all religions and their scriptures.
    All three traditions have a faith in God, prophet-hood and apocalyptic beliefs (focusing on the Day of Judgement), which all three really characterizes these religions. Adam is considered the first man and had a wife, Eve, which is confirmed in all three religions, one can see as such in Quran surah 3:59, Genesis 1, and Luke 3:23-39. The Pentateuch is the books that form the basis of the Jewish faith and according to all three religions, Moses was a prophet and the first to receive a scripture.

- Judaism -

The Israelis call their God YHWH (meaning "I am That I am"), Ellohim, Ellah but also for Adonai (Lord), says "The Bible as Literature" by John B. Gabel, Genesis 2:4 - Exodus 3:11-19. Their head prayer or rather Creed "Shema Israel, Adonai Ellohenu Adonai Echad" (translated into English: "Hear, O Israel, the Lord God, the Lord is One") is said to come from Moses, and describes the Israelis' faith. Moses in the Bible, Exodus 3:11-, asked the Lord if he could find out His real name, whereupon He replied "I am That I am", YHWH, and Moses then received the tablets with the commandments; Quran says instead in surah 7:140-145, that Moses asked if he could see the Creator in real life, then God turned the rock mountain into dust, Moses fainted, woke up gradually, asked for forgiveness and later received the Torah. Since then, the Israelis never dared to write God's real name, but shortens it to these four letters - YHWH - jahweh- in Hebrew, which led some to read the name to become Jehovah or just Jah as in Rastafari while Jews themselves seem most to believe that it is Jahweh or Jehowah/Jehwah. Their cosmogony is told in the Torah (their Holy Scriptures), which states that the Creator created the world in six days and rested on the seventh, and the seventh day shall also be followed by Jews and is called the Sabbath (number seven in Arabic and Hebrew). No work may be carried out after dusk on Friday until nightfall on Saturday, says Exodus.
     There are different opinions about Jewish origin among themselves but you can probably say that the promise of such a nation was already given to Abraham but the same promise was given to Muslims. Abraham had received a promise from his God that he would be the father to a great people, his name means father of a great nation or dad. But it looked pretty dark out and all the way into late life he kept hope alive of getting an heir. His God gives him instead a son, Ishmael, through his servant Hagar, who also promised a great nation, describes Genesis 1:16. About Abraham's tests and difficulties much is also told in the Quran, 1:124, 37:106 and surah Ibrahim (Abraham in Arabic), and tells also about tests of belief, which characterizes these religions.

"And when Abram was ninety years old and nine, the LORD appeared to Abram, and said unto him, I [am] the Almighty God; walk before me, and be thou perfect. And I will make my covenant between me and thee, and will multiply thee exceedingly. And Abram fell on his face: and God talked with him, saying, As for me, behold, my covenant [is] with thee, and thou shalt be a father of many nations. Neither shall thy name any more be called Abram, but thy name shall be Abraham; for a father of many nations have I made thee. And I will make thee exceeding fruitful, and I will make nations of thee, and kings shall come out of thee", says Genesis 17:1 - 17:10.
"-///- Remember that Abraham was tested by some commands, and he fulfilled them. God said, "I appoint you to a leader of men." He said, "And also my descendants?" He said, "My covenant does not the transgressors" -///- "Abraham and Ismail said: send a messenger from them (not by us) to them to teach them." -///- Say: "We believe in Allah and in what was sent down to us and in what was sent down to Abraham, Ismail, Isac, Jacob, and the Patriarchs, and in what was given to Moses and Jesus and all the prophets, from their Lord . We make no distinction between any of them. To Him alone we are submitters", Quran Surah 2:124-.

The difference is that in Judaism it is believed that Isac, who was Abraham's second son he finally gets his real wife, Sarah, was the one who would participate in a test where Abraham was commanded by his God to sacrifice to. But the Quran never says which of Abraham's two sons was the victim, but both agree that his God changed His mind when both Abraham and his son was obedient and instead replaced them with another victim, probably a buck or circumcision (an important and great sacrifice). Note in the above quotation that Abraham bowed before his God as Muslims do - the forehead, face to the ground. Ishmael/Ismail is described as a savage and everyone fights him and he fights against all, while Isac is more gentle and withdrawal. (Some Muslims point to verse 129 of surah 2 and says that it is Muhamad it talks about, while others believe that there is a future figure from other people, depending on how you look at it. Muhamad preached himself about a figure that comes in future to preach the truth, according to surah 27:80-.) Abraham asks the Creator he believed in if He could give him a sign, so he would believe, and He revived slaughtered birds for him and took solemn vows from both Abraham and the other prophets which He created a covenant with, says Genesis and surah 37. From Abraham derives therefore the three religions Judaism, Christianity and Islam and the peoples Israelis and Arabs, which also mixed with other peoples.
    Isac begot, in turn, Jacob (who also was called Israel and was a descendant to Jesus) who in turn had twelve sons and a thirteenth a bit later. One of these sons was Joseph who, because of jealousy from his brothers, was sold into slavery and ended up in the house hold of a great man in Egypt. Joseph got the reputation of being able to interpret dreams, which Pharaoh took well for he needed a dream interpreter. Joseph was advised and his interpretations of God struck right, leading to freedom and a great service of Pharaoh for Joseph. Israel or Jacob got wind of it and moved the whole family to Egypt where they were forgiven by Joseph and where they lived for many generations, until the day the next Pharaoh forgot who they were and made them slaves, says surah 12 (Joseph) & Exodus 16 -50. At this moment came Moses & Aron, with their God, and demanded justice for His people and a faith in the Lord. He had nine plus one signs or miracles to present to Pharaoh as evidence of their God, who calls himself "Lord of all" in both the Bible and the Quran (the chosen people were not really revealed the name of God and God is called simply "Lord" ), to convince of his existence of God and the injustices that took place. After the liberation of Israelis, both Christians and Muslims dedicate this to their God alone, the Lord of all, and Moses and the Jews receives The Ten Commandments of YHWH from the Sinai mountain and later they would have had even the Land of Israel (but they firstly were afraid to meet Palestinians and the second time they became prideful) says surah 20, 20:9-15, and Exodus 19-21:

1. You shall not have gods beside Me
2. You shall not bow down to them or worship any other god but Me
3. You shall not make for yourself images of Me and my creation
4. Thou shalt not take the name of God for granted or abuse your Lord
5. You shall keep the Sabbath from Friday evening to Saturday evening
6. You shall honour your father and mother
7. Thou shalt not kill anyone
8. You shall not commit fornication or adultery
9. You shall not steal or ask for your neighbour's possessions, livestock or wife
10. You shall not lie or bear false witness

It is now the Jewish people, coming from Judah one of Israels twelve tribes, for the first time after the Patriarchs time from Abraham to Joseph, step into the world scene, according to Islam but accroding to Jewish scholars also the Patriarchs (Abraham, Isac, Jacob and Josef) were Jewish which is strange thinking that according to Genesis Abraham also begot Ismael which in turn would oddly enough make him a Jew aswell and not the ancestor of Arabs? These events are celebrated during Easter as a memorial of God's miracles that happened, reminds Genesis 2:23. Jews are the only one of the twelve tribes of Israel, which play a major role for these religious people. After this, they also got the Land of Israel with both kings and prophets in the land of which the books Kings, Prophets, and Psalms, appeared and later formed the Bible. One of these is David who was both king and prophet. David's legacy is the city of Jerusalem, which he developed, the Israeli Star of David as symbol and the Psalms, and he is mentioned in both the Bible and the Quran as an important religious figure. He was known for singing the praises in the palace and was the one who delivered Israels people against some bad minded neighbours:

"Psalm 124: A Song of degrees of David. If [it had not been] the LORD who was on our side, now may Israel say; If [it had not been] the LORD who was on our side, when men rose up against us: Then they had swallowed us up quick, when their wrath was kindled against us: Then the waters had overwhelmed us, the stream had gone over our soul: Then the proud waters had gone over our soul. Blessed [be] the LORD, who hath not given us [as] a prey to their teeth. Our soul is escaped as a bird out of the snare of the fowlers: the snare is broken, and we are escaped. Our help [is] in the name of the LORD, who made heaven and earth."

"And to David We gave the Psalms", continues the Quran 4:163. He in turn had an heir named Solomon who is reported to have been a wise prophet who talked to animals and was listened to by the winds, and more, it says in the Quran 34:1-14 & Samuel 1, 2:12. The Ten Commandments is thus the foundation for the writing that then on was worked by Jewish leaders, rabbis, to become the Torah, then Genesis (the stories about the real origin of the Torah), then Mishnah and Gemara (commentary on the Pentateuch) and finally the Talmud (commentary on the Mishnah). The Ten Commandments and the Torah can be, according to Judaism, found in Exodus 19-21.
     The Jewish collection is called the Torah in Hebrew and Tawrah in Arabic - it is difficult to translate other written language to another. It is only Christians who call the Torah the Old Testament, given that they want to emphasize the Gospel as the New Testament. It is only the Pentateuch which is called the Torah while the other collections are divided into Prophets and Scriptures.
     A second important information about Judaism is circumcision, which is considered a covenant between the believer and the Lord of the Jews, and who also appears in Islam (by Ibrahim, although in the latter case is not mentioned in the Quran, although it has been interpreted by some that the book indirectly says that "there are those with non circumcised hearts", in surah 4:155, and that the word "Sunnah", beyond references made to "the road to Islam", also means male circumcision among many Muslims). In Genesis chapter 1:17 it says: "On your skin, you shall be circumcised, and this will be the sign of the covenant between me and you". In this verse, Abraham gets a revelation from the God who tells him that Abraham including those who follow him should be circumcised as a covenant between them and their God.
     In short we can say that YHWH or Ellohim have thus chosen the Israelis to a particular people (the only people with a specific folk bound holy, miraculous and divine text), gave them Torah and among others two important festivals, Passover and the Sabbath to celebrate and circumcision as symbol. Those who are not Israelis, are not necessarily all of them worse, but there are some good people with the means. Their prophets are like Christians and the Muslims, including Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Elias, and David. Adam is the first man. Noah was a doomsday prophet and a survivor of the Flood. Elijah appeared to his currents to not emerge around the idol Baal/Bel. His task was to stop them by his miracle of God and repent the royal couple in Israel who had started to forget the God of Israel, and instead started worshipping Baal. Despite his success with great achievements, he felt inferior compared to Abraham and the other prophets and went to the desert to die, but an angel promised him for his task was great. Elijah succeed in his mission to defeat the Baal leaders by generating fire from heaven to destroy them, and later leaves the world by ascending to heaven before his disciple Elisha at the Jordan River, but loses his mantle during the trip. He is said to be the one who will herald the returning and coming of the Messiah, says book of Kings 2. There is not much doctrinaire in Judaism regarding the "end times" and life after death, but one can find traces of it in particular the book of Daniel chapter 12:2-3: "And many of them that sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake, some to everlasting life, and some to shame [and] everlasting contempt". Hell is named Gehena and Paradise Adn or Gehenet, both in Hebrew and Arabic, in Islam and Judaism. More common is the idea of a Messiah, a deliverer of any kind that will rule, an idea which leads to Christianity and Islam who already got this theses revealed and accepted that he already arrived.

+ Christianity +

Christianity preaches about Jesus Christ and his teachings, which were written down in the Gospels, glad tidings, and are preached throughout the world as God's word, says both the Bible and the Quran. There are few sources about Jesus, mostly because of his short activity, but the knowledge that is followed by the Christians is written down in the New Testament, but he also pops up again later and then most seen in Islam, as a central figure of faith in God and is one of Allah's prophets. NT (New Testament) consists of four main and preserved gospels written by Matthew (has an angel in human form as a symbol), Mark (the lion as a symbol), Luke (the ox as symbol) and John (has an eagle as a symbol), were the others are is not known (besides the Gospel of Thomas, which confirms the Quran's 25 prophets, found only a few years ago in Egypt), and includes other texts as Apocrypha, Acts and Book of Revelation. The Bible consists of a total of 66 books, with the Christians supplements included, and the very word Bible means books in Greek, deriving from the word "Biblos". Christ was born of a virgin named Mary of Israeli descent into the land of Israel/Palestine. Mary was considered to be chaste and received the miraculous message of Jesus' birth from the angel Gabriel, this event is mentioned in both the NT and in other sources as for example the last testament the Quran, 3:45 -. The difference is, however, that the Quran in chapter 4:157-158, says that Jesus never died on the cross, but was taken up into heaven like Elijah. This says something contrary to what Christians preach, of a person many argue about in all areas of society. Jesus is said to have died on the cross to atone for man's sins. With his death, the Christians believe that sin died. This may sound as a paradoxical idea as they continue to believe that Jesus was resurrected, which should lead to that even sins resurrected. Christians believe that Jesus rather later ascended to heaven after he died on the cross, was buried and resurrected on the third day. The uptake into Heaven is called the Ascension, and is celebrated during the Ascension day. He is seen as both the Creator, His son and part of a trinity, in Christianity. John in the Gospel 1:1-3: 14 says:

"In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. The same was in the beginning with God. All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made. In him was life; and the life was the light of men. And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not."

This shows that there is a Christian idea that the Word also was God who became man, as Jesus. But Jesus never claimed this himself. It is rather in the later texts, which he is called by the one and the other, but it dissolves. He had twelve disciples as the closest according to NT (The white-robed according to Quran). The idea of the Trinity is a later idea in which the Christian doctrine is "In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit". Christianity itself, and this dogma was established in 325 in the city of Nicea near Constantinople when Rome adopted the Christian faith after having persecuted them for 300 years. Constantine the Great, from Dardania, who should be addressed in more light if you are interested in history in general, was the first emperor of Rome to be baptized a Christian and who stopped the hunt for Christians, through miraculous signs he saw in the sky. Anyway, the question is who Jesus was? Bosnia had for example, before Islam, the Bogomilian & Bosnian church that was neither Catholic or Orthodox, but saw Jesus more as a humans & one of the Prophets, and his God as Boga or Baga (Boga means God in Bosnian and other Slavic languages). The first Christian state was Armenia that during the 100's, conquered much of the Middle East. Many peoples and individuals have tried to sniff the knowledge of Jesus, but the best theory is predominantly found in the Bible and the Quran.
     The religious institution in Christianity is called church, where the priest works. Christianity is divided into three major groups - Catholicism (the general branch, with the conductor the Pope, the ruler of the Christians from the Vatican - a sovereign state in Rome. The Pope is considered the disciple Peter, but also as Jesus deputy on Earth. They believe in saints such as Saint Bridget, Mother Theresa or Saint Lucia); Orthodoxy (the pure doctrine, from the word ortho, meaning clean and doxa meaning knowledge or doctrine. In the Orthodox faith the iconography is important and the worship of them is characteristic. Icons often represents pictures of Jesus and Mary from scenes taken from the Gospels, and they tend to be decorative, large or small) and Protestantism (those who protest against the Catholic Pope, against indulgences and saint worship.
    Protestantism divided Europe into two parts and traces of it are still visible, including the conflict in Northern Ireland. Protestantism was founded by the reformers Martin Luther, the priests from Germany, and the Swiss Jean Calvin). In addition to the three main branches there are smaller groups around the world, inside and outside the more traditional three branches.
     Both the Quran and the Bible reveals that Jesus was born of a virgin and did miracles, and preached about the kingdom of heaven. He cast out a spirit by speaking strictly, says Matthew 17:14. He healed the blind, Matthew 9:27, resurrected dead, John 11, saturated several thousand with only five loaves and two fish, Matthew 14:13-25, etc. In the Arabic Quran, Jesus says the following:

"And Jesus said: I have come to you with a sign from your Lord. I will shape up for you in mud something like a bird and I will breathe on it and with God's permission, it shall become a bird, and I will heal the blind and the lepers with God's will, I will bring the dead to life", says the Quran 3:49.

(That Jesus, according to Islam, survived the crucifixion, explained that he had God on his side who gave him patronage when we read that Jesus as a baby said: "God's peace be upon me the day I was born, the day I die, and the day I am awakened again", clarifies the Quran, 3:35-37. And the same word was given to John the Baptist according to the Quran, the conclusion of this term is that both were promised peace and salvation (Messiah - al Masih & Yahyah - John.)
     Another important figure in Christianity is John - the only one with his name, who was a relative of Jesus and is considered to be the prophet who would prepare the way for Jesus, according to the Gospel of Mark 1, and whose birth also was foretold by angels. The Christians also believe in Heaven and Hell as Muslims and Jews, and Jesus himself prophesied of a coming time when terrible things would happen. He talks about friends and families who betray one another, and some are saved and others are not:

"And take heed to yourselves, lest at any time your hearts be overcharged with surfeiting, and drunkenness, and cares of this life, and so that day come upon you unawares. For as a snare shall it come on all them that dwell on the face of the whole earth. Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man", Luke 21:34.

In the verse above, Jesus does not recommend drinking or intoxication in other forms. When the end times are near a major war will start, with fire from large waggons that breathes fire both from the ground and from the sky, but before it goes too far God will stop it in advance, ie before the actual time, says Book of Revelation. In addition, Jesus preached, about a person whom he calls the Son of Man, a title he also used about himself, and it has been interpreted sometimes that he will come from the sky and collect all to face judgement one day. (Abn Adem as the Son of man is called in Judaism, is believed by some Jews to be the Messiah, and they also believe that he will be tested by God by a snake biting him, but if Abn Adem (son of Adam in Semitic) comes before the snake into the water he will pass the test) In some sects of Christianity, he comes like a Savior from heaven with his wife the Bride of Christ. NT says the following about the Savior during the Day of Judgement:

"Then shall he say also unto them on the left hand, Depart from me, ye cursed, into everlasting fire, prepared for the devil and his angels", Matthew 25:34-47 -///- "And he said, Take heed that ye be not deceived: for any shall come in my name, saying, I am [Christ;] and the time draweth near: go ye not therefore after them", Luke 21:8.

- Islam -

The religion that tells most about this day, the Day of Judgement, is Islam, which also got the epithets "the religion of peace", whose specific task is to get the believers to subdue (Islam is devotion/submission in Arabic) to the god Allah and warn: "And listen (after the call) the Day when the caller shall call from a place quite near", warns surah 50:4. The God of Islam is Allah. A God is called "ilah" in Arabic, they put definite form "Al" before ilah which becomes "Al ilah" and written together - Allah.
     - (for example - Allah written in Arabic. The Arabic written language is read from right to left. First comes a diagonal line, then a round bottom W or an upside down small M, with a bow, like a half Moon at the end of the wave like word. The line in the beginning is the letter A, and sometimes I, (Alif in Arabic - Alpha in Greek - and Beta in Greek is B) and the arch at the end is the letter H.) In the Prophet's time, during the so-called "jahilya" (the time of ignorance personified) man worshiped a range of idols as Baal, or the sisters Alat, Uza and Manat. These were, for example, the goddess of the Moon or of fertility, which later came to be abandoned and replaced by a monotheism based on Al ilah - the God. For some reason, Islam's opponents, right up to these days, do propagate against Allah and says that it is the Moon goddess Alat the word Allah aims at, which is wrong according to Islam's domestic learn. (Or could you call USA for Uza just because they sound similar? No, the U.S.A (United States of America) is a country and Allah is not believed by Muslims to be Alat or some another idol, it is only God in definite form.) Religion of Islam is strictly monotheistic and so also the sister religions Christianity and the Israelis' faith.
     Prophet Muhamed got a revelation from Allah and his prophet-hood lasted for the rest of his life and he received a total of 114 chapters recited by Allah and the angels as they are trying to convince him of his prophet-hood. They want to teach him to read and write through the promises of this, and urging people to believe in the illiterate prophet. Islam is not saying that Muhamed is the founder of the religion, but rathet that it is Allah who is it, Muhamed is considered to be a predetermined prophet (see NT John 14:16), says the Quran. Muhamed recited the Quran but was attacked and war arose, called "jihad" in Islam. Islam is a great tradition with laws regulating what people eat, wear as clothes, the social/familial, economic and spiritual life with laws waived down from Allah. The most common way to categorize Islam is by the five pillars and the doctrine:

  • Belief in One God
  • Belief in the Day of Judgement
  • Belief in the mysterious - ghayb, angels and jinns
  • Believing in God's envoy, prophets, messengers and saints
  • Belief in the holy books, example the Quran, the Gospel, the Torah, the word ...
  • The belief that everything is already predetermined by Allah with great force - Fate, Qader

1. Shahada, Creed - "La ilah ila Allah", "There is no god beyond the God". Sunni-muslims say "Ash-hadu an La ilah il Allah, wa ash-hadu an Muhamed Razul Allah", Shia-muslims also often adds "wa ash-hadu an Aliyan wali Allah, wa ash-hadu an razulun Razul Allah" (I bear witness that Ali is an athority by Allah and I also bear witness that the other prophets are also prophets of God), the Quran, 38:65.
2. Salat, Prayer - "And call upon the name of your Lord when the day dawns and when the night is near and fall in adoration before Him during the night, and glorify and praise Him without interruption for a whole night" -///- "and when the day leaning towards evening and when dining height passed", Quran 76: 23:26, 30:18.
3. Sawm, fasting - Fasting during the month of Ramadhan, and neither eat, drink or have sexual intercourse from dawn to dusk, the Quran surah 2:184.
4. Zakat, Charity - give to the poor - "And give to the closest what he rightly expect and give to the needy and hiking man, but do not waste for it is the path of Satan", Quran 17:26.
5. Haj, the pilgrimage - "The oldest workable temple is in Mecca", says surah 3. "The first temple erected for human use was certainly the Shrine at Bakkah (Mecca). The pilgrimage to this shrine is a duty to perform", the Quran 3:96.

The Arabic Quran is Islam's holy book, a coherent and "rhyming" great book, made easy to remember but to big to summarize, but you can say that it already has a summary in the form of surah one - Al Fati'ha:

1 - Bismi Allah al Rahman al Rahim
In the name of the God, the Merciful, the Compassionate.
2 - Al hamdu Lilah, Rabi aleymin
Glory be to God, the Lord of the World.
3 - Al Rahman Al Rahim
The Merciful, the Compassionate.
4 - Malik iawm Aldin
King of the Day of Judgment!
5 - Iyaka näbud wa iyaka nastäin
Thee do we worship, and to thee we cry to be helped!
6 - Ihdina alsirat almustaqim
Guide us to a path that is straight
7 - sirat aladhin anämt äleyhim ghayr almaghdhubi äleyhim wala aldhalin
the path they walked who You have blessed with Your gifts, not affected by Your anger and not the one that is lost!

This chapter is mentioned in the Quran as a special kind of one to repeat and to use during prayer, which Muslims and believers usually do. "We have given you seven (verses) to constantly repeat and the Quran in all its majestic beauty", says the Quran in surah 15:87. Allah says in the Quran that He is the Gracious and Merciful, the Lord of all that should be praised everywhere and Who established the Day of Judgement. The day is a fact, and implies that this is a message for all mankind, as the Quran says other religions preach, with the rules of the Lord. Just like the Jews, who may accept other peoples, Islam can accept other religions but call them "People, religion of the Book" (Jews, Christians, and others), or guarded by God. According to the Arabic Quran the only prophet, of 25, who managed to cope with a mission was Jonah, and the only people to simultaneously believe at once was Nineveh, the people Jonas preached to. He deserted from the call of God, was swallowed by a whale but changed his mind, got freed and convinced an entire people at the same time, but people should not do the same but instead just listen to the Prophet Jonah, the Quran says in surah 10, 10:98; 37:139 -, 68:48 -. Muhamed is believed to have had kinship with Abraham, Ibrahim in Arabic (aba means dad and rahim gracious - Abraham means "father of grace" or "merciful father" but also "One of Mercy" - Ib Rahim). Then, after some decades some differed and were devided in sects or groups at the same time as most of the Hadiths were written down. The Hadiths are said to be the personal narratives of Muhamed and are also called Sunnah, the way of the Prophet, thou all of them are not fully believed in as sahih - true - and also not every believer trust on them as a relieable source for "one true islamic faith", which have lead to conflicts.
     Believers have the promise of eternal victory, according to Allah, in the Quran - fat'ha (victory in Arabic). "We have given you a victory to be met one day at a profit", says surah Al Fat'h. And in short surah 108 Al Kawthar (the gift, or the river in Heaven), Allah says:

1. To thee have We granted the Fount [of Abundance]. 2. Therefore to thy Lord turn in Prayer and Sacrifice. 3. For he who hateth thee, he will be cut off [from Future Hope]. "

In a dream Prophet Muhamed sees how miraculous the world is and how the words of Allah turn in with force (as Allah force comes from above and descend down to the chest on the chosen one receiving concomitant - Furkan - the divine law). He also travelled to Paradise and Hell, which was not made at the same level before, and was also promised victory in war. In surah 55 (& 8), "The Merciful", Allah says:

"This is Gehenna that the guilty used to deny. They will circulate between it and an impatient inferno. Which of your Lord's marvels can you deny? For those who reverence their Lord's majesty, two gardens. Which of your Lord's marvels can you deny? Full of gifts. Which of your Lord's marvels can you deny? Two streams in them, flowing. Which of your Lord's marvels can you deny? Two varieties of all the fruits. Which of your Lord's marvels can you deny? While resting on furniture upholstered in satin, with the fruit within reach. Which of your Lord's marvels can you deny? Their beautiful spouses have never been touched by any man or jinn. Which of your Lord's marvels can you deny? They are like pearls and coral. Which of your Lord's marvels can you deny? Is the reward of goodness anything other than goodness? Which of your Lord's marvels can you deny? Beneath them are two gardens. Which of your Lord's marvels can you deny? Tile. Which of your Lord's marvels can you deny? In them, wells to be pumped. Which of your Lord's marvels can you deny? In them are fruits, date palms, and pomegranate. Which of your Lord's marvels can you deny? In those are beautiful spouses. Which of your Lord's marvels can you deny? Separated in tents. Which of your Lord's marvels can you deny? No human ever touched them, nor any jinn. Which of you Lord's marvels can you deny? They relax on green carpets, in beautiful surroundings. Which of your Lord's marvels can you deny? Exalted is the name of your Lord, Possessor of Majesty and Honour". -///- "Remember in thy dream Allah showed them to thee as few: if He had shown them to thee as many, ye would surely have been discouraged, and ye would surely have disputed in [your] decision; but Allah saved [you]: for He knoweth well the [secrets] of [all] hearts", says surah 8:43.

That no jinns has touched the virgins, means no masturbation, and in heaven the spouses are not touched by man or jinn and the lovers meet again, forever, at the age of 33 years. The ones who died for the cause of the God, Allah, and without a partner, will have many being also virgins, in Paradise.

- Conclusion -

The similarities and differences in the three religions, among other things, are for example that all three are basically monotheistic, apocalyptic and prophetic, but have different books or resources to go after. They claim all three to have the same father, Adam, the first man, but what happened next is something that they have different perceptions of each other:

"I shall create man from clay of malleable mud and when I have fashioned him and breathed into him of My spirit, then you fall down prostrate to him. Then the angels fell down on their faces, all except Iblis (Shaitan, Satan) who refused with pride, and became one of those who disbelieve", Quran surah 15:27-32. -///- "And out of the ground the LORD God formed every beast of the field, and every fowl of the air; and brought [them] unto Adam to see what he would call them: and whatsoever Adam called every living creature. And Adam gave names to all cattle, and to the fowl of the air, and to every beast of the field". Genesis 1:15. -///- "And we said, "Adam! Take, you and your wife, your abode in this garden, and eat as you feel inclined to its (fruit), but do not approach this tree, then you can resort to shame! But the devil made them violate this (ban) and caused so their fall in sin", Quran surah 2:35.

Eve is thus the first woman, according to the Bible and was created by one of Adam's ribs. However, the Bible says that it was Eve who was deceived and tricked into doing the forbidden, from a gender perspective, but Adam was also gullible, if she then went to deceive her husband? Hard to say if you do not see that Satan took advantage of weakness and who does not wrong if our ancestors are said to have done it? But they were forgiven. All humanity is said to come from these two whose name means man and woman. These two people lived then in a paradise, but ended up, because of disobedience, on the material Earth. Although God had already planned to let people thrive on Earth, but because of disobedience this was done with drama and obedience. What happens then is a mystery. What is known is that they had twin sons - Cain and Abel, where the later was murdered by the former. (God had commanded both to sacrifice something, and Abel was more generous, which made Cain jealous enough to kill his own little brother Abel. A crow showed him indirectly how he would bury the body but God caught up, and as punishment he was given a sword and to walk on Earth as an outcast.) Later Cain married with a woman from another place, and Genesis talks about other tribes, thus meaning that “the test human” interbread with Adams offspring and from Noah we got three major tribes - the Sun Tanned - Central African - Aboriginals, etc; the Asians extanding to Americas/”Indians”; and the Caucasians and the Middle Eastern or also Arabic/Berbers/North Hindus. Strangely, man took almost the same way of discovering Earth after Noah as did Adams people. Adam is believed to have lived for over 1000 years and was the first prophet and father of the first peoples, according to Islam. All three traditions believe that the God of Abraham is to be feared, and that the Earth was and is to test the creatures to see if they merit punishment and annihilation or reward and Paradise, from a monotheistic God. Islam says that one day is set up for everything to be destroyed, but that the believers in some way will survive. But after the downfall some will be spared from the fire and punishment. The believers will have eternal life in paradise while those who did not want to believe will end up in an inferno of punishment. However, all the Prophets (Islam preaches and practices that many of the Bible's characters are faithful and obedient to Allah) witnessed this and warned and promised that "God" judges, but that He also is a generous and forgiving God.
     The Christians seem to think that Jesus came as God's son and also as the prophet who would stop the abuse of legal, financial and social character, and preached that everyone would live in harmony together if man believes His miracles, but he says it's Jonah (the prophet who was the only one with success), which would be a sign of this.
     The Israelis believe that it will be a King who is true and who should initiate the eternal kingdom in the end. A punishment awaits those who are unfaithful and reward for the one who is faithful to the One God.

Indian & South East Asian Traditions

It's difficult to categorize the beliefs found in India, you can not. Like other religion, you can not say that in India there only is one religion but there are actually a lot of different ways of thinking in different countries, from India to Indonesia, Tibet to Japan, Asia to Latin America, but are easiest summarized as Indian traditions and Hinduism. In India, however, this, Hinduism is called the Sanatana Dharma, the eternal religion, in Sanskrit - the ancient Indian language of the Aryans. Dharma is an important word in India's religious traditions that mean order, and represent the world at large as a legal system of spiritual character.
     The born is first said to have a soul, atma, which descends into dharma and then is incorporated into a material or worldly cycle called samsara with the goal of being freed from this cycle of rebirth and achieve a so-called moksha - liberation or to become a God himself. Samsara, in many Indian traditions, means suffering or to be reborn in the physical everyday world, again and again, until becoming worthy to attain moksha, through various methods for improving their karma (which is said to be man's composite conscience). Jaina sutras book (lesson) 1 chapter 2:3 says following about karma: "Karma is that which darkens our intellect. Its performance is suffering for mankind, its cause is action". Moksha is said to be achieved depending on which tradition they belong to but common are meditation and prayer with hymns and recitations (and for laymen the rules are less), methods that are concocted in the religious Hindu collections Vedas (written in Sanskrit) and Puranas. The collection Puranas are of great value to many Hindus and are classified as much as Vedas by some.
     It is not possible for everyone to become a Hindu, only those who are born to it can be a Hindu. Around the Indus River, in present-day Pakistan, people had different rituals around Shiva and his younilinga, and the group moved eastward and later settled between the rivers Ganges and Yamuna, while simultaneously Shramanas came - a new doctrine in the form of asceticism from east. East and West mixed and Hinduism arose in the form it has today. Even the Buddha made his great sermon in Benares or Varanasi as it also is called at the river Ganges (Hindu mother, also called Mother Ganga), a pilgrimage city that is sacred to hundreds of millions of people. In Hinduism it is said that the dead bodies should be burned at stake and preferably in Varanasi. Good to take up is the aspect Brahma, who is considered the unmanifest Creator and the goal, moksha:

"Learn from me, only in brief, O son of Kunti, how one, having obtained (this kind of) perfection, attaineth to Brahma which is the supreme end of knowledge", Bhagavad Gita 18.50.

Regarding creation the learned disagree among themselves. Ideas can range from thoughts on a "first sacrifice", often referred to as Purusha, of any kind that were sacrificed, whose dismembered body and limbs became the creation, or they try to deduce the creation to any of their adhered object. More central is a thought around a great first sea which creation took place on. Brahma is said, paradoxically, to have been born out of Vishnu's navel, lying on a giant snake in this sea, to then create the world himself through his balanced energies during meditation, says Bhagavata Purana third chapter (Perhaps there may also be a link with the Prophet Abraham, but it can be as far-fetched, but given that he is considered to be a created creator and also according to some subordinate Vishnu.) His unusual appearance in layman's world is proofed by considering that they are so few temples in India dedicated to him despite his mention in the whole of India, thou there are myths trying to describe why only one tempel is built for him. The only temple to his honour is said to be in Pushkar, despite much focus on him in other contexts, as in the clergy and other practices. An important aspect of religious practice in India is meditation, as in other religions, and the pronunciation of the letter and syllable Om - - A.U.M, which is considered to provide relief to those who have heard or pronounce it. Meditation is a part of most religions, but in India it is central. The method can be found in the Vedas and the Puranas, and is briefly about praying, either on knees or cross-legged, deep in mantras and hymns and recitations, seeking spirituality, holiness or contact with the Lord. In India the technique is summarized as yoga and is considered by most traditions to be a way to achieve moksha, which for them is equated with the ultimate aspect of the Deity. Something else, that is also characteristic of Indian traditions, is ahimsa or nonviolence. This is a path to moksha as violence leads to bad karma, which is also difficult to control yet in its own way explained.
     Vaishnava thinks that it’s Vishnu who maintains dharma and has many avatars - The small, Matsya (fish), Kurma (tortoise), Garuda (eagle, is also the craft Vishnu fly on), Varaha - (wild boar), Nara Simha (lion man), Varana (dwarf - might be humanoid or "caveman"), Parashurama (Rama with the axe), Rama, Krishna, Buddha, Kalki, says Vishnu and Bhagavata Purana. One of these, dharma protectors, is Krshna and another Rama, which are the most worshiped avatars. Krshna is spoken much in Indian literature, he is famous as the spirit of the Bhagavad Gita.
     Bhagavad Gita is actually only one of the 18 episodes, from a larger work called the Mahabharata, which is said to be about five thousand years old, and which started our time called the Kali age, with dark elements that marks it, says the Bhagavad Gita. In this epic, the caste system can be seen clearly - in Sanskrit "varna dharma" (order or colours). It is a material characteristic and socially constructed hierarchy, consisting out of four categories in which people fall into, automatically by birth. These categories are called varnas or casts (in English) and consists of Sudras - servants (not to study the vedas); Vaisya - workers (farmers, day workers); Kshatrya - warriors (patrons, kings, soldiers, etc.); Brahmana - clergy (performing sacrifices and worship services, etc.), says the Bhagavad Gita 18:43. The system is strict with not having social interaction between castes and certainly not intermarry with the lower castes. In addition to these, there are also those who are excluded from the system, so-called untouchables who often are homeless. But today, this system is less important, although it dominates in some quarters. Bhagavad Gita (means Krishnas song, or the song of the one who gives prosperity and luck and who decides the destiny of man, according to the Vedas explanation of the word Bhaga - fortunate) describes this in its 18 chapters on a concrete way. Arjuna was such a kshatrya in the Pandu-family and a friend of Krshna which in turn was the eighth incarnation of Vishnu.
     Arjuna and his four brothers was banished after a fight with his relatives in the Kuru-family and had after an unfair decision in a coup lost their right to inherit the kingdom after their father's death. The five Pandu-brothers were banished to the forest together with the woman Draupadi, while the Kurus is said to have performed fornication with each other, intermarriage, and more. This injustice led to war between, basically, the same family or genus. The narrator of the poem is Sanjaya, a wise man with a supernatural force that tells the blind king Dhrtarashtra in the palace, who opposed the inheritance by the family of Arjuna, what happens at the war site. The epic is a lesson talk about the dharma, at the Kurukshetra-field near today's Delhi, between Arjuna and Krshna as they are established between the two armies in anticipation of war battle. The war ends with almost everyone dying except Arjuna, his four brothers and Krshna, they leave this world taken to heaven or northwards - (depending on how you interpret it), says the Mahabharata. This war is located at about 1700 BC (about 3700 years ago) after the beginning of the Vedas and is the second last of the four eras, viewed from Brahma's perspective through his ages. Even Buddha's teachings are already enlightened, in the Bhagavad Gita 8:16 which mentions the centre of Buddhism - dukha or suffering and moksha's equivalent Nirvana:

"All the planets in the material world, from the highest down to the lowest, are places where suffering, repeated birth and death take place. But, oh Kuntis son reaching my abode means to never be born again."

Buddha's philosophy, namely the causal chain, which is understood by the four noble truths, to attain moksha and heaven Nirvana;

1. life is suffering;
2. caused by desire,
3. that may cease
4. through the Eightfold Path;
right view, right intention, right speech, right action, right occupation, right effort (the right life), right mindfulness and right concentration (right meditation), says Jacobsen in the academic book "Buddhism".

Buddhisms eight armed wheel is said to have been set in motion by the Buddha, which also symbolizes his teachings. Originally Buddha's name was Sidharta Gautam, and he was a prince in North India. His father had been told a prediction by an ascetic, that the king's son by himself would become a great king or a wise man, after he had seen a sick, an old and a dead. Buddha's father, the king prefered that his son also would become a king so he locked him in the palace, and all who were sick, old or dead were hidden away. Mahamaya, Sidharta Gautama's mother (maha means great, maya means illusion or the world), had a dream about how a white little elephant entered her womb, shortly before she became pregnant. Elephants are considered sacred in India, just like cows, and especially white ones which are rare. That it was a kid means she would become pregnant and give birth to a holy person. When it was time to give birth Mahamaya chose a shady grove, under a tree, and soon after birth the Buddha began to walk and lotus flowers grew following his footsteps and he also started to talk. When Buddha became an adult, he married and had children but he had not yet seen the world outside the palace walls. One night, he decided to escape and see the world out there. He was desperate to see a sick, an old and dead, the only thing that gave hope was an ascetic. This ascetic led to the inspiration for the Buddha to test the spiritual ways of understanding the meaning of existence and life. He starved himself half to death, tormented himself with extreme yoga exercises, lived outdoors and with other ascetics. One night as he sat under a budhi-tree at a datura-forest and meditated, the Buddhist aledged God Samamtakusuma came first, and inspired the Buddha to understand why he has chosen the path to meditation. Buddha responds Samamtakusuma by saying that as the old ones did before, so also the new Buddha shall do.
    The encounter with this God is interesting considering that most of the Arhats, Lamas (a great lama is the Dalai Lama) and scholars believe that Buddhism has no significance towards God or gods, when in fact it is more important than anything else, since this is the first thing Buddha sees before the Enlightenment. Satan, Mara, came later attempting to deceive the Buddha from the spiritual. Satan promised him all the wealth and all the power, and that Buddha would become the King of the universe, if he gave up his meditation that night. Buddha refused to obey Satan, whereupon Satan with his three daughters tried in vain to seduce him, and with his army Mara later shot arrows of fire at the meditating Buddha. As the Sun rose Satan's darts fell down to the ground and then came the inspiration that led to a life-long sermon on the Golden Middle Path.
    Sidharta was named after the tree he was meditating under and which also means enlightenment. Buddha believed in flame-out of the consciousness through meditation, which leads to Nirvana (an Indian word for Paradise) where buddhisattvas (the enlightened) and spirits lives and bliss prevails. He felt that the right thing was to follow a path of medium, and religiously speaking in between Vedas and Shramanas, says the books "Buddhist Scriptures" by EJ Thomas and the Buddhist book "Buddha Karita Asvaghosha" book 15 Part 1. The next Buddha is said to choose date, place and family to be born in, by him/her-self and some say spring or november and the other in the month of June:

"Such a bodhisattva in Tushita-heaven decides when he wants to be born as a human being, and the place and the family where he will be born." -///- "Buddha's mother undertook a day in June", says Jacobsen 2003. "Now it was so that in the city Kapilavathu (north of Varanasi at Nepals border), the midsummer celebration were held, seven days around the full Moon, when Mahamaya got the dream of Buddha's birth", says "Jataka" and "Buddhist Scriptures" by EJ Thomas.

In the retrospective Buddhist book Jataka, you can read about who the Buddha is said to have been in previous births. He was, among other things, a king who was happy when he got a brother and a deer who through cunning escaped a hunter's snare, and more:

"Travellers in caravan in a desert, happens to toss their water. In his desperation, the leader begins to dig a well, until the water far below is found, and patience saved the caravan from death", Jataka Chapter 2.

A key God i missing in Buddhism and Hinduism, but the spiritual message seems to be more interesting than physical assets, to study, given that the traditions managed to survive until now and also shows were a lot of people are putting their souls in.
     Rama is said to be the seventh avatar of Vishnu, who got his wife Sita after he won the bet about who could manage to bend Shiva's bow. Because of jealousy Sita was kidnapped to Lanka (present day Sri Lanka according to some, but according to others a different location) by the demon king Ravana, who abducted her on a flying ship to the island. Rama and his brother Lakshmana, starts war with Hanumans monkey-army against Lankan demons & Ravana. (Perhaps this has a political message and have been used as leverage in the conflict between India and Sri Lanka) Lakshmana gets badly wounded and Rama asks Hanuman to fly to the Himalayas to retrieve the sacred healing plant. He, Hanuman could not find the plant, so on the way back to the theatre of war he brings the whole mountain as well as the Sun and these help to heal the wounds and win the war. Rama takes Sita back and becomes king of the country, it is narrated in the Ramayana, and even some in Mahabharatas 18 episodes. Rama is considered by most Vishnuits, to be a god himself when he as king represents all that Vishnu is - eternal protector and restorer of Dharma. Rama is portrayed with a bow, between Lakshmana and Sita, and Hanuman sitting in position of prayer at their feet. Krshna got the flute & peacock (peacocks are considered royal animals). Vishnu, have the discus and the lotus-flower in his hands, Brahma in the navel, and has a wife Lakshmi/Padma, but they go easily into one another. There is a mantric hymn honoured these, which is recited endlessly:

"Hare Rama Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare. Hare Krshna Hare Krshna, Krshna Krshna, Hare Hare. Hare Rama Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare ..."

Shiva, on the other hand, is the supreme God Mahadeva (Maha - great, Deva - God) and the destroyer of the universe (which is the manifestation Dharma) and thus the creator, according to some traditions. There is a perception in India that the world will finally collapse and be reborn or created in a new form. Shiva also means good fortune or luck and is to his original nature transcendental. He is ascetic and usually sits on some sort of plateau on the mountains with the legs crossed. Most often he meditates at waters, holding a trident with the river Ganges flowing from his hair. He founded and lives in Varanasi and is also known for being a bit bizarre, create and smoke cannabis (and then under the name Bollinat and smokers say the mantra "Boom Bolle" before they inhale cannabis smoke) and have the three Sati, Kali/Durga and Parvati as Shakti (energy, accumulated by Shakras, meaning "wheels", consisting of energy of which there are six of them, plus the seventh - the transcendent source of energy which comes from the top down to the crown of the head; forehead-shakra for illumination and enlightenment; throat-shakra designed to convey information; breast-shakra for guiding energy; belly-shakra for accumulating the above received energy out & in, around or otherwise (even protect against invasive energy); stomache-shakra for intuition; gender-shakra as reproductive and for material labour (also called root-shakra or Kundalini). A yogi tries to control energies through yoga or meditation, and the ultimate is to unite the forehead-shakra with Kundalini, but in tantra, which have been affected most by shaktis and sexuality, the ultimate is to bring Kundalini (in appearance as a snake) with the head-shakra, from bottom to top and affirm human need and lust as cooking and sexual intercourse). Shiva is believed to be the ultimate yogi and ascetic, is wild with dreadlocks and has the ashes of dead and burned bodies smeared on him, wearing a cobra around his neck, while he is the good father and husband at the same time. He is called the red; Pashupati (friend of things, animals), Rudra (the crying); guardian of poison, the blue throat and is generally considered to be androgynous and half-woman in its material form. His Shaktis are also his wives, who pray by shivalingam and so Parvati alone begot Mahabharatas original writer the half elephant, "God of destiny", Ganesha by lingamyouniyoga (lingam is the man, youni is woman. They pour milk flowing from the lingam then on the youni and finally on to ground, symbolizing the birth of life). Shiva meets Ganesha, also called Ganapati, at the door of his house, but after being in long asceticism he does not recognize him, and in the belief that Parvati got the wrong company Shiva chops of Ganapatis head. When Parvati sees it she yells at Shiva which in turn promises her to replace his head with the first creature he sees, which proves to be an infant elephant. Later, Ganesha gets the glorious task to record the origin of the Mahabharata, as later thinkers believes. Shiva gets himself the son Skanda. The world was about to go under and all the heavenly gathered to get the former ascetic Shiva to marry with the hope that the child he begets can save the world. But in the belief that the child may be too powerful they cut Parvatis and Shivas sex-act, but Shiva's seed ended up nevertheless in the sky, and Skanda was thus born in this way, was taken care of by the wise women, the stars of Pleiades, and later rescued the world.
    Belief in shakti has led to the third major Hindu faith - Shaktisism - a tradition built around the belief that the female essence is worth adhere as power. Shiva is said, among other things, to have a third eye on the forehead for enlightenment and destruction. The way he is said to destroy the world is by a cosmic dance and often they portray him so, as "Nataraja", prince of darkness/night with fire around him (cosmos) and a dwarf (ignorance) under his feet. He is paradoxical and contrary to all good but is at the same time the one who destroys the evil. Kali/Durga (Durga was created as a Kali avatar to kill a vicious bull demon, and Durgas anger can only be calmed by Shiva) is the shakti of death, with skulls, fire and sword over Shivas avatar or conversion to a child, which is the only one she leaves alone to live. The third, Sati was Shivas wife but because her father would not let them marry, or more directly he didn't want to invite Shiva to the big sacrifice ceremony, she burnt herself up. This has led to a vast tradition of the Indians to burn themselves if the spouse dies before them. Not everyone believes in widow-burnings, they believe that Sati later was incarnated to Parvati, the Shiva Purana says and points out.
     Also another common philosophy in India, Jainism, has received much of its character from Shramana as wanting to be the backlash to Vedaic traditions. Their leader Mahavira is worshipped as a God, and the largest of 24 Jin (religions original founders), they preach hard ahimsa and vegetarianism, inspired in the holy book of Jainism - "Jaina Sutra". Supporters promise to renounce killing (some wearing masks to avoid inhaling insects and other sweeps the ground before they go to avoid damaging creeps) and sexual intercourse to become a Jaina or Jina - the winners. Both Buddhism and Jainism arose simultaneously and were backlashes against Vedas clergy. And a third group is another characteristic form of Indian beliefs, namely Sikhism.
     Sikhism is a monotheistic religion, probably influenced by the Islamic conquest of North India. They think briefly of samsara, but that only one God can liberate the soul and they also reverence their charter Adi Guru Grant Sahib as one of their 10 gurus (Guru - a spiritual leader of India) beyond the founder of the religion - Guru Nanak. Every man is named Lion, Singh, and carries on the five K: Kirpan - knife/dagger/sword; Kacca - pants to the knees; Kara - steel bangle; Kangha - hair comb; Kesh - uncut hair and beard. Every Sikh man is a lion - singh, and every woman a princess - kaur. Sikhism is most prevalent around the Punjab in northern and northwestern India and abroad in the diaspora.
     In addition to the dominant beliefs are also tales of wise men and women - rishis. One of these stories is the one of Sai Baba, a fakir who did wonders in a small village in the 1800s and succeeded on uniting Hindus and Muslims. Among other things, he made oil of water that he used as fuel to light the mosque and preached about both Islam and Hinduism as a single religion, basically, and said that he followed one God. But even Mahatma Gandhi, India's peaceful liberator from England's colonial power is seen as a modern rishi, whose favourite piece was the Bhagavad Gita and he followed both ahimsa and preached the equality of castes. He was sadly enough assassinated by a Hindu with extreme religious views. Mahatma Ghandi means great soul, by the way.
    In addition to these religions in India there is also Islam, two tenths, and Christianity 5 percent. There are also so-called holy teachers with lessons in their knowledge, with a large proportion of European spiritual tourists who often live in temples.
     In India, religion is commonplace and it is possible to say that these traditions are most extreme of all in the sense of how much space and time it occupies of everyday life. A typical day begins with the believer performs a small sacrifice - puja or also called for jajna. It's not as big as Judaism's, or Islam's with animals, but still it is made to the one they believe in, and usually their God is portrayed in statue form. They pour milk on the statues, burning incense and attach rice and flowers and pray in front of them in most if not all the traditions in East Asia. In addition to the everyday pujas, there are also festivals and celebrations that are celebrated according to the worshipped. With modernity and the electronic age, the television has become a kind of altar in India. Families gather around it and follow the Mahabharata, the Bhagavad Gita and the Ramayana in the form of TV shows where it is not uncommon for the audience to participate with for example whistles, marvels and cheers for the heroes Indra, Rama and Lakshmana, as if it were an arena of religion or in the belief that their commitment actually means something for the end and outcome. The heroes on the big screen may have Vedic names such as "Indra the Tiger". By the way, Buddha never wanted to be portrayed, to have a book or get a statue made after him, but gradually his word got forgotten and followers first began to pray in front of the places Buddha preached at, then they marked his footsteps, they gradually and finally made portrays and statues, just like in Hinduism and Jainism.
     The Aryan (meaning noble in Sanskrit, Aryan language) people influenced Hinduism much. Most scholars, scientists and Hindu gurus, agree that the book Mahabharata tells of the Aryans foray into India's history, however, there is some disagreement whether it was through a military invasion or through agriculture or other form they colonized the country. About Aryans and their invasion of Bharat, contemporary India, Mahabharata tells following:

"Turning next to the north, those foremost ones proceeded on. Observant of Yoga, they were desirous of making a round of the whole Earth", Mahabharata Book 17 Chapter 1. -///- "Vaishampayana said: "Those princes of restrained souls and devoted to Yoga, proceeding to the north, beheld Himavat, that very large mountain. Crossing the Himavat, they beheld a vast desert of sand. They then saw the mighty mountain Meru, the foremost of all high-peaked mountains." -///- "Vaishampayana continued: "Then Dharma, and Shakra, and the Maruts, and the Ashvinis, and other deities, and the celestial Rishis, causing Yudhishthira to ascend on a car, proceeded to Heaven. Those beings crowned with success and capable of going everywhere at will, rode their respective cars. King Yudhishthira, that perpetuator of Kurus race, riding on that car, ascended quickly, causing the entire welkin to blaze with his effulgence", says the Mahabharata Book 17 Chapter 2 & 3.

When the Aryans later came over Himavat or the Himalayas, they came to a dessert , probably in west China, north of India and then the Aryans migrated towards all the Earth, while the faithful were taken up to heaven in a celestial vehicles, the book continues to tell. Yudishthira (Arjuna's eldest brother) was taken up to heaven alive. Veda divides India in two parts - Arya and Dasa. Arya's are bright as the Sun, meaning noble. Aryans are Brahmins and are often polarized with their opposite Sudras - servants - and when these breeds were created night and day became their wives, as to say what their attributes were:

"They worshipped with nineteen, and the world was created, and Prajupati was its Lord" -///- "They worshipped with nineteen, Sudras and Arya's created, day and night were their masters", says the Black Yajurveda Prapathaka II.
"With nineteen they worshipped, Sudra and the Arya were created, day and night, were their respective ladies", says the White Yajurveda. "Heaven forehead, the Earth centre, Agni (fire god) was a messenger for the Earth and Heaven". "Vaisvanara, Gods produced thee, a God to be a light to the Aryans", Rig Veda Hymn LIX. Agni.
"The meek clans Arya's turn first to those who perform miracles", Rig Veda Hymn LXXVII. Agni.
"Even he, the Heavenly, who came for friendship, Vishnu to Indra, the good to the better, creating, towering in the three worlds, helps the Aryan man, and gives him the worshipper's part of the sacred law", Rig Veda Hymn CLVI. Visnu.
"He got possessions from the Sun and Horses, Indra got cow that feeds many. Treasures of gold he won, he humiliated Dasa, and gave protection to the Aryan colour", Rig Veda Hymn XXXIV. Indra.
"I have given the earth to the Aryans -///- you alone, have tamed Dasa, only you have subjected the people to the Aryans", Rig Veda Hymn XXVI. Indra, Hymn XVIII. Indra.
"Both races, O Indra (heaven, thunder god), of the opposite looks, O hero, both Aryans and Dasa, have you struck with your well-shot flashes: turning them into nothing, the most masculine, you determiner!" -///- "Their face shine lights through their powerful forces and have found radiance from heaven to man, the Aryans light" -///- "to the Good Lord of wealth all Arya and Dasa belongs to", Rig Veda Hymn III. Indra.

Mahabharatas characters are described as noble and Aryan, while Krshna was a dark dasa-prince and had paradoxically relatives of the family Pandu. Aryans are believed to have written the origin of the Vedas (it was originally just one book), in Sanskrit Indo-Aryan language, and so there is talk even about Indo-aryans. When they came to India, they had the fire with them (which seems to be explained as Agni, the fire, was created exclusively for the Aryans), with whom they sacrificed to and they had a brighter appearance. During the Dwarpa era they took over the country and introduced the caste system in which they themselves belonged to the highest suit, while Dasa the to lowest. Interestingly enough, you can see that from the higher perspective, it does not seem to be very different between Aryans and Dasas; Indra strikes on both with thunder and lightning and both belong to the Great Kingdom of God. It is also confirmed that both the Arya and Dasa were wiped out or punished extensive and probably it was done in conjunction with the introduction of the Vedaic figure Indra and his renaming to Prajupati. When Prajupati later sees Rudra crying over that he has no name, he comforts him giving eight names linked to Rudra, where Mahadeva and Shiva - greatest god - is one of them. Thus even Kali Age begins, Kali is Shiva's consort, which in a way is preparing the way for the final destruction of the universe by Shivas avatar Nataraja and his cosmic dance. Kali - death - thus begins Shiva's age and Shiva, in turn, initiates a new creation and the great time - mahayuga - after the destruction of the former, while Vishnuits say that Kalkin must first set up an initial belief from the first era.
     Shaivaism exists even outside India, in the more eastern countries like Indonesia, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam and Thailand. One of the oldest Lingas was found near Indus. That being so confirms that Shiva was the founder of early Dharma, and is seen already in the Indus civilization (in the city of Mohenjo Daro, in the centre of this civilization there was built sewers, water pipes and other good systems to use water in a cleanly manner, already several thousands of years ago), Pakistan was the origin of Hinduism having Shiva as a transcendental God, with the symbol Lingam as miracle. And in the Vedas, Sivas name is Rudra, but Vishnu is also mentioned in the Vedas, argues others
     The four Brahmanic ages began 12,000 years ago, says Jacobsen in "Hinduism". Krita Yuga is the first epoch and lasts 4800 years, the second is Treta Yuga and lasts 3600 years, the third Dwarpa Yuga lasts 2400 years (around the year 1600) which is also the time of the clash of epic the Bhagavad Gita when dark Kalis time begins, and the Aryans entered into heaven, assimilated but also leaving legacy. The last era began in the year 800 and ends about 1200 years later - Brahma's time is thus 12 000 minus 2000 = -10 000 minus 4800 = -5200 = -1600 minus 3600 minus 2400 = 800 - 1200 = 2000 in Brahmanic year - this is one cycle. Mans time is about 300,000 billion years and is a Mahayuga (great age), says the book "Hinduism" by Knut A. Jacobsen and Bhagavad Gita 8:17. This means that the world, in this century seen from Brahma's ages, would be the end time. And even during this era the downfall was to be, for 36,000 years, as all the books says that man now is living in the Kali Yuga. Would they follow Brahmayuga, the 2000s would thus be the end times. Brahma's night and day are equal to 1000 human years, which means that a person's average life is approximately one month of Brahma (which is so also in Islam as one day for Allah is 1000 human, says surah 32). But every cyclic that ends is the beginning of a new of Brahma ages until the Day of Judgement comes, and this means that the world does not go under, but a new time begins from the beginning, like timely reincarnation.
     Once the time has been, everyone's souls get a new goal, according to most Indian religions. They believe that some end up to be reborn, others will end up in a heavenly environment, while those who were not believers or good in first life get a sentence in a hellish place and then just to be reborn again as a bad thing, creature or human. God in Islam says that Hell is guarded by nineteen, and that He knows who ends up there or in Paradise. In Hinduism, however, it is believed that even God or gods can get into something like Hell and as further described in detail in the text Garuda Purana. The eagle Garuda, who is Vishnu's vehicle, ask death about Hell and Heaven, and the answers he gets are similar to the stories of Paradise and Hell found in the Abrahamic traditions, but written down until around and after the year 700 as Puranas.
     Vishnu is associated with the Sun (he also ascend down on a heavenly vehicle during midsummer in an avatar, for the praying and fasting during this Hindu day of fasting, to give forgiveness and material stuff) and therefore ultimately takes Indra's place as king of heaven while Indra on the other hand gives power to Rudra and thus the dominating branches - Shaivism and Vaishnaism are created, from an emic perspective. He, Vishnu takes three steps to maintain the worlds and rests on his giant sea with the giant serpent Shesha, until a new mahayuga will occur (new great era) or a new descent, says Veda and Vishnu Purana.
     Vedas have thus characterized much of Indian faith and the Bhagavad Gita is only as a letter in a large alphabet, just as there are many languages and religions. Hinduism has many many records, although many Hindus show opposition to the texts, but their central records are Vedas four books (Atharvaveda, Somaveda, Ayjurveda, Rigveda), Puranas 19 books, the Mahabharata, the Ramayana and the Bhagavad Gita, Upanishads, Aranyaka (shramana "Forest books" during Vedic times from the word aranya for forest), Brahma Sutras and others. Religiously speaking, there are many traditions in India including Hinduism, Jinism, Sikhism, Buddhism, Islam, Christianity, Zoroastrianism, Magic and more. In Hinduism, there are also three major traditions and they are Shaivism (the religion around Shiva and his lingamyouni), Vaishnism (religion around Vishnu and his avatars) and Shaktism (religion around goddesses and female energies of creation, dharma and destruction). In addition to this diversity, there are the stories of the rishis and the teachings of the gurus which actually have become the way of many Westerners to take, as knowledge of medicinal herbs from Ayjurveda and Tantric sexualism from the manual and the book Kamasutra.
     In short, one could say that there is a modern Hindu belief that Brahma creates the world in meditation, Vishnu maintains it by taking three steps, and Shiva destroys it in the form of Nataraja in a cosmic dance (one trinity called trimurti which appeared recently about year 400-500 AD., probably in the encounter with Christianity). From the world standing still, it is created, and, like a child taking his first steps it developed and finally falls together in drama like a fiery dance. Just as the four ages shortened as they are followed by another, thus also the world time-lapse is accelerating expansive from standing still to three steps and finally to a dance. Although many alleged gods exists, 33 in Veda and some 500 million gods in the popular tradition emerges in the pantheon, yet one God is raised as the Supreme Highest aspect, - The Brahman, Bhaga-van, Mahadeva, or Vasudeva.

Magic & Medicine Men

"In the position of the God with arms across your chest, raise the ancient powers by chanting their sacred names -///- e shall arise and raise the Star, holding it upon your heart", says "Book of Shadows" chapter/rite "Ank -  -Sha-Saron".

The abuse of any form of intoxicants is illegal and also, in many religious traditions, damned if it does not benefit such as in medication, and then by a medical expert, without deliberately abusing drugs! Despite its risks, hallucinogenic drugs are used a lot, in the Magic sphere. Carlos Castaneda was an anthropologist in medicinal plants from UCLA (University of California in Los Angeles) and his books were a cult already when they came out in the 60's and are rated by many as unscientific although he claimed they had roots in cultural anthropology, although they might not have been anthropological in their true sense. He wrote nine or twelve books about his meeting with the Yaqui Indian sorcerer don Juan from northern Mexico that he met during his research on Indian medicines. They disagree on how many books they really were. Castaneda became an apprentice to this Don Juan and learned from him various varieties of Magical skills. In three of these books he uses hallucinogenic plants (Castaneda had to use three kinds of plants; Peyote cactus which grows only in the neighbourhood the book describes; Datura also called for Jimsonweed, and a smoke, probably Psylocybins mixed with other herbs that grows on fields, forests and grasslands across the world) to seek "higher knowledge" (with higher knowledge it is meant, by they themselves, the kind of knowledge man can not understand with normal senses, but that requires faith and understanding of the other kind, namely spiritually inspired knowledge). He also describes in his books how he got to experience amazing events in both affected stage as in sober. He is learned that man can teach how to win over death, not becoming immortal but to receive knowledge about it, by making a somersault with the senses so the perception can brake the barriers of that which keeps humans trapped in the daily life routines. In one of the events surrounding how the wizards are trying to convince him of what to do with power (which spiritual knowledge is referenced by these magicians) and how to see reality as it is, according to sorcerers, he witness how a single leaf falls from the same branch and place and in the same way over and over again. In an another event the magicians makes his car disappear. Not until after a manipulative Magic trick by don Genaro, don Juan's friend and magician, he finds the car a bit further away and drives it back home with the Indians childish laughing and Castaneda stunned and amazed.
     Magic is the Science of how to influence the metaphysical to one's own or someone else's advantage, through manipulation to control powers, or take as much "power" as possible or all the "power", it says in books of Castaneda and Harner. It is customary to define Magic or Shamanism in the categories of how it presents itself, as in the case of psychosis, which may be associated with slightly higher (the word shaman is difficult to translate but comes from Siberian witchcraft. Probably the word became known by Mircea Eliads (religious scholar in Science) categorization through his research of these areas witchcraft. The term Shamanism is also used among the New Age movement, even it self equally difficult to define but probably worth thinking about. The interpretations made is that the word can mean to know from the beginning of the word sha) Magic is categorized by it being about:

"Contact with spiritual beings, the ability to deal with the spirits, the ability to achieve a state of shamanic consciousness (trance, ecstasy), travel spiritually and also to heal", says Thomas Larsson in his book "Shamaner".

The same categorization as Larsson makes in the above quot from his book from year 2000, is made by the magician Don Juan and Castaneda himself in the first two books "The teachings of Don Juan" and "A separate reality". As if that is not enough, there can also be added that an important part of the shamanic or magician's job is divination (predicting events from different spirit games with ad-hoc as a method, ad-hoc means without the expectation of a specific result), numberology, astrology and to interpret signs. In Magic examples there can be taken up another characteristic aspect of the subject, namely, to "see" as it is called by the magicians in Castaneda's books. Seeing in the magicians world is not the same as common seeing, but it is rather a knowledge of how to retrieve information from the spiritual and interpret the meaning in the everyday with a different perception, Castaneda describes it. magicians can also be called seers in English and Magic is called see-hir in Arabic and in those countries with a majority of Islam as a religious tradition. In Norse religion those who were doing Magic or sorcery were called seidr men or women, says Carl-Herman Tillhagen 1958. If this indeed is random or not, nobody knows, but probably it is an eye opener. In Castaneda cases, most of his education in Magic is about just how he must learn to see. A very important force used by Don Juan to teach Castaneda to see is a technique called "Not-doing". This technique, and the other one "stopping the world", is never explained in a clear way and Castaneda often ask Don Juan what he means and how to do not-doing. In principle, this method is the magicians way by suggestion or via ad-hoc, to try to understand reality and decrease the influence of the worldly, by opposing sentences so he can get a desired impressive results from the metaphysics to the normal life. But there are also similarities with the "not-doing" from Castaneda books, with the usual belief in the Magic of the spirit world and that it is opposite to the ordinary. Interestingly, it seems that Don Juan is "messing" with the conquistador-like Castaneda, as a revenge for what the Spaniards did to the Yaqui Indians and the rest of the original Americans, but without Castaneda being aware of it. Among other things, Carlos Castaneda wrote all the books as an assistant or rather writer slave to the Wizards and Don Juan. Carlos was tied like a dog and is called "little Carlito" by the Indians. In another episode, the Wizards say right out how bad they think about Castaneda and how bad the Spaniards treated the people who already lived in the country before them, as a lesson in Magic as-well.
     The sad thing is that despite of the criticism these books received from scientists whether it is Science or literature or own, the criticism manage always go by the actual content. In one section Castaneda tells how he had to jump out of a cliff to become a fully trained magician. Perhaps it is merely metaphorical, but he probably described this event as it happened in real life because he was in that way going to have experience to be able to fly further. In a drunken state, man can take on strange acts and after reading books and knowledge that are said to be complementary to hallucinogenic drugs, the end result can be fatal, although Castaneda was sober in all these cited cases. Much energy is also put on the world of dreams and how to learn to control them. Don Juan wants Castaneda to learn to find his spirit and train it to do wonders in dreams or even control them. An entire book was written by Carlos Castaneda just about dreams and art of mastering them, if that's even possible.
     It is also common for shamans and medicine man to have a belief in Totem and Taboos. Totem mean an object, animal or plant, elevated spiritually. The tribe believes in it as a person or family founder, patron and donor of wealth, food and also knowledge. In the western part of the U.S. you can see logs carved into various spiritual beings, animals or plants that will act as a ceremonial spiritual place. Taboo and Mana are concepts that come from the indigenous peoples of the Pacific islands and means dangerous/prohibited respectively commanded. In an animistic belief of the world (the belief that everything has a soul, animals, rocks, sand, clouds, spirits, etc.) the taboo forces are believed to be in everything, and so they are also believed to be easily invited. These forces are allowed to operate throughout an individual's life and is most central around a totem. It is the identity that they protect and die for. They sing hymns, dancing around the totem, and in some cases they even sacrifice food for protection, advice, and spiritual forces. In some traditions of the Pacific, worship of volcanoes is a common faith, where volcanoes and other natural phenomena are personified and elevated to gods or believed to be so. Even individuals associates themselves with the totem and in ecstasies try the trip to the "underworld" (metaphysics), by the phantasma, visualizing a hole, inspired from nature, where they enter, and try to find a special shelter animal or spirit-animal friend. But not only the Magic world uses faith in the totem. In other forms of faith (in monotheistic in polytheistic religions) totem & identity is seen as something normal, but in the Magic world it has become extremely important. Just as in India, a shakti-like faith in goddesses is seen in the Magic world and further important is also the God.
     Among the Central African tribes there are a special people, the Fon. They are specialists in divination. Fate is here called Fa and is believed to be a big shot in predicting with the ad-hoc methods, as he is a man, and in a spiritual sense he is the stories origin. Most commonly, the medicine men throw stones or draw lines in the sand and also throw tiles, branches to see what the pattern, number, and so on are to say about the future, diseases, and more. Central characterizations are the ancestral-beliefs, animism, polytheism and the opposite spirit world - that metaphysics is the opposite of this world and there the spirits and ancestors are upside down, day is night and night is day, etc. and which is an extreme form of what the shamans calls not-doing in Castanedas case. Another way to show how much Magic is different from the rest of the world and importance of the contrary, are the masks they have to represent a large demon, spirit or fetish, or the belief that to be unknown is more powerful than to be famous, unlike traditional religion. The mask, the medicine men puts on, is to scare away other less powerful spirits. They also believe that the Sun incarnates and becomes king. Other Africans are Muslims in the north and Christians in the south. Despite their new religion, some seem still to retain some of their natural religions and statues of Mary and Jesus begins to take the place of the altar instead of the old spirits. This syncretism appears, moreover, much in the former slave colonies in Latin America and the Caribbean where Voodoo and Umbanda has become the main religion, with a mixture of French Catholicism and traditional African Magic in the case of Voodoo and African-Portuguese in the case of the Brazilian popular religion Umbanda. Voodoo comes from the peoples of Central Africa, Fon, Yaruba and Congo, and means God but despite this central belief in a Creator is also another form of Voodoo Magic where less spirits takes place in the ritualization. In the ritualization of Voodoo traditional Magic from Africa, but also statues and concepts from Christianity may take place. The rituals performed is often by the sacrifice of a rooster, with music, rhythms, drums and dolls as fetishes (known in media with needles that puncture the locations of the doll which correspond to places the magician wants to harm or cure on a person) to achieve ecstasy or to retrieve Magical powers. Magic and divination is central in Central Africa and Zulu tribes, Fon, Yaruba and Dogon with several, which mostly are oral traditions and has the same parentage - Bantu - in the Horn of Africa.
     Mayans had a special way of figuring out time; through astrological methods. According to their calendar as follows, in particular by the Sun and stars, they split time in different eras. Such an era is a 380 year period, so-called baktun. The 14th period has a starting point on December 21, 2012 - Winter Solstice, and is thought in it's coming to even end future, and to result in a doomsday-like existence, which also presents the new major era - a great cycle of about 5000 years (perhaps a final baktun of this era ending around the year 2300 will continue, say some). Then, on the winter solstice, there is no day on the Arctic Circle and is the opposite of the summer solstice. But this is over the equator, which means that when it is winter solstice in the north it is Summer Solstice in the south, which in turn means that the Mayan calendar ends, and all these new times begin during the Summer Solstice in the south. Some interpretations made, by religious extremists "predicted" that the this "last time" or baktun would be Judgement Day, even though the Mayans never claimed this themselves. The Mayan calendar stopped at this date, because their leaders were killed and stopped working, and that their religious institution thus dissolved, which contributed that their knowledge of the time not fully developed, despite the potential they had to count the solar time. They could count up to 63 million years but had vague ideas about their faith and about the conditions to be able to see in the future as well as the significance of chronology. In that way, you can, relatively, say that the Mayan calendar continues at least till Doomsday. And then, on the Day of Judgement, the sacred and flying, feather-winged snake Quetzalcoatl comes on the sky. The Mayans were polytheists, had many gods in the pantheon but used Magic, spirits and ancestors, astrology and used more natural forms of religious ceremonies, before they became completely equal the great mythological civilizations. They lived in Latin America along with other people as Toltec, Aztec, Mazatec, Inca and tribal Indians. They had a common faith and built pyramids. It is believed that most died out because of the Europeans' diseases and firearms and that they sacrificed humans and thus committed a form of collective suicide.
     It would, according to Norse beliefs, be fortunate to be born before or just during midsummer day's dawn, that fell on a Thursday, with the waning Moon phase, during a storm and on a slope with the wind blowing from the south, either to engage remedial knowledge or to pick 3, 3 times 3 or 12 pieces of medicinal herbs and not encounter a fox or local promiscuous women because then it was destroyed, says Tillhagen. This day is considered so important to the medical experts in the Nordic countries that Tillhagen decided to take it up the entire nine times in the index in various forms such as Thursday children and Thursday morning, as many times the word cure in various forms appears although the book for the most part is about curing and not Thursdays in special. Still girls pick seven or nine flowers on midsummer night to later dream of the one they will marry.
     About Thursdays there is more to say, and the day is dedicated to Thor. He was associated not only with thunder and storm, but he was also believed to be the God of fields and the military machine against diseases and evil forces of nature, machinery of happiness, luck and prosperity (Thor is in turn associated with the idols in Ancient Scandinavia whose highest feasts were blot, sacrificial ceremonies that took place in the spring, midsummer, autumn and mid-winter, says religious scientists Britt Mari Nässträm 2001:165, Gro Steinsland 2005:300). Therefore, it was considered that those who were born on a Thursday became specially gifted and were called Thursday children, but the Sunday children were likewise considered to be sacred. Even the ancient Greeks preferably healed on Thursdays. And even Nostradamus prophecies seem to substantiate this even though he does not emphasize its importance for medicinal plants:

"In three waters, be born a man shall, whose feast day on Thursday will be, his power and reputation grows as a song by land and sea, a storm for the east. The great rebellion must be frozen dead from earth and space when the Holy Thursday is celebrated: so lovely king never before encountered, from the corners of the earth to him garlands are wrapped." -///- "In the years with the many sevens, men shall rise from their graves and gather from all sides", says Nostradamus centurion X-.

Here Thursdays are mentioned twice as to confirm its importance, although this is mentioned in other contexts. Nostradamus was a Jewish and French soothsayer during the Middle Ages and in year 1555 on May 5, he published a series of predictions about the future. In the end, it is not enough to deduce something of a concrete phenomenon and suggest that any rise is located therein. Rather, learned argue that Thursday is the best day to do medical preparations. According to the lunar cycle, it's best to start growing during waxing Moon and reap at the waning Moon. The Moon affects the oceans with high and low tides, and the growing power of nature. Which one you choose of the two in the waning Moon, will certainly lead to reap in the waning phase, during a phase when the plant approaches its maturity, if it is September and autumn for most plants, or midsummer for medicinal herbs. In Islam, however, it is more important with Fridays, as an example, and Quran 62:9 says:

"O you who believe! When the call to Friday prayers are heard, hand away from trade and merchandise, and hurry to where God's name is invoked, this is for you for the best - if you could know."

Also Sunday children were considered to be able to know metaphysics and so even mentally ill or disabled, probably inspired by Christians. The weekdays are important and each day seems to have its importance and significance. Tillhagen was a pharmacist who wrote a treatise on folk medicine in Sweden during the 1800 and 1900 - century. Despite the fact that he worked on this book back in the 50's, the similarities with his writing and what Castaneda wrote in late of 60 - and early 70's, is strikingly similar. The similarity lies mostly in the idea the magician had about cures. According to the sorcerer Don Juan, one could injure other by shooting the so-called spiritual arrows that in turn are brought down from the spirit world or through various strategically placed outlays of various fetishes (objects of power or force, which besides are common in the Magic realm). You could also use the smoke for this purpose - burnt herbs. According to the Quran, the Bible and the Vedas and others, all seed-bearing flower plant herbs are for cooking, cures, cosmetics and other healthy purposes:

"And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which [is] upon the face of all the earth", says Genesis 1:29.

The magician shoots either spiritually, as in seeing, or have any tools to simulate firing. Tillhagen adds that the magician also could cure with "shots" while what Castaneda describes involves injury or having to protect or destroy someone by sending this strikes. It sounds strange to cure diseases with something sick. Castaneda's first followers are said to have disappeared without a trace, soon after his death. Mysteries are common in Magic so is also the hidden knowledge. Aleister Crowley writes in his book 777, for example:

"Chokma is the Logos, the messenger, the transmitter of the influence of Kether, and this is shown, in a lower mode, in the Sephira Hod. He is also implied in the 11:th path, for the Fool also transmits the essence of Kether, he is in the 12:th path", says Aleister Crowley in "777".

This he does to describe the feedback that is said to exist between transmitter of power and receiver of power. This not only sound advanced, but it is also so. Aleister Crowley was an occultist from 1800 - and 1900 -'s, and was involved in a variety controversies about this very subject. Barbara Bush, wife of U.S. ex president, is said to be Crowley's child, he had with an already married woman, in secret during a sexual ritual intended to beget a child who would be his power, but most people around him and the family went bad fates to meet.
     In the book 777, a collection of Aleister Crowley's texts, various symbols, numbers, words, formulas and names, lined up in tables, charts and lists are described which he linked together depending on the value, context and meaning, to easier use in occult or astrological practice, but especially in Qabalism, Jewish mystery. He studied Qabala and also Greek, Latin, Hindu, Taoist and Arab mysticism and symbolism. The number 1 and 10 are for example named Kether & Malkuth (Hebrew). Kether is believed to be the ultimate magician of magicians or God himself. Chokma (Hebrew) is the number 2, which is the creative energy that utilizes possibilities/wisdom/choices. This energy can be in prophets, who have direct contact with Kether, and is therefore called the Logos - the word for Kether, and is also the receiver and messenger. It may also be an impersonal but an abstract energy. This can be seen for the practitioner on the protective spiritual spheres, ruh, and is measured in terms of arch-angel-accumulation on contact (in Aleister Crowley's case, the angel Sephira). Anyway the practitioner's path is mapped out in a special way given that fool also he can be a recipient of Kether.
     But it is important to recall that these books and knowledges sometimes led to excessive sacrifice rituals with people who have been killed. As a defence to the reputation Magic had and has, many practitioners defends Magic tradition by splitting it into two parts - "White Magic" & "Black Magic". White Magic aims to include all, find peace or use for human good, while the black Magic is usually performed by malicious individuals for personal power or to even kill any creature. To further develop the division you can say there is some difference between Magic and traditional religions. The differences between traditional dogmatic religion and Magic is that magicians are trying to find their own personal power or force, while religious often hand over to a higher power, God, Spirit or Creator and send messages to the whole of mankind. But there is also a difference between metaphysical Magic and the kind of Magic where tricks are behind the art, as seen some times in TV, such as Harry Houdini or David Copperfield who actually are called "illusionist" rather than magicians.
     As regards the rest of the book "777", the title is inspired by the numbers 777 representing Qabala, and together becomes 21, thus being an important value, according to Crowley. The number 21 also symbolizes/has the numberological value "the wheel of fortune", in T.A.R.O.T. cards but is number 10 among the deck; the planet Jupiter; Ra in ancient Egyptian mythology associated with the Sun; and the eagle among animals. The letter Shin (sh sound) which is available in both Arabic and Hebrew, is the character nr. 21, has value 300 and is Ruah Elohim in Hebrew and Ruh Allah in Arabic and is a symbol of Allaha, says "777". Shin means opening or days when everything is revealed with great power, it says in the Quran. Furthermore Crowley categorizes each letter in different tables and these methods to do this are 21,- there are seven "links"/methods/hebrew letter times three "columns" = 21+1 major and holding paths in ockultism/spirituality (then you can add a so-called ALB method, which together is to communicate spiritually). "777" also steps in the field of numberology and places 1-10 as separators of the paths & columns: "This arrangement is the basis of the whole system of this book. Besides the 10 numbers and the 22 letters, it is divisible into 3 columns, 4 planes, 7 planes, 7 palaces, etc. etc", says the book "777" about it's inner structure. Continually, the septagram, in the sigilium of his Order, shows the "all seeing eye" (one of some Illuminati symbols) &/or the "half moon" (symbol of the eternal knowledge), and around it the numbers 77++77 &/# 7+7, 7, just like the writers interpretation of the Tree of life, as it is seen both as numbers 1-10 + 21+1 = 32, wheres number one symbolizes the first plane & column while the 10:th is the seventh plane & third column. More about this deep focused insight on the fate of the celestrial three sevens, can be checked in one of that books many numberological charts.
     There are many methods and different traditions in the practice of Magic. They differ linguistically perhaps, but are united in expression and design, as in the meaning and the way they are carried on. The belief that the number 21 is Magical or sacred is visible in all contexts. 777 is a common number in the "game of chance", such as Blackjack, also known as the 21. The idea is that the player will get the cards closest to the number 21 without going over that limit. Not to mention the 'Bandit' "777" 'fruits' & symbols. According to astrological mysticism, based on among other the books "777", the numbers symbolizes:

1. The God
2. dualism, people
3. union, unity, community
4. Matter
5. knowledge, sexualism, love, faith, hope
6. word in metaphysics
7. life, wealth
8. fate, eternity
9. the supreme power, materially, forever carrying the word consensus (like a king govern with power)
10. Lord of all and the compilation and also the goal

A god most often get to symbolize number One and further also the Only. In the middle numbers He is invisible. But many also like to give 10 to "The God". But the interpretation can also be deeper depending on the colour and symbol, for example, regarding regular cards.
     In Tillhagens thesis Magic "knowers" in Sweden seems to have been influenced by Christian faith as evidenced by the formulas containing the name of God. And the word of God was seen as a protection against all forms of extermination or illness. The Magic savvy could even have quotes taken from the Bible to either protect themselves or use as medicine or formulas for curing of patients which was an important part of their jobs. Even some within Islam have been influenced by Magic and some Muslims call these pieces for "hajmelia", these folded notes only contain recitations of the Quran and are not preferably used in Magic. Medicine men and women could be under oppression from the church or other institutions of power. Important was also that the patient prepared herself to believe in the doctor and that he would succeed. The patient's faith gave so much that the doctor could cure at a distance. The scientist and botanist Linnaeus, has recorded, in the meeting with a drug knowledgeable or wise as they are also called, that:

"When someone was sick, the patient needed not to be seen by her but enough was that she saw a sock or cloth, of the sick person, of which she could determine the cause and it's cure."

Otherwise, bizarre cures are common to believe in and although the above example sounds like such, it is also common for healers to heal at a distance. Another common thought in the Magic world is that diseases are considered to be of malice and from bad people or spirits, but rationally even ordinary circumstances could cause them as for example over working, famine, drunkenness, etc., Tillhagen makes clear 1958:18. But to know a disease or get information on nature of the disease the magician often use drums, actually simultaneous throughout the world before being discovered by Westerners, says Larsson in the book "Shamaner".
     In some cases, Magic is thought to be superstition, which is a form of biased beliefs and often this kind of faith have no real connection to the logical and rational. To believe that black cats crossing the road from left to right leads to bad luck, or that you should not break a mirror because it also brings bad luck, for seven years, are forms of superstition. Medicine knowers or magicians are instead trying to find the links of the metaphysics and the ordinary, in the "journey", and use the information brought back from the tripping, in the context of ordinary life.
     By rhythms on a drum, or something else, the magician takes into metaphysics through ecstasy or trance, a spiritual journey, and from there he tries to get help from either spirits or other fetishistic power, says Harner and Larsson. Today, this is done by DJs at rave parties in psychedelic trance music. The style of trance music has a monotonous rhythm in the background just like shaman drums, thou the similarities should be taken with "a small amount of spice". Plain to make is also that the magician are sometimes intoxicated with either herbs or drinks for the trip, which is commonly called experience. As for spirits and to follow them, you can read the following in the Quran surah 6:100, 69:40:

"They have wanted to make invisible beings as God's helpers - (essences) that God created" -///- "Certainly this is a noble Messengers words, not the words of a poet - few are the things you believe in! Nor word of a soothsayer - few are the things you devote an afterthought ate! (This is a revelation from the Lord of the worlds!)"

Witchcraft, or Magic as it is also is called, is thus fundamentally spiritual manipulation but have different knowledge among themselves, whose practitioners through various kinds of controls want to take much or all the power they can find, with fetishes, herbs and ecstasies through contact with metaphysics, but is also a branch with many names such as "witchcraft" and "divination". They are mentioned in many contexts, in other religions, folklore, popular arts, and even in the Quran surah 20:70-73 where they convert to follow Moses & Arons religion:

"And the magicians (who saw themselves defeated by Moses) fell on their faces and cried out, "We believe in the Lord of Aron and Moses." (Pharaoh) said: "Do you believe in him before I give you permission? He must be your masters who have taught you in witchcraft, I will surely cut off your opposite hand and foot, and I will crucify you on the palm trunks without sparing anyone, so that you will get to learn which one of us impose the harshest sentences and whose punishment lasts longest. They replied: "Never shall we put (allegiance to) you and not in front (faithfulness to) Him Who created us! Decide now what you have put yourself in mind - the only thing you can decide is related to life in this world, we now believe in our Lord and ask for forgiveness for our sins and the sorcery you have forced us to carry on. God is Dear, and He lives forever."

The Truths V.S. Tales

The truth is a liberating wonder, which have come to me and it is only for those who are fighting for God or justice. Fairy tales, movies, most novels, however, are mostly fictional stories, while religion is the truth from God. I, Fatmir Ahmetgjekaj, am to say that this upcoming story is only one example as a symbol and I will not judge anyone or aim to be the Messiah, prophet, Dooms-day prophet or a God. Religion claims to be the truth, and in the Quran, in surah 25 and 23, it is possible to read that some people from the past, already thought that religion was the tales of the past and that time was more important than God:

"They also said, "Tales from the past that he wrote down: they were dictated to him day and night." Say, "This was revealed by the One who knows the secret of the heavens and the earth. He is Forgiving, Merciful", says the Quran surah 25. -///- "They said the same thing as their ancestors. They said, "do we get resurrected after we have died and become dust and bones? 'Such promises we and our parents got before. It's just tales from the past." Say, "Who owns the earth and everyone on it, if you know?" They will say, "GOD". Say, "Why do you not then take heed?" says the Quran in surah 23.

The continuing story herein shall also be about God and religion but with me as a symbol and sign. I want above all else to mention to the reader that the Creator exists and that what was said, and later will be said is the truth, as He appeared in a dream after I followed and believed in the religions mentioned above, and there is a strong argument to believe in His existence.
     Once I wrote an essay, in my university studies, that never passed, due to scientific arguments. Now I want to take a small vengance, but also make it pass by correcting the small misstakes by also making it in a longer and different more journalistic version. My God said that He saves me by writing this Reportage. The Reportage, this short but consistent text, in a mixture of articles and miscellaneous, in a stressful world consists, therefore in the first of impartial, objective and informative part, but in this chapter the basis of sources is of both supernatural and metaphysical nature. "The Essay" is thus trying to give knowledge in all ways of intellectual writing, as literature and also as articles and by this reportage. As said, I have no interest in partiality so therefore when directing the text to all mankind, I therefor choose a journalistic approach to the writing and do it also to learn how to write knowledge on basis of journalism, as being my dream job. Unlike records such as the Quran that testifies through anthem and text in book form from a person (usually a prophet in these cases), the difference herein is that the messages from the past is more interesting than later quackery and hypocrisy, which places the subjective opinion of the source to be seen, against those who claim to be the Messiah, prophets or the Creator, unseen as openly, if they are not truthful. Every time I tell the story of my encounter with the God, I end up doing it in different ways, as the text is not universal in it textual form but rather in it's story, in comparison to the Quran which in the other hand also is printed in Heaven. And thus this English version is slightly different from the rest, just to adopt a more broader audience, and is not important as text and not written in Heaven, word by word but is, in metaphysics and also for now in physics, orally remembered, by me, the angels and the God, according to my Powerfull Creator. And, sorry, but I'm not, either openly or covertly, one God, prophet or any other in these contexts, beside a writer, and I also apologize for my necessary subjectivity. Yes, this story is the truth! With this, I hope to be over seen in my shortcomings and I hope to achieve a place in the kingdom of heaven, reserved for those who believe, and for the whole world as-well. These News are not Magic, philosophy, a new religion, Science or an ideology, it is instead the truth from me. Once an old teacher asked us students what the truth was for each and everyone, and God inspired me to respond that "there is no truth other the truth".
     Without God, I would not have been able to do this work and I would like to give a big thank to Him alone, He who created everything in the world! It's really not that remarkable, what this story tells, but think again of the scriptures and then compare for gaining wisdom and news. The entire publication is based on mystical experiences and are predetermined and inspired in my dreams of God. I want to emphasize that this paper does not get value without the original records as the records get more value with this story, and that no one is worthy, but his God.
     Allah has probably already the answer to all questions and enough of them you find in the Arabic Quran and I can not answer all the questions here because there are of course infinite signs to marvel around. The Creator, my God exists as surely as man can see and hear this story and remember it being told, He is the Almighty, Most Wise. The aim is not to try to overturn, compete with, or beautify the Quran, the Bible or other interesting books or religious deeds, or to try to teach religion as Islam. I will only work impartially for "God loves the non-partial", it says in the Quran, for example in surah 60:8; and in Indian religions most people pursue to work without wanting to access the "fruits of labour", and journalism is to be relevant, true and impartial/objective. And if there are ambiguities, errors or bad facts in the story, I go on to change this, if reliable evidence is presented of you from God, because surah 2:106 says: "For every verse we repeal or let fall to forget, we will replace you with a better or equally good".
     If you're still wondering if God really exists, I probably already have the answer. Yes, God exists because he appeared several times to me in my dreams. It does not need to be easier than that, considering that faith and belief is an important part of the concept of God, when speaking about the Creator in other words. I can attest that the evidence also are of natural character, I take it from the beginning in the form of a story about my destiny as a living fate.

- Personal Presentation -

My life journey begins with the God and my soul existed before my body, and that is how I know who He is and He knows who I am, in a special way. In a dream, I saw friends talking kindly as youths, but something was stressful. I was challanged by someone or I felt that something told me that I would now for a while live on Earth to get the word from Zoti and return back to win what I saw in the dream, or else! And a cousin told me that the one who does not belive in fate will burn i Hell. Then I was transported through Universe and the star constellations and finally to our blue and beautiful Planet. Anyway, I have had much luck, but like an Indian proverb that says, "before enlightenment, one must fetch firewood and water, after enlightenment one must still fetch wood and water", I can say that I can not do anything for myself. The good that comes to me is from God and for the uncouncious bad I hope my God sees and hears me so I can be forgiven for I am bad and He is the only One who has Created life. And I ask you to have some understanding of small mistakes in this text.
     In ancient Greek mythology, there were not just fairy tales, myths, or stories of "gods", but also other spirits and even people made themselves apparent. Such was the story of Icarus and Daedalus, the father and son who were detained but decided to flee. The father Daedalus had an idea. Daedalus realized that they could take the feathers from the birds and with wax to make wings which they would get help to escape with, and fly away to freedom forever. After doing so, they began to escape, but his son Icarus looked to the sky for a long time and got hubris. (Hubris is an ancient Greek term that means arrogance towards God, gods, or the high power.) Icarus hubris was based on his desire to take a step further and fly to the sky and Sun, but instead he was punished for it. The Sun's heat melted the wax that held the feathers of Icarus wings so that he fell to the sea like a stone. The moral of this myth is of many kinds. One message is that you should always listen to the father, God or the high power - not getting hubris, as it is called in Greek. Another interpretation is essensialistic, which argues that the myth of Icarus and Daedalus has a message about what is possible to build and what is not. If man builds air-planes, this is good but if humans build UFOs, she will be punished like Icarus, who would not listen to his father's request not to fly too high and instead settle for just escape and freedom. Perhaps Icarus even may have survived, given the importance attached to that he fell to the sea? But there is something else I believe in and follow, that is the Creator of the universe and Islam. My teacher from high school once told me to aim for the stars, I could at least end up on the treetops, which I always have in mind.
     My given name is Fatmir and I am called Fati, by loved ones. My family name is Fatmir son of- Osman, Zenun, Abaz, Beqir, Zekë, Kekë -//- Ahmet, Gjekë, -//- Canë (according to a dream), Lekë (he had three sons - Canë, Nikë, Prekë - who converted from Catholisism to Islam and thus became leaders of the Valley by the leave of the Ottomans), Vukë, Lekë - Ahmetgjekaj from Isniqi. My surname, Ahmetgjekaj is both Arab-Islamic and Albanian, probably Christian or Hebrew as-well. Ahmed comes from the root HMD which means honour in Arabic and Gjeka is an Albanian name for Jack, Jake and which in turn probably derives from Zechariah, Mary's relative, or even John and Jesus or Jakob themselves when they have the same etymology and family strain. Albanians tend to shorten their name sometimes. Right now, I realized that Muhamed is a form of Ahmed and is mentioned in the Quran:

"And Jesus, son of Mary, said: 'Children of Israel, I am sent to you by God to confirm what is still of the Torah and to proclaim to you the glad tidings of a messenger who will come after me and his name shall be Ahmad. But when he came to them with clear signs and testimonies, they said: "This is obvious eloquence dazzles and bewitches", says the Quran 61: 6.

In the New Testament, John 14:16, Jesus says to his disciples that one is to be coming after him, and he shall be called "Comforter" and in Aramaic, Jesus native language, called "HMD" which is the root of Muhamed and Ahmed, and this is, believe it or not, true. But also in "Songs of Solomon" or "Songs of Songs" an arab man is mantioned to preach in the future whose name is written "Muhamad" in Hebrew, in chapter 5:16. My Albanian descendency has affected my life very much and has meant a lot for my soul. From my grandfather Zenun up to Zekë there are graves to visit, and the earlier of my ancestor are known legends. Probably from Tropojë in northern Albania, my relatives moved to the village Isniqi and later Beqir to Rudina (founded by Rudi - an Albanian acronym for Rudolph, and the village is named Rudica in Serbian. Originally there were two brothers - Rudi and Budi - Budi founded the neighbouring village Budisallci (a Catholic Albanian village), and Rudi founded Rudina (one in the majority Muslim village)), but personally, I mostly lived in the capital Prishtina and moved to Sweden in the summer of 1991.
    Kosovo is formed like an square and is surrounded by mountains with two valleys in the middle (the eastern is called Dukagjini and the western Kosova - together in ancient times "Dardania") and a hill from north to south between the two valleys in the east and west, and the area around Isniqi is known to be central location of many of the Albanian legends, situated between Albania and Kosovo. My relatives, who first came from northern Albania, settled there, and later others from Constantine's hometown. In the late Mediaevel times a Serbian leader occupied the Balkans (accept the Albanian alps between Albania & Kosovo, and Athens in Greece) and also Kosova for ten years, and later the muslims came there aswell. Like many other occupations they are many times nore just or friendly. The Albanians had fled to the mountains and were after Skanderbeg and Lekë Dukagjini heading back to their homes in the valleys. There's also a world-famous monastery (Visoki, Monastery of Decani) near Isniqis and it's river (1 km away), with images that are said to show UFOs. Each year, the locals report about strong bursts of light on the mountains and the valley. Many in that area have come to tell me about bursting round light in the sky. One man told me that he, as a child, had been there, on the mountains, with his grandfather and another, when suddenly round, big and strong glows were revealed a short distance away.

- I asked my grandfather what it was, he told me on.
- Let it be, do not look into it, his grandfather replied while he held his eyes.
- What was it you saw, I asked?
- I do not know, but it can be anything, he replied, and looked with a strange look to confirm the conversation beforehand about aliens.

It is said that I was born in the summer solstice in 1984, under thunder a stormy Thursday morning, 21 june (summer solstice according to NASA and others) and 1404 in hijri calendar, exactly the last quarter of the lunar month, the 21st, 22nd or 23rd depending on the time of crescent seen in the last quarter, on a south-facing slope and also with the Moon in the waning half phase, by my parents Sadie from Jasiqi and Osman Ahmetgjekaj, in a group of six siblings. About storms and lightning it says in the Quran, surah 13:12 as follows: "it is he that allows lightning dazzle you, and inspire you with fear as well as hope, and it is he who drives the heavy clouds". Apart from being the summer solstice, it was really just like any birthday - anyway, not that I remember it, but because it is told so. I was also the first guy after three female siblings with the later addition to another sister and later a little brother, which ended with a party that night, for my coming. My father had no intention of this coincidence, I have to clarify, but according to him it would be so lucky to have a son after all the daughters that he would be named the "of luck". So yes, I got to be called Fatmir - meaning "good fate" in the Albanian language - Fati means fate while Mirë is short for miracle.
     The Moon has meant a lot to people, since ancient times. They said that the crescent Moon in new phase symbolizes rebirth, a good time to start a new project or a time to build strength in. Full Moons was considered to be dangerous, yet very powerful. Instead of exploiting the danger during the full Moon, rituals of power were instead performed one to two days before and after. For those who wanted to rest well, have a good sex life, or under stand death, they could take advantage of the waning lunar cycle, pagans believed a time ago.
     Midsummer is celebrated in honour of this day, and on that day the maypole is raised which symbolizes a male phallus, fertilizing mother earth and may explain why it almost always rains on midsummer - that's what the ritual is for, the sky will fertilize the earth and the earth will not be fruitful unless there is liquid. There are few who know the background of why Midsummer became such a big party in Sweden. Some party for the fun of it, others because it is tradition and there are those who do it because Midsummer is considered sacred. Still, girls pick seven or nine flowers to put under the pillow and hopefully see the one she will marry. It is said that this day was surrounded by a sexual energy, which also explains why the pole is sticked to the ground. Midsummer poles may look innocent, but they seem to symbolize an erect penis to impregnate "Mother Earth". The church has done everything to prevent this big Swedish folk festival, they moved for example John the Baptist's birthday from being June 21 to become 24 instead. Even John's cousin Jesus was said to have been born on 21-23 December (winter solstice), but still Christians celebrate it at the 25:th instead, just to not collide with paganism.
     God yes, how was it now that I saw Him? Now I have to try to remember each fragment of what happened. The more I think back, the more other shows up. It actually began earlier. For you to know what I'm talking about, you should know what God had planned from the beginning, as it was then. But in itself it probably started before then. This is perhaps why it really began with my birth or even before. Anyway, in India, I dreamed the strangest dream ever. From almost have been a comrade of Karl Marx's future followers, God caught me. To clarify: During a trip to India we found ourselves in the town of Pushkar, Rajastani desert in northwestern India. Best known is the city for it's Brahma temple which was said to be the only one dedicated to Brahma in all of India. Brahma is the creator of all, according to most traditions in India, says among other Bhagavat in Purana Chapter 1. Anyway, one day I met a street vendor who sold me a Shivalinga. A Shivalinga is a "phallic altar" for the worship of Shiva and is available in different sizes. Shiva is said by some Hindu traditions to be the destroying power of creation. He is described riding a bull, having a trident as a symbol and the Ganges River flowing from his head and generates a sexual force, hence the "phallic altar" that is bundle to him. The following I found when I recently studied the Shiva Purana: "Just as Shiva's energy is Considered the greatest of all goddesses so the earthly phallic emblem of Shiva is spoken of as the most excellent of all". The altar depicts a penis (lingam) in a vagina (yoni). Shivaits pours milk on the lingam running down the yoni, and in the end on the ground, and this symbolizes fertility. It seemed suspicious from the beginning, that someone wanted to sell an altar. I saw that the linga was used and also picked up from the lake. In the town of Pushkar, there is a lake in the middle, and in this lake people sacrificed everything from food, money, jewelry, flowers and similar objects.
     The same night I dreamed that I met the owner of the altar, who wanted it back as someone had sacrificed it to him in the Pushkar Lake. In this lake located in the middle of the city like an unusual square, if it is not so, then it is probably the world's largest outdoor pool for human usage I have ever yet seen, people put everything from food, money, jewelry and other valuable items as offerings to their idols. Shiva danced in my dream with red and furious eyes, until he disappeared completely. Instead, out of the darkness, I heard a quiet voice that took my soul to the universe mysterious places. The angel told me that the only God worthy of belief in was the Creator. He is the God of Islam and this God promised me a gift, if I would have faith. I saw the stars fall, one by one, the Sun came up, etc. I woke up with a troubled soul, but with a strong will to act. In my mind, I heard:

"Are they waiting (who disbelieve) for the Last Time to suddenly to come upon them when they least expect it (- and remorse time is up)?" "Greater is He in His glory, in the heavens and the earth, the Lord Almighty - and far from (the attempts of people) to describe (his essence)", surah 43 verses 66 & 82.

I decided to return the Linga in the lake. Strangely, I could not find my shoes, instead I took my friend Asmirs slippers and went to the city centre. When I had arrived at the lake, I threw away the altar and turned feet back toward the hotel. But, again, my soul was troubled. "Oh Shiva, if it really was you last night in my dream claimng the linga, give me back my shoes", I said with a loud voice in the middle of the town, and in English according to my memory. As soon as I entered the hotel's penthouse, one of the workers came up with my shoes and told me that a monkey had just ran down with my shoes from the ceiling. Monkeys are thought to be helpers in India. This strange story came to evolve even more in Sweden, a story I myself find hard to believe in, but do it because of my fear of God for loosing some special opportunity.
     The News, articles or more the reportage book (reporters usually never name their texts, which is more the editors job I must say after having doubts about it) is an example about what my God intended to do with the books and is not scientific but is an experience message which want to direct the reader to next read the Quran or a true holy scripture. He wants me to pay tribute and honor Him in everything I do and talk about the gifts He has given me and which belongs to Him and keep them as sacred. Once He said, and I dreamed that I would "write all dreams as they become numerous, and fear me, I am your God, the all-seeing", which I intend to do with this. My desire is to die as a believer and be resurrected as a believer and constantly try to be close to the truth. My God warns of the trends found in certain social institutions that work against all what religion means while treating people unfairly with deceptive practices, funded by taxpayers money. I have limitations which do not allow me to look into the mysterious and I have not seen my God, Allah Zoti, in the wake of my eyes, but in dreams in a symbolic and spiritual sense, but if you're going to trust me, calendars, and other reliable sources, what I'll soon tell you about can be one of the most special you hear in religious contexts, "In sha Allah", and may my God guide me!
     Why tell a fictional story when you can tell reality truthfully? I hope you've learned now Who a God is and what religions are. The idea is not to replace them and I also want to point out, before I go any further, I reject all forms of poor knowledge in the form of numberology, astrology and other divination, as long as the God does not specify it. May the prophets, saints and disciples of all religions from The God have peace. But in the end it is only He, your God who knows both my metaphysical knowledge and traditional religions. "No one in heaven or on earth has knowledge of that which is unseen - (no one has this knowledge) except Allah", the Quran says. And it also says in chapter 51:8, for example: "(People) What you say (about the content of faith) is certainly far apart!", which I shall now clarify, by my God's will. This is shown here in this chapter as a result of what happens if you follow the God, His books, and a straight way.
     One summer night in 2005, I asked God straight out if He could give me that sign I was promised in the dream with the angel and Shiva in India. In the same moment I asked for it, the God send it. In the night I saw the sign was no more such a phenomenon, at least not during that hour as I stood and watched for more and I miraculously had this event promised previously by the dream of the God. He, the Creator wants to highlight certain circumstances in the squared drama between religious traditions, scientific academies, institutions of society and tales and show God's eternal domination:

"Blessed be He who has everything in His hand and whose power conquers all!" says the God about himself in Quran 67:1.

Hocus Pocus is not for me, I'm not a messenger of God or a magician, I'm just a person you want to be with God. If those who overrides truth knew how it is to be a religious believer, Muslim or Albanian, for that matter, they would probably either flee, or do mischief in sadness of how we are treated in societies eyes. One would think that my text is a joke but this is not the case, believe instead and fall in awe before God the Creator, the Forgiving and Merciful.
     Moreover, the Albanians have their own way to call themselves. We call ourselves Shqipetarë meaning "eagle's heir" or "he who has an eagles gift" and are in addition to the Bosnians, individuals and Muslim immigrants, the only European monotheists. According to an Albanian legend, that looks in many ways in addition to the most common, because of Zoti, a young hunter was in the mountains hunting. He came up to the nest of a great black eagle, where it had left her baby bird completely alone with a snake as the eaglets food, a snake the eagle mother assumed to be dead. The hunter found the eaglet left out with a threatening snake suddenly attacking the little bird in an attempt to kill it and just at that moment the hunter took hold of the snake and killed it on the rocks. Then he simply took the eaglet and began to climb down, and in that moment the eagle mother screamed, asking the hunter to stop and instead return the eaglet. The hunter responded by warning the eagle, as he had earned the eaglet in that the eagle mother had been uncarefull towards her own chick. The eagle said that the man was indeed stronger, but that she thought a lot about her young, promising the hunter she would ask Zoti, giving the hunter the eagle force and everyone would call him after the eagle and see him as zotri, one that follows Zoti, if he would put back chick in the nest. The man felt compassion and understanding and went along with it. Since then, there was nothing that could beat the man, he succeeded in all situations and got help in war and hunting and the eaglet had now had grown up and flew over his head throughout its life. His people who saw it called him Shqipetarë and followed and to this day call themselves Shqipetarë, as Zoti's promise was and has remained so far. This version is one of the more. Other happened on other times in different places, although not all Albanians know the legend, but still they believe they have the eagle gift or a relationship with the eagles and Zoti (most think that they are directly from an eagle mother, but this is just an extremem view in my opinion). In fact, the Albanian legends can provide a new angle to the myths of Hellenism, given that they come from the same area and have similarities including the name of God, Zoti in Albanian. Zot is a God in the singular expression, while Zoti means "the God", and the name sounds like Zeus while Kronos sounds like the Creator, even in Anglo-saxian advocacy. Despite the reluctance of many in the "West" to this, most major revolutionary figures are Albanians. Constantine the Great, the emperor who introduced Jesus (he stopped persecutions and murders of Christians and converted before death himself to Christianity, which on the other hand led to that Europe converted to this belief) to the Roman Empire, was known coming from Dardania in present day Kosovo and so even Alexander the Great's mother coming from the Illyrian mountains, as well as the more modern Mother Theresa, were originally Albanians. Not that the Albanians are better than any other, but still the question is why people forget this fact that many Albanians made the world what it is today as they believed in one God.
    You should never disparage people, for all come from the same family tribe. For example, there are more legends of the eagle and the Shqipetarë which took place in different times and places for different individuals and peoples. Shqipetars are the only who call themselves so, in the belief that the legend is true. Eagles are called "shqipe" (femi.) or "shqiponje" (maskul.) in Albanian (shqipe is pronounced: sh-ch-ipe) and therefore this means that the Albanians, according to legend and that the name derives from a female eagle, are the ones who follow the legend as an ethnic group. The official name of Albania today is Shqiperia, including the black eagle on the flag. Albanians are made up of two parts- to days Albania and Dardania (Kosovo and not Dardanelles in Homer's epic Iliad), in addition to those in the diaspora and in neighbouring countries. The people living in Albania & Kosovo for the most part (exept for some minorities as Bosnians, Turks, Serbs, Gorani, Romani who make up to 9 % of these countries population) speak the same unique language and belong to the same race, not alike their neighbours, ethnically or religiously (except with Bosnia and Turkey, which have Islam as the common denominator, but hey instead being slavs and Turkmen peoples, unlike Albanians who are a genuine group of Caucasians and Indo-Europeans). What unites these two tribes is that they actually are, ethnically speaking, one and the same people. The converted and converter, Constantine was born a little west from the city Nisau (present day Serbia), and founded Constantinople and had the Albanian eagle as the symbol of his empire, Rome and Byzantium (which is still visible in the north-western, Orthodox and Catholic lanes). Constantine the Great was born in a Illyrian tribe, in close to current Kosova (Dardania), and wrote the most of his texts out of something that closely resembles an Albanian language. He spoke Dardanian and is a descendant of the Albanians, says Andres Moscy & Ed Glenn Bowersock, in the book "Rome's colonial notes", which I once read in Rome's main library, but I thanked no when asked if I wanted to enter the archives in the basement, because I simply believed in what was shown for the public above. This could have been a good foundation and answer to why Albanians later became Muslims. Other Albanian symbols had first become Christian (cross with the four C:s stands for Constantin, his personal symbol), then when Islam was introduced, they also became Muslim (the eagle is seen much in the Islamic world, the royal Egyptian family is originally Albanian) but vice versa, Muslim and Christian doctrines and symbols embossed on Albanian identity. Moscy, Bowersock says that Latin and Greek and Albanian probably have the same basis as Dardanian or even that the Dardanian language could be their origin.
     Illyrians are descendants or an ancient origin of the Albanians before the Slavs arrived there, which is visible etymologically and religiously when Iliria as Illyria is called in Albanian, which is also visible in the later names on it, means land of the free and the Albanians in the Illyrian union kingdom are mentioned in many ancient historical sources, including Herodothus and Ptolemy, as people "albanoi", the current central Albania, having Albanopolis as its capital. The Greek historian Herodothus says in Melpomene:

"From the Illyrians the river Angros flows Northwards and runs out into the Triballian plain and into the river Brongos, and the Brongos flows into the Ister; thus the Ister receives both these, being great rivers. From the region which is above the Ombricans, the river Carpis and another river, the Alps flow also towards the North Wind and run into it; for the Ister flows in fact through the whole of Europe, beginning in the land of the Keltoi, who after the Kynesians dwell furthest towards the Sun- setting of all the peoples of Europe; and thus flowing through all Europe it falls into the sea by the side of Scythia", Melpomene in English by G.C Makaulay 1890.
"ex Illyriun de rheun pros boreen anemon Aggros potamos esballei es pedion to Triballikon kai es potarmon Broggon, o de Broggos es ton Istron. oytu amfoteroys eontas megaloys o Istros deketai. ek de teis katuperthe xures Ombrikun Karpis potamos kai allos Alpis potamos pros boreen anemon kai oytoi rheontes ekdidousi es ayton. [3] rheei gar de dia pases teis Eyrupes o Istros, arxamenos ek Keltun, oi esxatoi pros elioy dysmeun meta Kunetas oikeoysi tun en tei Eyrupe. rheun de dia pases teis Eyrupes es ta plagia teis Skythies esballei", says the original version in Greek.

From the Danube in the northeast, to the city Nisau in the East (where the Sava enters the Danube, which Herodotus says is Brongos), and the Alps in the north it seems, and the Adriatic Sea in the west was the site of the empire which was called Illyria, where even the clans Adriatics, Dalmatians, Labians, Albanians, Dardanians and more were included. Herodothus was the only ancient historian who did not write his story on the basis of the idols from the Hellenistic mythology and he mentions Illyrians in light of the prevailing image Greeks had at the time, that all other people were barbarians. However, one should bear in mind that, after all, there were times when Hellenism also affected the Illyrians to become polytheistic with a Hellenistic pantheon, but more often it ends with the origin prevailing. They also had the Sun, the six-sided star and an arm that clamps two snakes, as symbols; but also a white rounded head wear symbolizing freedom, which you see on ancient paintings from Etruskia, Illyria, Hellas and Rome from around this area, as also many ancient Hellenistic and Roman persons weared them (Akilles is seen in tens or dozens of images wearing it and he was from the area near modern Albania. Also Odysseus lived near modern day Albania and wore this cap, and not to forget Zeus whose believers came to Northern Albanian to pray to him as the Eagle avatar, wore the white “Plisë) and even today the old Albanians still puts the 'plisë' on with pride. From among the entries Rome did and ancient philosophers and historians, we know that Illyria was the mountain range that extends from Epirus in southern Albania and northern Greece, to the three peaks in today's Slovenia's flag, located at the Alpine southeastern part, with the Danube as eastern boundary. Even today, Albanians are known to be mountain living people and the root alb is believed to have the same root as the word alp, arb or arv (Arberia was the medieval name of the country, and so to say even Scotland highlands in Britain were called Albania in the Middle Ages, but the Greeks say Arvanita, and the Turks are using Arnauta of the root "arn" for the Albanians) which mean mountain. But alb and arb also means white and sometimes tree (although a common Albanian word for mountain is Malësi, meaning forest as most forests are on the mountains?). Historians often cited Illyria but often as barbarians or inaccessible people. Shakespear wrote a book called "A midsummers night's dream" and this story takes place in Illyria and has many elements similar to the myths of Hellas. Even Alexander, the conqueror of the world who introduced Hellenism through Aristotl, whose mother was from Albania (Albanoi & northern Epirus) and his father Philip king of Macedonia, was accompanied by an eagle. Historians say that the Albanians had their flag from Gjergj Kastrioti, "Alexander the ruler", a little more known as Skenderbeg, an Albanian general and Albania's last king, born 1404, who managed to stop the Ottoman forces from invading Europe during the 1400s, which in turn received the flag from Constantine while the Albanians claim that their methane identity symbolizes the faith they have received through Zoti. He, Zoti is a God, but has given other people the title Shqipetarë, even outside the Albanian people, and the important thing in this mention is not the Albanian people, but the tradition of the eagles and the God.
    A second Albanian story is about two eggs instead, but ends basically in the same manner. This story explains how the Shqipetarë wins the war with the eagles, "ors" and "zanas" and becomes a leader, and how the Albanians later got the flag with the black double-headed eagle, which is also a symbol of belief. (A black eagle symbolizes power over death and fear in only one God, and the modern red background means that it has required blood to win and love to believe. Two heads or two bodies close to each other protecting each others back symbolizes the two original tribes Gega & Toska). Put in mind that to this day no one has ever worshipped eagles among shqiptars, but instead only remembering the stories orally by "songs" and good speakings. The Shqipetarë in question was previously shunned by his people, after a number of accidents he was accused for, and with ignominy he lonely and hungry withdrew to the mountains, til he reached an eagle's nest where he found two eggs. After taking the eggs he went on his way down when the eagles suddenly called out that he would stop. He did not listen and continued instead with them, but the eggs were to be returned, had the eagles firmly decided and shouted again and again. The man listened at last and got a tip from the eagles. He would not be concerned over food and feel no guilt because of who he was. Just as the rivers carry the fish and food for the eagles, Zoti would carry the promise that the man would be called Shqipetarë and become leader, if he returned the eggs. After the eagles gave him the promise he saved his people against the invading armies and thus won back their trust. The orës, are the beautiful sparking elves, pronounced ora as in "aura" in singular and definite form, are colourful and spiritually sparkling spirits associated with knowledge if allowed to meditate in peace on flowers or other vegetatives for 1000 years until they become big as people to live for another 1000 years, or else they pollute the person who disturbs them by destroying flowers and vegetation unnecessarily. The zana are legendary spirit creatures that are said to be women, live in forests & mountains and have knowledge of death (these may be the inspiration for the Amazons, who were real female fighters, in Hellas), and have great knowledge of war. According to a legend trying to describe how Kosovo and Albania were liberated from the Ottoman Empire in the 1900s, a Ottoman army on the way to Albania from Kosovo, probably at the village or town Isniqi, Gjakovë, or "Lugina" (Presheva, Bojanoc & Medvegja - Valley of Nisau which were by the 1950:s (before deportations by Serbia) and still is a little inhabited by a great majority of Shqipetarës) met there a beautiful spiritual woman/zana. This zana warned the commander that if he would fall in love and marry a woman from the other side of the mountain, he would die. The captain struck down many armies but met death when he fell in love with a woman over the other side of the mountain and wanted to take her home, when the zanas promise suddenly came true. The Turks first had the misfortune of having to fight in Kosovo, then later they convinced the Albanians to become Muslims, but they did not teach Arabic but instead Turkish, which provoked the indigenous peoples of the Balkans to the point that a new war took off in the early 1900s. After the Ottoman Empire, the Albanians and Turks have in general good relationships with each other. The truth is that after 1912, when Albania was proclaimed independent, Europe divided the country in two. But in 1999 the country was liberated from the same, now more knowledgeable regimes that had previously made the mistake of believing that a country with a population consisting of 90 percent Albanians belong to another country, though they have lived there since time immemorial as the first there and they believed domestically be the first of the peoples living in that part of the world called Europe. At all times other want to occupy Albanians, but the truth liberates forever with its allies. It is good to know that it is the God, Zoti, with the Albanian legends Who is central for spiritual ethnicity, while the "book-religion" is either Christianity (20%), Islam (70%) or some modern/other (10% ), among today's Shqipetars. Every one can be Shqiptar, only if having one belief in Zoti and doing good.
     The black eagle has also a central role for the Indians in the southeastern United States and northern Mexico, where it is believed to have the power to control all living things. This power is called precisely "the eagle", because it, in the vision, emerges as an immeasurable black eagle, says Castaneda in his book "the eagles Gift". A common legend among indigenous peoples in the Americas, like the Albanian, revolves around a young man who finds an eaglet, and nothing went right for the man until he returned the chick in the nest and got so the luck back. This was remembered and marked by every tribe in America by having one or more eagle feathers in their hair. Zeus in ancient Greece, transformed himself into an eagle to get power, a bull to seduce women and a serpent in the underworld to protect the underworld Hades. Of these three animals the most important is the bull in Hellenism, while the anti theses snakes and eagles were more common among Illyrians. The eagle and the lion are both symbols of kings and power (the Messiah is considered a lion in both Judaism and Christianity, and the lion is also as known "king of beasts") and within Rastafari, the Messiah is believed to be the Lion of Judah. Maybe the story try to tell a message that man should not be proud and destroy nature and enslave the wild animals or kill them. Albania has the same climate as Greece and Croatia to the south and to the north, but is more greener than these, more like the great Swedish or Canadian forests, still warmer climate having also, olives, dates and figs. Albania conserved it's nature, in accordance with the oral Codex (later written down as Lekë Codex. Lekë meaning Alexander in Albanian, while Skender means Alexander in Turkish - Skenderbeg and Lekë Dukagjini were good friends), unlike the ancient Greeks who built ships of war and other things with the wood. Dukagjini was Kosovo's last king (living in 1400s), and is said to have studied the Quran and was inspired by it to write down the oral tradition and the law in book form, which disappeared and was re-written, by a priest, in the 1800s.
     According to the book "Rome's colonial notes", it can be read that there also was a now extinct people of the Balkans - Scordisi in today's Serbia in the 400 BC. and 100 AD. and later Skisores/Shkisoria which in the 300-400:th century AD. died out in a war together with ancient Macedonia as these two had a coup against Dardania which in turn succeeded by the help of Rome, knocking them both out, permanently from the historical scene. In the 600's AD. Macedonia and Scordisci were replaced, including Panonia, Dalmatia etc. by slave nations as Servia, which pushed the Illyrians down to today's Albania and Dardania, says the book. Even today Serbs are called "shkie" in more homey Albanian mouth and which is a more used term than the actual Serbs, deriving from the word skisoria or also scordisci. The Serbian people were originally immigrants from the Russian people, and after the first death of Scordisci, they came over to the Balkans at the behest of the emperor in Rome, and they came to work and pay taxes, but ended up in conflicts with indigenous peoples.
     Regarding myths, each continent have their own and each have lost some and replaced them with others, some with the better fate, and others for the worse. Another Albanian is Mother Theresa, who was born as Gonxhe Bojaxhiu in Skopje, at that time "Kosovo vilayet". Although she constantly worked with the poor and seriously ill people with dangerous and spreadable diseases, she never got sick herself and never got tired of working for the poor in Calcutta, India. She also received the Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo, and was canonized by the Pope. Her personal sayings was: "In faith, I follow Jesus, in the blood, I am Albanian". But the Albanians and other people are by the way, in comparison with the Israelis, not religiously interesting as a group, but more as individually as the persons who receives an eagle's gift or as those who have a blessed land, specified for a people with a language (an Albanian belief says: "one people, one country, one language") but mostly the blessing is believed to be a flag (imagin an eagle flying above) and it is not easy when missunderstandings does not let us live as the Lord wishes, so many people have our flag but hipocritically choose to not accept the title that comes along with it. Jews in the other hand are the promised people, but without a material land and blessed language, as Israel is the holy land, originally Filistin/Palestine and arabic the blessed and holy international language. I personally believe that God is great and all-powerful and that everything dies, is recreated and sentenced to either victory or defeat by Him.
     I do not know everything, only my God knows, but the day I was born is also said to have been special in a "hadithic perspective". Hadith means stories and are also included in the Quran, but are also available in a collection outside the Quran, called Sunnah of prophet Muhamed (Muhameds path), may he rest in peace. In the Quran, the second surah verse 185 says, it is to read that:

"To give people guidance, in the month of Ramadhan, the revelation of the Quran started, in which guidance is by which the right can be measured and distinguished from wrong. You who see the New Moon, feast the month out."

The surah is called "Layl al Qadr", which means "Night of Power", "Night of Destiny", or also "Night of Decree" - meaning that which is predestined. Layl means "night" and "Qadr" means "fate" (my midwife is said to have been called Layla, by the way). Further, it states that the down bringing of the Quran took place during a special night and there is a whole chapter dedicated to this holy night, which is said to be the night that the Prophet Muhamed received the revelation from the Archangel Gabriel. Surah Layl Al Qadr says, from a good bridging translation made by the English Muslim scholar Muhamed Marmaduke Pickthall:

"In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful Lo! We revealed it on the Night of Predestination. Ah, what will convey unto thee what the Night of Power is! The Night of Power is better than a thousand months. The angels and the Spirit descend therein, by the permission of their Lord, with all decrees. (The night is) Peace until the rising of the dawn"

Sunni Muslims (those who follow the Sunnah - way) argues generally that this night might be the 27th of Ramadhan, while Shia (party supporters at Imam Ali, Muhamed's cousin, adopted son, and the first to become a Muslim) believe that it is the 23:d of the same month. Muhamed is to have said the following when he was asked about the occurrence of the Night of Destiny: "Who of you remembers when the Moon looked like half a bowl?" -///- "Search it in Ramadhans last ten nights" -///- "Because of a fight between some, about what night it is, I forgot it when I was asked" -///- "After a follower of Islam, asked the Prophet, may he rest in peace, what night the Night of Destiny was, Muhamed said that it was the previous, current or next coming. This conversation took place on 22 Ramadhan!" -///- "The angels told Muhamed that the Night of fate would occur one night with rain, and when the Prophet woke up on the morning of 21st Ramadhan the Mosque had leaked water after a widespread rain during the night", says for example Hadith Sahih, Muslim and Sahih Bukhari. Allah says in the surah 2 and 3 that man never hold his word and that better is not to promise or swear due to weakness of man but still a follower of Islam said that he knew when the night falls and thus many believe it: "I swear by Allah that I know which night it is. It is the night the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him, ordered us to observe standing in prayer. It is the night on the eve of the 27th of Ramadhan", says Sahih Muslim. There are three collections of hadiths which are believed to be sahih - true - Sahih Muslim, Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Termidhi, authored by theses three imams. All three of these claims that the Night of Fate is a night in the end of Ramadhan. The only night the Prophet Muhamed says is possible is one of the last ten, but also some times another. Many Muslims stay up all these last ten nights in prayer during Ramadhan, hoping to find the right night and have their debts forgiven. There are two major groups that discuss the relevance of these hadiths, if they are complementary to the Quran or not. Those who claim that they are not true do it on the basis of two or three verses of Quran as the surah 77, the last verse: "Those who believe in other hadith than this Quran, end up in the fire", while those who believe in them do also on the basis of two or three verses: "Follow Muhameds way", calls the Quran. The stories people had about the Prophet Muhamed was collected and was later called "The Prophet's Way" and many of them were written down 300 years after the Prophet Muhamed's death, may he rest in peace, and some 200 or - 100 years after. But according to the God of Muhamed everyone's deeds will be weighed, in a big day, including the prophets, my own and the Saints. But in the end, I aim not to teach about the religion Islam or some other faith, because prophet Muhamed and the founders do it better, according to a dream I've had, my goal is rather to send news that the religions are true and are verified in fate and also to clarify what people missunderstand when talking in terms of faith.
     For those who want blessings in degree with the Israelis, should have the Quran for certification of a received textual miracle with written narrative in book form, and it should also be used for reconciliation in conflicts around the messages, the Quran says repeating over and over again. Judgement Day is equivalent to The hour or time when everything happens. Those who fear that something bad will happen to them that day, ask Allah for help and call Him. The believers ask for gifts that are spiritual or guidance. And then they ask to be spared from the path they have who don't have Allah's blessings, or who have been affected by his anger. They cry out to the God, bows, goes down with forehead to the ground and then sit on knees (a technique seen in all religions and is also mentioned in the Bible; when the Israelis returning from captivity in Babylon they go down on the face before YHWH, and is also visible even in secular cases where someone asking for something goes down on the forehead to get the wish fulfilled) says the surahs 2:43, 2:150, 22:26, 48:29, 50:40, 17:110, 7:31, 4:43, 29:45, 16:89, 6:114. In Islam, it is very important to wash the hands and arms to the elbows, face and hair and feet to the ankles before prayer, says surah 5:6. If someone want to learn this technique, then that person should turn to the one who can, or a mosque and follow the imam, clarifies the Quran, still after mentioning that man should call to the God, then bow, then forehead on ground then meditate on Allahs names and states that Muslims also should be more private sometimes in the sense to not be as a collective organism, meaning also that there is space for personal reflection on Him and everything. Even in East Asia, sitting on knees, meditating, is believed to be a duty to the God. In Islam the believers meditate in Allah's holy name - Al Rahman, Al Rahim, Al Aziz, Al Fatir, Al Malik and so on. It is speculated on how many times a believer shall bow themselves, and the hadiths give different statements. According to a hadith, two times all five pryer times, the other says four in all, then there are the usual - 2 (morning prayer), 4 (dinner), 4 (afternoon), 3 (evening) and (4 night), according to Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim. I think it is like the verse in surah "Al Isra Al Miraj" that says that man must use their common sense and not too pray to loud or too low, and the same applies to the number of bowings, neither too many or too few. Allah decides between mankind, the situation and the reason for prayer, so in the end, if not everyone think for themselves and use their common sense, someone will come and teach them as if they were babys. What are hypocrites actually afraid of, why do they not understand? God sees all and helps the believer. May Muhamed have blessings and may Isa (Jesus, Ioshua) have blessings, and may Moses, Noa and Adam have blessings and Allah's peace and blessings be upon all the messengers and prophets - Idris (Enoch); Hud; Saleh; Ibrahim (Abraham); Isma'il (Ishmael); Ishaq (Isac); Lut (Lot); Ya'qub (Jacob); Yousef (Joseph); Shu'aib; Ayyub (Job); Harun (Aron); Dhu'l-kifl (Ezekiel); Dawud (David); Sulaiman (Solomon); Ilias (Elijah); Al-Yasa (Elisha); Yunus (Jonah); Zakariya (Zechariah); Yahya (John); and the others - may they have the grace of Allah and may the Saints live in Heaven and may the God give to the praying and protect from the cursing and evil, amen.
     It may be that Layl al Qadr occurred the night the Moon was in half (Ramadhan 21, 22, 23, depending on how you look at it), after a dream God had for me, but might as well be the 27:th (when the Moon looks like Diana's cut, a Ottoman symbol introduced to Islam as Diana was an idol in the area of Turkey, Syria and Northern Middle East, which seems to have left this legacy left; paradoxically, given that the God of the Bible & Quran condemns images and idolization but enjoins abstract, ritual and architectural symbols, which also should be protected) or the last night belonging to the previous day while the day belongs to the next, interestingly enough, when the other days beginning with the night, or the Night of Destinies maybe occurs on full Moons. Rather, it is the God who chooses which of Ramadhan's nights it is, when the angels and the Spirit descend and states the destiny of the year.
     The Quran was revealed in the ninth Islamic month of Ramadhan, it says in the Quran surah 44 in the first verses and surah 2 verses 184-88, and in the dream I had, which was divinely inspired because of its attributes. No speculation should be done about this, Allah, Muhamed and some few others know. 1000 months are equal to 84 years, which in turn is the average age of a human life. Being born in this day and with a suitable name would mean that I would be forgiven without having to say a prayer for it, according to hadiths outside the Quran. This view is shared by, among others, the group "Submission" and also the group Ismaili, Shia and Sufi. Submission is a group that is different from traditional Islam and chooses only the Quran as a source of their religious practice. However, there is little information on this group and they should be taken with "only one grain of salt", even if they are heard some in the Muslim world. Rashad Khalifa was a mathematician and an American scientist, who said that the entire Quran was a mathematical miracle based on the number 19, and further that he had calculated that the world would end in the year 2300 (1777 on the Islamic lunar calendar, speaking of Nostradamus prophecy that Judgement Day will be in a year of many sevens). Rashad Khalifa was the founder of "Submission", which really is the English word for Islam, which is one among other reasons, why he later was killed in a mosque for. He argued, inter alia, that he was a Razul (messenger, rashad is a form of the word Razul) but not a nabi (prophet) and therefore differed in these two concepts.
     No one but the Creator knows when Judgement Day occurs, but you should believe that it's allways near. I myself think it could be in the calendar year 1777 of the Islamic calendar, or in the season year of 2300 in accordance with European and American standard, but according to God's dream in me it can come later, in the past or now, of course. Well, if man doesn't invent a way for eternity, with all the technology and knowledge it has advanced, before this year, then I am sadly dead. The date for Layl al Qadr is really not worthy mentioning. About Muhamed, the Quran says following:

"In the name of God, The Merciful, The Compassionate,
Y.S. (Ya Sin - the Arabic alphabet is mentioned initially in the Quran, to learn how to read it)
And the Quran is full of wisdom
Surely, you are one of the messengers.
On a straight path.
This revelation is from the Almighty, Most Merciful.
To warn people whose parents never have been warned, and therefore are unaware.
It is predetermined that most of them do not believe."

Although my birthday finally will be revealed in conjunction with when all other things disclosure, my birth is still interesting to take up, as everyone is born as I, but in their particular way. John the Baptist's birth, according to Christians, is said to be the first Sunday around the summer solstice, while in the past it always occurred at that time and is held in some countries during the summer solstice and this thus represents the Sun and fortune or luck. Man is on a test site where it formerly existed dinosaurs (dragons), other humanoids (maybe it was Cain who killed a lot of them when the sword as technology must have scared them just at the sight of it, which they probably could not defend themselves against), and much more, but as I said much is a mystery. According to Islam, God sent the Torah to Moses during the sixth or seventh day in the month of Ramadhan on Mount Sinai, and according to the Jews it was done during Shavuot when a feast is celebrated around 7 weeks after Easter and is called Pentecost, in Christianity on June 7. Religion and text are close together and they are intimately linked to the rituals and myths. Religions are not fairy tales, which some seem to think. Religions are something important and valuable to man, so it was remembered, written down by several hundreds of generations in a row, regardless of time and of language and names on it. It's naiv to say that the modern era, knowledge and technology has it's roots directly from the old religions, but the same would have happened if man would believed in them correctly. Now Science claim to have developed the life humans have in our time.
     The book that has meant the most to the world, from a religious perspective, is surely the Quran as it in a way keeps the other books in one, the books of Abrahamic religions as Christianity and Judaism. They, The Biblical books were simply confirmed and for this and other reasons the Bible thus lives to this day. The Quran thus confirm what the earlier books preached, but there are also stories of Dhul Qarnain - the king with two horns, led by God, maybe Alexander the Great (Alexander is often portrayed with two ram's horn which besides was a common symbol of the kings of Pelazgians, thou some interpret it to be Buddha or some Middle-eastern conqueror) who conquered the east where extremely sunburned lived, India, and West where the sea was thick, Israel and the Dead Sea or the Mediterranean, and built a protective wall of blocks and iron to a nation at a mountain pass (Gates of Alexander at Caucasus, built with stone blocks and iron which is unusual and it is the only one of its like?) which, according to the King marks the Day of Judgement when some suddenly attacks from all sides (some believe it to be a great people in the north of the empires, mentioned as Gog & Magog in the Bible and Al Rush, Yajuj & Majuj in the Quran & Hadith); story of Moses companion, the immortal green man Khader who lowers a sea ship at a dock, killing a youth and rebuilds a wall without payment, with the explanation that he only rescued the sailors against a pirate king who kill and seize ships and that the dead youth's family would be replaced by a better son by God, as that killed youth was about to do something evil against his family, and the wall he built for the orphans was a hiding place for a treasure Khader gives to them which their father previously had hidden before death, everything he did without needing to know why, and explains to Moses that some things can not be seen; and the story about the young persons and their dog who escaped society and its decay, hid in a cave, fell asleep and was resurrected by God after 300 plus 9 years (300 solar years is equal to 309 lunar year, according to the Quran) says surah 18 "The Cave"; the man with the donkey and the ghost town they came to wondering and queering God how he would ever be able to restore the city to its former glory, whereupon God causes them to die in 100 years, resurrects them again and says to the man with the donkey that he will carry the message to others, says surah 2:259. These are of course not counted into the genuine group messengers called Prophets, rather they are, for a specific task, period or other number of reasons, chosen holy persons and many times also bringing important contemporary messages, whose life is the key. Prophets on the other hand are those who prophesies or has thus revelations and visions from God, sended one after another in a certain fated pattern. The Quran mentions about 25 prophets by name, and some without, but they referred to as for example "the prophet who did Saul/Talut/Taul & David as kings", which is Samuel in the Bible, and so on (sometimes, God has also sent 300 or more or less at once, others were murdered and others mentioned in other books and have reference there). The Quran is complete, coherent, rhymes, and should be read entirety in Arabic, to grasp the message in it's own way. The verses of the Quran cover and repeat everything that has been said, simply, and a contradiction in that would automatically imply a contradiction to everything else, even in the Bible, as the objectives is to reach the same God.
     In total the Quran mentions 99 of the names of God, but there are more of course, and when Jesus returns from heaven and Muhamed's successor frees the world the other names to be revealed (according to hadith, it is the Al Mahdi to be called Muhamed, Ahmed or both, and maybe even Jesus (is not a prophet as Muhamed is considered the last prophet "Muhamed is not the father of any of your men. He was a messenger of God and the Last Prophet (Seal of the Prophets). GOD is fully aware of all things", said sura 33:40). But Mahdi is said to be a form of scientist who knows all major religons, can astrology, numberology, interpret suras in the Quran, have visions of the future, and more, and he shall, together with Jesus, beat down Satan who contributed to time changing, where one year will be a day, and so on and Judgement Day will come sooner than imagined. He will have a dark mark on his shoulder behind his right breast, be huge or tall, have a pointy nois, a broad forehead and curls over his ears - and all theese I also have - albeit some hadiths say his nose is small and tha he is bald, and as said before many of the hadiths have contradictions), see surah 27 verse 82-88 about the creature created from earth and in the future will tell the people what they did not understand about the messages, which by most muslims is believed to be flying dragon: "At the right time, we will be producing for them a creature, made of earthly materials, declaring what the people are not certain about in our revelations", says surah 27. Islam teaches that their religion preaches the pure and original one and that all really are Muslims but that they have not realized it yet, and thus the majority deny that they may have gained knowledge from Muhamed, while Allah says in the Quran that He accepts not another form of religion than Islam. Why do not people wit, like those in the city of Nineveh? In a way, if man understands, Islam is the only religion where the main scripture is original and as such also being the oldest among those complete books. Of course there are older books than the Quran, but they usually are not complete, not from a God or have been rewritten.
     The Arabic Quran, like all other records, should be read in the original language. As the Quran is very scientifically oriented, it contributed to the creation of a major technical and philosophical development in both Islam countries and Europe. Islam developed the Arab political power significantly and for Europe it meant that the former ancient scriptures from for example Aristotle and Plato, for the first time were translated into Arabic and from Arabic into Latin. Arabic words such as mathematics, chemistry and algebra were incorporated into European languages and Sciences. This is one of other key factors of the revolution, the people began in the late Middle Ages in the 1500s in the majority Christian Europe, the other being the Printing revolution. The church in Rome studied these books and considered them to be inspired by God. They studied the texts and had branches that later led to Alchemy (through Magic or metaphysics, refine or create chemical substances, such as gold & silver, a regular chore for magicians in the Middle Ages) and a Christian form of astrology. There were few who could read and write at the time, and the process to the Renaissance took longer than actually necessary. Even in India, Veda traditionally was recited orally in the belief that it was a revealed text, so called "shruti tradition", unlike the human recorded "smrta" (remembered, accessible to laymen and general), where the books of Purana are being incorporated, but written nonetheless down in four collections. Veda has inspired other holy Hindu books. In the Bhagavata Purana, one can read about Vishnu's avatars and according to this memorandum Vishnu says that he has been somewhat young/small, a fish, turtle, eagle, lion, the dwarf king, a shepherd, the enlightened, to one day return to Earth as a ruler when religion wanes and society is close to collapse. He comes as Kalki, with a comet-looking sword to remove the dirt. He comes from the village or kingdom Shambala (in Buddhism, Shambala is a paradise surrounded by mountains), as a Brahman and must fight the demons and in the end restore the original doctrine:

"Then in the twilight of the Kali age, when kings will be robbers, this protector of the world will be born of vishnuyashas under the name Kalki", Bhagavata Purana, vol I chapter 3, verse 25. "When the practices taught by the Vedas and the institutes of law shall nearly have ceased, and the close of the Kali age shall be nigh, a portion of that divine being who exists of his own spiritual nature in the character of Brahma, and who is the beginning and the end, and who comprehends all things, shall descend upon earth: he will be born in the family of Vishnuyas'as, an eminent Brahman of Shambhala village, as Kalki, endowed with the eight superhuman faculties. By his irresistible might he will destroy all the Mlechchhas and thieves, and all whose minds are devoted to iniquity. He will then reestablish righteousness upon earth; and the minds of those who live at the end of the Kali age shall be awakened, and shall be as pellucid as crystal. The men who are thus changed by virtue of that peculiar time shall be as the seeds of human beings, and shall give birth to a race who shall follow the laws of the Krita age, or age of purity. As it is said; "When the Sun and Moon, and the lunar asterism Tishya, and the planet Jupiter, are in one mansion, the Krita age shall return", Vishnu Purana chapter 24.

Perhaps the Purana speaks about the Hindu god Brahma, or a man, what do I know because I am not a Hindu, but I do not think God is born, as it is against Islam as the Quran's surah 112 teaches that Allah does not beget nor is begotten. Incarnation maybe possible only if God intend it so (as for example incarnate love as a human person or if Satan regrets he could become a human to pay his depts), but reincarnation is not logical if the World is a test and if there is a punishment & reward (or how would man learn to be good if life wasn’t only for once in physics and a second in the hereafter, with no end?). Kali is an alleged female idol and according to some traditions associated with death and destruction, which have named the last of the four ages in Hinduism. Kalki is a name that is also associated with time or fate, from the word's root which means time and calculation, says the Bhagavad Gita. Again, in above verse it is mentioned that during Dwarpa age the Vedas were created, which are also the years of the Aryan time (3700 years ago, being among the first if not the first man made scripture which sadly enough is not complete and also edited alot later). It is further said that Kalki will be born in the same month as I (according to North Indian lunar calendar) under the name of Shri Vera Dharma Kalki and will be born either in April or June (Vishnu is associated with the Sun and descend to Earth when the Sun has its main point - 21 June) and even Krshna is associated with the time: "I am also the tireless time", says the Bhagavad Gita in 10:34. Buddha was born, as I said, that day also- Midsummer is also the day when his mother Mahamaya dreamed of Buddha's birth. Kalki is said to perform a horse sacrifice to succeed. Moreover, it was customary to sacrifice horses in the region from Iran to Bangladesh.
    Zoroastrianism is a religion which lives today, mostly in Iran and in Western India. The followers believes that Zarathustra was a prophet and will return on Judgement Day, flying on a white horse with wings. They also believe that Ahura Mazda is the Creator and the name of God, and that this religion is among the first if not the first living monotheistic religion and Zarathustra has also received epithets as the first monotheist. Their book is called Zend Avesta and is a form of hymns written by Zarathustra, describing a struggle between good and evil, which also is the foundation of this tradition and it originated in Persia, today's Iran, several thousand years ago. Zoroastrianism's sacred symbol are commonly the Sun disk and a God named "Deava" like the Hindu word "Deva" (meaning a god), and even in the early Iranian religion someone with the same name and character like the Vedic heaven Indra, is mentioned. Some believe that Zoroastrianism is a form af Aryan religion. The Aryans moved across the world and lived near Persia, so it may be true. When the Aryans later left India and crossed over Himavat or the Himalayas, they came to a dessert , probably in west China, north of India and then the rest of the Aryans (lower casts, since only the Pandu brothers remained from the warriors) migrated towards all the Earth, while the faithful were taken up to heaven in a celestial vehicles, the book continues to tell. Yudishthira was taken up to heaven alive. Veda divides India in two parts - Arya and Dasa. Arya are bright as the Sun, meaning noble. That might mean that the others were white slaves (lower Aryans with animals) of Aryans and todays Slavic people and some descendants of Europeans, authenticated both biologically, geographically as etymologically. The word Bhaga turns up frequently in the Vedas, meaning supreme God and is also the name of God in most of the Slavic languages where it is pronounced the same but written as Boga or Baga. In the Vedas, one can understand who they were before they left India and how they were at the beginning, if they even existed as real people. In Yajurveda it is mentioned that the Sudra and Arya were created and their master were night respectively day, according to the Black Yajurveda, and the white one says that night and the day became their consorts. This means that the matriatic origin of Sudras was dark-skinned ethnicity (those without protection from the Sun) and the Aryans was as light as day. That night and the day became their masters means that they are subject to this fact. Aryans are also said to have travelled all over the earth and their last wife was paradoxically one Dasa-woman for the Pandu brothers. But the theory that Aryans lives on in Europe, is just a myth. Think about this:

"That precious discus, which was with the high-souled Krishna, has disappeared (from the world). When the time again comes, it will come back into his hands", says the Mahabharata episode 17 chapter 1.

A month is correctly counted from New Moon to New Moon. A month's exact length is approximately 29.5 days. But the length of a month can very and the usage of both, the season calendar as well as the lunar one are actually both OK, depending on the circumstances. Twelve months form a year, which is 354 days. The Sun is used to calculate the time and the seasons, according to NASA as-well as the Quran. But depending on how the Creator wanted people to follow the calendar, He accepted both, the Quran says indirectly in surah "The Cave". It takes 34 years (which, incidentally, is a human generation and further the age the love pairs have in Heaven) for the seasons/season year to meet with the lunar year so that each month falls in the same position where it started.
     Whether these powers, predictions or the occurrence surrounding my birth are for real or not, the God is still the only reference point, and the focus. But all indications point that it was as described, even though my parents of course had no idea about these occurrences, it is rather God's will that I was born on June 21, 1984 and being a Muslim - also in Ramadhan. These relationships, I found out afterwards by various religious computer web sites, calendars and religious books.
     He gave me His sign in the sky and then in a divinely inspired dream, I was also blessed to be called Fat'h, whose significance means victory, and it does not matter if it was Layl al Qadr or not. Though we've seen, with my own personal example, that God exists and compensates in the best possible way, I shall soon tell the proof in another mystical form. All should have faith in the Almighty God, I must say. As you may see, the story and I form a kind of a knowledge link, symbol or sign to describe how everyone's power, imagination or rather God, will one day be revealed, namely as the sum of all, the one who should be listened to. The Quran teaches that:

"His are the perfectioned and beautiful names; everyone and everything in the heavens and the earth glorify Him - He is the Almighty, the Wise", -///- "The legacy of the heavens and the earth shall accrue to God", Quran 3:180, 59:24.

In the autumn of 2007, I and two acquaintances went to a deserted place, where I talked about the evening I had the sign from God. One replied, as afflicted by a Icarus-like hubris, by saying that he had never seen a shooting star in all his life when a comet suddenly entered the atmosphere and burned up a few hundred yards in front of us, and almost hit us. The person did not want to believe and thus risked everyone's life and then something bad happened to him because he did not follow a true dream I had. Maybe the God gives everyone a new "shot" to believe. But the time I cried out to God for the shooting stars, which I then got the second later, could have been my last words in life, for the Lord is the only one who still always see and hear. I feel terrible in front of my Lord, the God, and ask Him for forgiveness. Now I also ask to have all the good, material abundance, and knowledge from God for eternity, as He does not want to be tested by someone or something. -O Lord, I'm your reporter in religion, I subdue only to you!
     It is also very important to point out that I do not have spiritual or material ambitions, except to follow and tell the truth, but I keep wonder why I recieve these messages from the Lord. Maybe I was born, apparently, for those who understand me and religions message, specifically and only to serve my God, the Almighty, and be close to Him, whatsoever arguments to be presented, it is still a mystical context. According to an Indian proverb, "it is equally rare to be born as a human being in this world as to see a sea turtle stick it's head up out of the sea".
     It all started as an analize of the methods of religions, as meditation, prayer, hymns and exercizes, but how it ends I put in the hands of the God. Also to see life's meaning, and try to become one with nature, I tried to research these different religious practices and I just wanted to see if they really worked and know for certain if God existed or not. A methodology was meditation, but it was time to time too boring, grey and hard to balanced, even if it gave me peace to a certain point. I also slept over at Hallandsåsen, a hill near my hometown Laholm, and sometimes in abandoned buildings. Experimenting with different hymns and religious styles I had visions of various kinds, such that a comet is heading towards Earth with high collision risk, again confirmed by NASA, though it depends on the man and God. Such and other mentioned risks are allways common and a threat & trial from the Lord of the World. I later started praying and at first I didn't understand the meaning but I gave it a chance and it became an addiction of bliss from the God. I recomend only the prayer! My vision of the comet, I shared with no one, except that I said exactly what NASA said, without additives, and that I had dreams about this. In autumn of 2008, I got dreams in which the God showed me that I would be a special reporter in religion to Him. In the morning a vision of that dream came the up two, three times and I was once again reminded. I asked my God what it means in more detail. The answer I have received through other dreams of mystical character, which is part of the conclusion. The dream was clear: "Be a reporter to Me, The God, and I will also learn you how to read and write in Arabic". But I wanted to know more. This has been my encounter with your God, the only one with the knowledge, He who tells it clearest and He fights for it's rights. My job is that I shall work correctly, truthfully and impartially to provide information to listeners and readers about religion from everyone's God. But often people do not believe in religion. Infidelity is a common way of thinking of those who find it difficult to believe in a Creator with omnipotence, says the Quran 6:124:

"When a sign (from God) reaches them, they say: "We will not believe until we get the same".

The same as above verse, was also said by a psychologist, to me, when I told him about my experiences, who then later called the cops on me, just because he has some power. If you do not understand the relationship between religion and my birth, I can clarified it. In Islam, I was born during the night of destiny - Layl Al Qadr - the night the Quran was revealed. John the Baptist was born on the summer solstice, the opposite of the winter solstice which is Jesus's birthday, and thus I was born on Christmas for those in the southern hemisphere. In Hinduism, I was born in Vishnus avatar ascending day, and even Shiva means good fortune or luck, like most of the major figures in Hinduism. In Jainism, I was born to a Jaina, Jina, which means the winner, according to my name in Arabic - Fat'ha. For Daosim I was born in a day which is the ultimate natural balance, from a calendarically perspective, and is the best "chi" between yin and yang the years can have. For the Nordic part I was born on a Thursday, in conditions related to Thor, luckily, rain, thunder, Thursday, on Summer Solstice which is the one of the most important holidays, and so on. Buddha's mother Maya, dreamed of the Buddha's birth during midsummer with crescent Moon and even the Buddha is said to have come to the day a year later and the next Buddha will maybe be born on midsummer, the day sacred to the whole of India with the rules of Praktimoksha included. For Nature religions I was also born during their greatest ceremonial time - the summer solstice. The line can be larger, but this is just proof that everyone's God exists, He is One. By doing and believing in what I told you about the religions in the other chapters, and more of the religions, maybe the God will give you something good. So read this and more truths from faiths.
    In the summer of 2006, I went up on Hallandsåsen (a hill in the county of Halland, south-western Sweden), after a fight at home with the family. At the foot of the hill, I got a "vision" of where I would sit. It sat in my soul as a glue sits on everything. I followed this impulse until I came to a place that looked like that vision. There was a small stream, a low stump, a lone tree and beside the stump and the tree was a long branch that looked like a trident. I sat down on the stump with my legs crossed and studied the surroundings, when I suddenly got another inspiration to close my eyes and meditate. Suddenly a strong red light appeared, which changed to a lighter until I literally "saw" the entire environment with trees, clouds and birds that flew by, without even opening my eyes. I could not open them correctly until a fear took over me and I opened them and saw the bird fly by the exact same way I 5 minutes earlier saw them coming from the side with closed eyes. A while later, an overwhelming feeling took over my body, including the soul, and I felt excited and tingly all over. There is nothing that compares to the feeling of transcendence, although it could have been stranger. I noticed the "trident" at the stump and picked it up. It felt heavy though it weighed little. This feeling led me to believe that it had power and I decided to try this. I commanded the wind to move in the direction I directed the trident towards and amazingly the wind as the command was. Despite this, I could not keep the trident, it felt odd at the time. I went home after a while, to study more religion, it had in fact gotten better at home. Now, if you are familiar with who Shiva, Solomon and some other mentioned above are you will maybe understand what I was experiencing, if this wasn't just an imagination or effects coused by exhaustion after walking a 15 km long road in three hours.
    In Stockholm, Nacka reservation, I had contact with a small group of youngsters and some had a tiny and fox looking dog, who had left their studies and works just to live by spiritual bliss and from what nature provided, but also by using modern technologies as computers, diods and sun panels for sun energy to generate electricity. They lived in "tipis" much as what native people have in North America and Samis of Scandinavia. There I was, understanding nothing but interested in seeing the world I made some bad steps, but was lucky to meet these guys and learn that man shouldn't abuse nature or be afraid of opression, but also I had been one once. Later I had nothing else dearer than the God and my life and no status could be near the feeling of having freedom and feel young without to many borders. These young people learn us that what ever States tell us, it is nothing in compare of religion or spirituality and that the truth is not always what it is claimed to be. We can create a better place for other next coming and in the same be spared from something collectively bad in the future.
    Almost every time I read something religious, I am struck by how that reality seems to be bundled with ordinary life and especially related to my own life. I dream just like any person, but in addition to these, I would comment on some of the dreams that were extraordinary in the context of my meeting with my God. By the way, the dreams I had also reflect what I wrote about above. My God taught me religion and may He guide me on.

-True Dreams-

In spring 2007, my God had a dream for me, where I found myself in an ancient, big and splended palace, where Moses and Aron with walking sticks came in and began to argue with the ruler Pharaoh. A woman remarkably stood and watched and listened, behind a large column. I myself was resting in front of a nice fountain. After a while two white cobras came and ate up a number of eggs that floated up from the fountain. The eggs the snakes ate up symbolize what I was doing of weirdness before I got more religious experience. I take Pharaohs magicians as a good example, at the end, to follow, and follow only the Creator Almighty who decides everything with power and ignores much of human shortcomings and say that all knowledge is of a One, He Who created me, and the only knowing the metaphysics. Along with Aron and Moses came nine signs plus one, presented to Pharaoh - attacks by spirits and insect swarms were just a part of what struck Pharaoh and his people because of their foolhardiness. Why believe in fantasies and Superman, when Moses was for real and talked about something that seems to be from outer space? One night I dreamed that I was on a lake. I waded out into it when a snake suddenly came swimming towards me from the left. When the snake was about to pass me, it suddenly became a stick and then floated lifeless. I quickly went up from the lake and met three people and then even Moses. He, Moses showed me a sign- he had a large and a small coin, which he put in each hand and then asked which was most worthy.

- The large coin has the highest value, I replied.
Moses put the two coins in the same hand. He learned me that they were most worthy together.
- Just so should Jews and Muslims think and be against each other, he explained with his remarkable gesture.

The summer of 2007 my God gave me a dream about disasters, wars and fights between friends and families where no one listened to each other. Then we heard a great noise or honking (like war signals of some kind) followed by a second, and people began to rise up from all sides. I knew in the dream that it was a doomsday scene. I got a bright light on and around the face, but scaresally left the scene, stumbled and fell uncontrollably at the trail but ended fortunately in a prayer position, after having tumbled around on the ground for a while. Two winged creatures then lifted me up and showed that everything from the people we used to know to the other creatures that are not recognized or are overlooked, would be collected, good as evil. They took me to a place where I learned that there were two choices - one right and one wrong.

- But your God has blessed you with faith, birth and name, which makes the whole thing easier, said a mysterious teacher.

I was among the three, righteous, out of 30 in the group but half would go to Heaven and the rest to Hell. I was taken to heaven where everything was bright with large beds with white textiles and angels who spoke peacefully around me, at bright fields with green meadows.

- It is lucky for the believers who never have to be worried for Hell, said the white-dressed and winged creatures.
I became curious and asked them what it was.
- You do not need to know about it, they answered.
But I insisted.
- I am a curious reporter and if anyone can end up in such a place, I need to know about Hell, I argued further.

They finally listened and took me there. And there, in Hell I was met by flames everywhere and deniers who ran uncontrollably with remorse in the words. Punishers were deployed, punishing some I know, and one of these workers turned quickly toward me and asked what I was doing there, as that place was not suitable for certain persons.

- I was taken here by own desire and curiosity and I account for it myself, I replied.
- One day everyone will wake up, one day everyone will wake up, said the strong protector twice, while his face came closer and closer.

I woke up with his calm voice and saw that it was half an hour to go before Friday prayers, and with a long way to the mosque. I hurried, with the belief that I would not make it, but thought, "I should try for the world and God's sake". As soon as I stepped into the Stockholm mosque the call to prayer began: - Allah Akbar - Allah Akbar - La ilah il Allah - Allah Akbar. All this is of course to read about in the Quran. Some things you should watch out for, because God punishes any deviation from Him, which I did once.
     In autumn 2007, The God gave me a dream where I, as a reporter, talked about religions, both for Muslims, Christians and others. Then the "holy spirit door" opened. Those who had faith stepped in with me and the Spirit moved us. It took us to what can be read in the Gospel. Jesus (Isa, Joshua, Ioshua or whatever he chooses to be called), may he rest in peace, had in the dream gathered a bunch of people who were waiting for his preachings and miracles. We who arrived was greeted as waited people and were assigned seats. Jesus then asked all those close to him to distribute food to the audience, wich seemed to not be enough for everyone. All sat in rows and ate and was saturated, except one in my row who complained that the water was out. I did not know what to do with all the dream problem, so I talked to Jesus about it.

- You only need is faith and everything will be all right, Jesus replied.

After it the person became happy and praising the God and sent the cup to the next person in the row. And I praised the God of miracles and the Prophet thanked the Lord and walked in front of everyone to keep the prayer. Jesus was calling prayer as the muezzin of Islam, and he recited the Quran and based on it he explained who he was.

- I am Jesus the son of Virgin Mary and prophet of the Lord, and my God is the constant present. God's peace be upon me the day I was born, the day I die and the day I resurrected again, he said.

One of the men threw himself to the ground directly, then we all together submitted. Then I just remember that I and Jesus was talking about something and I was inspired to believe that he lives in Heaven, before he went to the lake and a boat with a few well-dressed, probably some of the disciples (this may have been the site Islam says that he was raised up to heaven, if he first walked on water). There were evidences that this dream was true. Jesus turned his head to the right while his back to against the lake and during this episode he was in Bethsaida on the eastern side of lake Genasaret, and he turned south towards Jerusalem or Mecca (both located south of the lake) for prayer, which is a sign and proof that the dream was true.
     Interestingly enough, UFOs, if they even exist, have a relationship to water and perhaps the water is the key to build them, if the Creator God allows it. This is just my own reflections, but the prophet Ezekiel (Dhul Kifl) saw flying crafts on the River Jordan, the prophet Elijah was taken up by a vehicle pulled by light and a swirl, to heaven on the same river; Vishnu is said to float on a sea and have one Vimana (planetary ship) above the sea, and more. Perhaps this theory also provide answers to whether there are UFO in Roswell, New Mexico, USA, where it is said that one crashed in the desert, at a test site for nuclear weapons. I do not know if Jesus died as the Quran says, or if there are UFOs, but why usually with water, and it certainly is a lesson that God sees everything?! Around Orion, Sirius and the Pleiades, exits an opening (gate or "black hole") which is a linked shortcut to the flat and thus also eternal Paradise-world. So what, my question becomes while wondering who deservs to travel there, and not to mention the problems with comets or/and space dirt, but what about the small animals, fish and bacterias (the planet Earth), would they be admitted to this mystical journey? So actually, what about if every capable dead or alive human being wished to the God for the eternity, right here where we are, so He flatens it for ever as in a dream, I dare you all, will you accept and regret sins? The sky is for explorations by the will of the God, and notice that time can also be measured in planetary levels, when thinking of the small planet Pluto and it's orbitations. Around the 1980:s this planet was closer to the sun than Uranus & Neptune, and left around 2000 to travel upwards again and become invisible to the naked eye and simple astronomical tools, according to NASA. Last time that happaned was around year 1750 and the French revolution; before that Columbus found America around the 1500:s; back in the Middle Ages we come to the years of Worlds biggest yet known Empire of the Mongolian Djingis Khan; and in 1000 the Viking tradition left paganism and whole of Europe became Christians; around 500 is when the Prophet Muhamed was born and The Vendels expand in territory as in text, which later makes the Goths important in different situations, also the inspiration to naming north Europe as Scandinavia; around 300 is the birth of Constantin; and around year 0 is the birth of Christ; backing further to -300 we come to Alexander the Great; going even more back can be difficult here but the ones who can would likely bes stunned by this maybe interesting destiny of Pluto known as the golden age of traditons.
     Jesus also showed up as I believed to be a biblical form, even if not all the same, and also in other ways. My question is why everyone has to go through fire and sea to end up seeing the same thing as what I or the Prophets tell? It is much easier and more honest to believe in what I or other credible says, from both scriptures as in the mundane.
     Spring 2008: One night I had a God inspired dream where I was in a pasture and I began to recite surah "Al Fatiha" in Arabic and while I did it, I slowly did a somersault in the air, like in flying, and landed on my feet just as the last verse was over. My dad stood and watched behind a fence, and in the dream even a serious brawl with assault between two of my friends dissolved. I had previously given advice on how to resolve the conflict and a short time after that I dreamed about this, they had become friends. I do not mean that I am immortal, of course, but probably I got knowledge of metaphysics in this and the next life, which I have received from my Lord, the Doomsday King.
     Autumn 2008: In the dream, God showed me being near one TV, which I curiously approached. Unlike most dreams, this was much more miraculous, rational and logical at the same time. When I got to the TV, I saw that it was dusty. So as I'm used to do, I began to pull my fingers in the dust to clean it of. After two, three moves with my fingers the TV flashed spiritually. The TV was not turned on but the dust began to dissolve and melt together with what I had done with the hand previously. I had inadvertently written the the Islamic creed, namely La ilah il Allah, which means "There is no God other than God". But after the spiritual lightning, which was a blessing (bereqet, baraka), the word "Allah" was revealed as a crown where the letter Ha was envisioned a diamond. This crown sat on a Lord who sat on a throne. It looked as if the dust had been dissolved and the voids formed instead a photography. Over and under the throne, it said "Allah Akbar".

- I am God the Creator, which you dispute about, He said.
I tried, during all the time, to listen to the language which sometimes made me believe that it was Swedish, and sometimes Albanian or even English or Arabic, although it really was something quite spiritual.
-I am the All powerful and nothing is too hard for Me. When I want to create, I just say "exist" to it, and it exists, the God said.

Alif (the letter A that looks like a dash) was a pen, then became a pointer and then finally a sword. That there was a TV and dust on it means I dropped out of studies in media because of a series of discriminatory circumstances I have experienced. Me cleaning the TV with my fingers and that Allah gave me the "word" means I still got lucky that chose this approach to religion and that I would continue to be a reporter, and write about pure knowledge, dust of the of dirt and return to the faith, and who knows, we might see Him in "Heavens Media". My God Zoti, forgave my faults and gave me more metaphysical experiences. However, in an "interview" with Him, everyone got something to think about. -Matter means that I can keep myself hidden, said the God and sometimes I have perceived the God as a transcendent watcher. I once asked Him, He who creates, what He was called in addition to the more traditional names, and another night I dreamed about His answers. -Allah is Fi, said an angel and showed me that even on the Arabic script. Fi in Arabic is identical to the Greek form Phi, but in Arabic meaning "in" or "within", thus continuously meaning present, everywhere or everything.
     Spring 2009: I dreamed that I met someone who called herself the world's most famous witch and wanted to convince me of her card having power and a figure in them who could predict the future.

- I have one who can predict the future, she said.
- Take out the card and call up the figure on the card in front of my eyes so I myself might ask him about the future and I will believe in you, I answered. - But it is only God who knows the future, I said further.
She admitted defeat.
- Your God is the true to follow, for I can not call up the figure on the card, she said.

God gives knowledge of the religious record and the stories which are really true and enriching events by the Creator. Take out a pill that can solve everyone's problems, if you can, because I believe in it, but you will see that everyone would still complain that it is not the answer to problems, and God would remain all-powerful and wise anyway. Large criticism should be directed to psychiatric care and their poor knowledge of medicine.

- We nurses know not ourselves, so I can not give you answers. The pharmaceutical manufactures have the responsibility to tell us what the pills are made of as we nurses work only to give them to patients, says some nurses.

And what psychosis is, they can not tell. At the same time, it is so large mixtures of people in the institutions, some are sick and some are healthy and the healthy person at risk of getting sick and the sick even sicker in locked form. It is more a punishment than care. With support from pharmaceutical companies, both financially and socially or discursively they can provide support to psychologists, and also directed approach and knowledge about diseases and directed interest elsewhere. Why should the alleged doctors have the right to medicate others, but do not let the other medicate themselves, rationally saying? Medicine heals, for example, cuts, damaged neurons/brain parts, but one can never believe that something beyond God can protect or damage the psyche, if not they now wants to say that they see the souls/psyche as something material! Or should all psychiatric illness maybe seen as neurological damage? According to this institution, Psychology, everyone is really crazy (in Freud's and Jung's spirit), so to avoid this respect only those who can control their madness are not seen as "sick". But if everyone is mad, would it not create panic or should this not be questioned - the use of religious arguments in light of reductionism or scientific methodology, and remember that even when the psychologist might be crazy? In the same case, they may renounce their psychological roots in Science that most psychologists say their business come from. And I do not deny that the disease exists but deny that the methods of most psychologists. Therefore, it is important that you protect yourself from diseases of the best extent and help those in need of care in the best ability. In an interview with a lecturer in Psychology at Stockholm University, I was told that a newly appointed psychologist in Sweden do not get any kind of religious education at all - that is either from denominational sources or from religion studies in Science, even if this topic comes up in some contexts, and with the caveat that there may be believers among psychologists. This despite the fact that most of the patients they encounter daily are religious and have religious experiences. To not being associated with traditional religion, Psychology chosen to concentrate on biology for the definition of that tradition. Instead of Psychology, it should be called something biologically and at the neurological direction instead, if not the origin is sought.
     Spring 2009: On February 12, 2009, most of the media in the world wrote of a collision between two Russian satellites in space. It was the first time any kind of spaceship/satellite collided with each other in space. Days before, a dream came to me where I was at a space station, looking out into space, while two doberman-dogs collided with each other and later Russia's President in space suit said to the dogs "Dober Putin" ("dober" also means "good" in Russian). Later I dreamed about the air plane crash in Lake Michigan, and the emergency landing in the Hudson River, USA. I dreamed initially that a plane had the colours green, red and black which later became white with an eagle (also a symbol for USA - United states of America), and which dove toward the water in a lake. In one of these planes was a large group of relatives of those who died during the September 11 attacks in New York, they had been on a conference whether it was terrorists or a political conspiracy by the Bush regime that was behind the attacks. In the plane was also a nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for her struggle for justice after the war in Rwanda in 1994, but that same year as the crash in Lake Michigan the prize went instead to America's newly appointed president. Conspiracies are no good to follow or trust and all dreams are not important, but one wonders why these dreams came to me and why no one listens when I tell them that my God sees and hears everything in advance, by me and usually by His dreams. There are witnesses to these true dreams.
     Before I quit completely, I would also come to the conclusion and warn about one thing. In the divinely inspired dream humanity was warned not to go too long in their pursuit of knowledge and not be presumptuous. Did you know that the Elusion was the ancient Roman name for Paradise but was reduced to the opposite - illusion. If people do not do as they should, which is to return to the religion's basic meaning and not reduce it or use it in other bad purposes, the Creator can come to replace it, humanity, with the robots having their own life and soul, and who easily "replace" man. They are like nothing I have seen before and have all kinds of sizes, design and tools/weapons. They can be colourful and a small robot can manoeuvre a larger and vice verse. Some robots where alike birds having celular phones built inside, and others like the transformers, where I controlled them as a convoy. And believe me, believe the one who gave me the dream that reality is not controlled by man, and if people believe so then God will spare from any such or similar catastrophes and instead turn it into something better, without disasters of any kind, as mentioned before. He, the God is the Most Merciful! Turn around for the better - namely religion, which is, as I have shown, the only knowledge of this world, unless you can come up with something better. This is the religion's message and my message. Stop accusing each other and start believing in each other instead, regardless of knowledge or belief or affiliation, because it is one of the obstacles that we can skip in the eternal path and so it will be opportunities to progress from all real and hypothetical crises. As one in Islam, I asked Allah again about how I should act as warrior for a Creator when man in our world has worldwide mass destruction weapons?

- Let it all be in my hands without you raising hand, and fear nothing beyond Me so I can save you, said the Almighty God. - All you need to do is to be righteous and watch as the promises come true, He concluded.

His word is no doubt, as it may be seen in the religious scriptures and the Reportage validating that they work and holds promises. What promise do you choose to follow and keep? I forget what my family has done and after being on the wrong path, testing and manipulating reality, I came back to the God, circumcised and pray to my Creator. I thank God that He saved me from the so-called mental health. People make "Terminator" movies and "Transformers" movies, but why do people want the little when there's more to believe in? Perhaps I have said too little or too much, who knows, I hope that I am doing right for what I am saying, however, is the reality as I experienced it. If those preoccupied with spiritual knowledge could produce a number or symbol that could tell everything, do it, because I believe in it directly. But man will see that the only thing that needs to be kept in mind is the Lord, the God, who knows all of his creation and the only one worthy to have knowledge of. I am only a man so do not fear me but fear God rather, blessed He who blesses. And I would ask, in the name of God and truth, that those who believe in the knowledge should not say "what fate decided" but instead say "what the Creator destined or fated" or "that determined in fate". It is also important to point out that my God is not fate, fortune, Sun, Moon, calendars or other than Him, the Almighty, but please report the error. These dreams were just a handful, and certainly I am going to get more, but until God sees me, these must be the foundation for later work.
     All of these gifts of grace the Lord took away from me by His angels in a dream, when I asked for it. I wished that everything was to be taken away from me, but I regretted it soon afterwards and asked Him to return them. My and your God gave back the blessings, when I won against demons in another dream and met (in a big city at a castle on the top of a hill) there The Holy Spirit (holding the Earth Globe in his hand and at the same time bouncing it up and down on his invisible palm, thou I didn't percieve The Spirit he said: "I see you but you don't see me and I am known as The Holy Spirit" and further said: "There is one more test, catch it if you can" and he throwed the Globe to me which I, with some difficulties, managed to fetch in the end) and his Lord on a throne Who said "so you managed to show up here in the end", after I changed my mind and my stupid desire. Sorry The Lord of the World. Everything you wish for you get, so wish no harm either to yourself or someone else, unless God wants that. My method may not work for all but the consensus is that there is no point in writing religious texts, or do as I, in almost all respects relating to this publication, but the message is the important thing and not the textual (that's why some of this book is translated by me using dictionaries and translators, I have written mostly all myself with my Lord, Who have seen and approved it, thou). And there is a Creator, and He wants all to worship Him for this, by returning to the use of religious texts and the methodology mentioned there, as well as help those who are vulnerable, such as due to injust, economic or legal ways are outside society. I say this because it makes sense in my religion and not because I surely can say that it is true, however, the religion and mysteries always captured people's imaginations, thoughts and soul. It is rather a God who claims its truth and I follow the truth until proven otherwise, if it even is possible when speaking about religion and the God. One needs therefore a blessing to come of from the first stage which is the search of a way to hopefully become convinced, as I was, and still am. Is it not time to return to the purpose of knowledge, namely to use it legally and by the God, get to the everlasting life? Everyone has to follow a path they are destined to follow. Scientific institutions should do everything possible to get to a good guidance for the people and if not the scholars know the answers how should the uneducated to know them, or why not make all educated? They can not, unless Science and society gives the actual proposal of religion a chance, as the God wants. Just as today's scientists can not create new theories or methods unless space is available, but can return to the old scientific patterns, well we could also return to the original meaning of the religious word.
     God has also given me a dream saying that the Albanian or "Shqipetarian" legend is true and I have had his dreams with an eagle that flew over my head and confirmed everything I wrote. In the dream, one snake tribe killed the other until there were only three left, the snake, eagle and one with no name. The leader of the "snake tribe" had a yellow snake on his hair. The snake leader sat beside the eagle, and the serpent then asked:

- O eagle, do you know who I am?
The eagle answered, in the 'shqipë' language, following:
- I know nothing other than that the God exists; He is the only one I follow and listen to.

The snake then bited it's master who instantly dropped dead, in jealousy of the calm from the eagle and it's wise and inspired answer, and the snake was then itself killed by me, after coming towards me with threats. Islam is a tolerant and true religion, and someone who my soul thought was Muhamed, was in a dream I had, where he was surrounded by children and preached to the adults in a mosque, while I stood outside and watched on, just after a pleasant conversation and we had, where he finally presented himself, during washing before we prayed. It seems that a date for the Day of Judgement is set up, but it also can occur before considering that a horror seems to stand in the way, I do not know if any of this is true but it seems so. I wish and pray my Lord for forgiveness, a rich life and a rich soul.
     In 2013 I had a dream where I was at Stonehenge, England, and saw the Druids sacrifice humans. As I stood in turn to be sacrificed, some how I escaped and ran in to the woods. Later Prophet Muhamad came saying that fighting was better, if I only knew, and he made me go back with strength and fear at ther same time, but all alone. Upon arriving to the rocks again the Romans came and chased the Druids (spiritual leaders in the Celtic religion) who ran and turned their backs to them and themselves. Some of them went South and some North to the Vikings. In swamps and forests they waited for the enemy, and as the Druids thought they were safe, the Vikings rose from the lakes withs swords and spears killing the enemy. In the same dream I also saw Centaurs and something looking like movie scenes with actors from Hollywood.
    I had a dream once, being in the Middle Ages, having some crazy and powerfull man, with sword and spear, chasing me in the halls of a prison, after I had ascaped from his torture attempt. I hide myself under clothing that was to be washed. Later the male washers came in and talked about the bad conditions they had at work and in society in general, and how unjustly they were treated. All the time I prayed that they wouldn’t find me, believing they would kill me. But eventually they found me there, amids all clothes and asked me who I was. After telling them my story, the believed I was a leader of some sort and their only hope, so they assigned me as sush and I accepted it. I desided that we would end the unjust system once and for all, so we gathered a lot of people, it seemed, and went stright to the castle, were the King resided. But they were stronger, throwing fire and hot oil on us. At some point I considered to leave my fellows behind, but instead I ordered them to invade the forecourt of the town instead. Inside this forecourt was a long hall and at the end front was a hanged man. The King had commited suicide, with the crown at his feet. I cut the rope and layed the King on ther floor, as my companions took his crown and gave it to each other for a look. In the end, they gave it to me saying I deserved it. As soon as I got the golden crown on my hands, a great voice came from around it chanting: “The Great Law”, in the Arabic language - “Al Furqan Al Aziz”. But Instead of keeping it for myself, I revived the King back to life, with first aid methods, and went to Allah with the Crown.
    As seen, my name means fate. All languages have a connection to each other, it seems literally, as in grammar. All languages are as branches of fruit-bearing trees, and this is like a small, egg-shaped universes with a centre like the world tree, and have you had a breakfast then you know what an egg looks like - this means fate. Thus fate is like fibres, the navel nourishing, holding together and enriching and when man dies she becomes free, like the chick that hatches from the egg. I could do the same as this, in a thousand ways, but and maybe it is so with luck - to choose something that is right and make one another happy. God is Phi (Fi). Here, in the world died everything, because everything dies out, this whole thing will die out, also I, but all the others as well, and the believers will still survive and have Paradise. My women in life, I have often seen in dreams in advance, they have been the memories of the past with a promise on the beautiful, future world.
     Maybe I will also say that I do not know why my God has given me these dreams or this job. I've done stupid things, but I just hope my God sees me as good again. Often I ask why God chose me and my task's actual meaning. What do I know, only the Creator can see and hear the best and is the principal author of my script-like nocturnal dreams and He do not mean that this book will replace the Quran and your deeds, but rather open and confirm them only as a reminder of the truth that was, is still and will be for ever. Circumcise you men, it increases the most in life. Not that it matters to me, besides, I can never get close to the beauty of the Quran in text form, for it is a miracle from my God to the seal of the prophets, for all peoples, nations and people. But, listen to me all. I have not had time to write all over a thousand of my God dreams, but in 2010 and 2011, I have also seen the great crowd of Hindu figures in heaven (I got to go a parade walking between two rows of light-skinned decorated human figures in heavenly environment with accolades and applause). And later also Ra, Isis and Horus appeared from the walls of the Pyramids as moving images and later they also got out of them like real beings, in golden dresses, while I was allowed to be left in peace, while some one made a sacrifice of gold, thrown with prayer in a lava stream. Ra said something to me but I couldn't remember or just don't understand what it was, while he held a spear and had a crown similar to the Pharaos. The proof that dreams are true, at least when God says it, is that they get real in normal life. Your God says that there will be more dreams, from him to me, and more will turn true in the physical world.
     After a separation from a friend, my God dreamt that I was meditating, after a prayer, as suddenly a loud, mocking and horrible laughter from who i believe was a Devil came out of a TV. I recited some surahs from the Quran for protection (Audhobilah mina Shaitani Rajim - I seek Gods refuge from Satan the outcast), and suddenly the voice stopped as if it was choked, and I felt calmed and sure, as my world was destroyd and would be fixed by our good God, in one or another way. Well, the TV has ment a lot for man but it is bad as it is good. My dream job is to work with text-TV or in Paradise, reporting of God. I will report, according to the God, about Judgement Day, Pharao, Kings etc. All I want to do is just honor God in a good way. Once, in the spring of 2009 I had a dream where I was walking in Hell with a notebook and pen in my hands. It looked like usual in Hell, dark, hot, dead landscapes with leafless bitter trees and what seemed as vulcanos in the background. There I saw a long row, consisting of thousands of people and their leader seemed to be the Pharao who fought against the God of Moses & Aron. He was shaved, wore allmost nothing but a robe covering the most important parts and had eyes that looked as it had all the wrath of the world, tired, red and anguished. While I usually am wery quiet, understanding and withdrawn, in the dream I was hard as sort of a cop or soldier, all objective and went stright to the leader and said:

"Oh Pharao, how do you feel today, when the Hour has come and you and your followers will see the painfull torment in Hell?"

- Bad, he answered and looked in the ground for a long time. - I regret all what I did in my life time, he continued.
- Today it is to late for your wish and now go you forward to meet your appointed destiny, I said back while showing him the notebook.

Beside this I once had a dream being in Paradise with a lot of reporters, in a broad casting room which had the same studios as modern day journalism offices have. All went on assignments from God but I just wanted to study the environment while also asking my self "Are every ones deeds really written in these big screens, and will I ever work here some day, in Heaven's Media?".
     Why write a story, when you can write the truth as it is, which is religion? I do not judge, but argues that this text is the truth without secrets, with God the "Almighty" as counsellor, teacher and storyteller in the study of the religious practices to the acquisition of knowledge. Nor am I a magician, a prophet or a God himself, and will not, in the ill-pressure, bend spoons, find unnecessary lost things or prove whether God exists or not, more than it already made by His own free will, unless God want something different of course. But take some time to think of what was said, and what will later happen. God and I have no Magical relationship and I did not do Magic to win his trust. From the time of Muhamed the Quran has been translated and I have read it in four different languages, and no significant differences exist between them, but in Arabic it is probably as it should be, of course, up to the present day, and the book managed to survive in all it's perfection till this time. With this said then follow the advise and accept the words of the Arabic book - the Quran. I have no doubt whatsoever on that I have seen from the Creator and professionally believe that Islam prevails over all religions in book form; Jesus was the wise king who never died on the cross and that the Buddha, the former King serves best in his enlightenment. Therefore, I apologize.

- As you can see, I God, deliberately chosen to name and write about religion so that it fits with what the character in this story experienced. This will highlight the need to be critical and show how easily people can actually convey a message in secret in objectivity clothes. Just because the word "I" is not mentioned by the author, as a reference to himself, it does not mean he can not be seen or convey something indirectly in the text message. Another angle is that each soul is distinguished in its own way, whatever and however you choose to do, and this can not be circumvented, so called destiny in religion. The third is the need to make a special way of conscious selection, because had the text been different if the main character had been someone other, and had it been more different with a believer or unbeliever, a monotheist or polytheist, and so on? Fate is just like anything else, and have only seen Me, the Creator, in dreams, for anything else would be next to impossible, and the rest of the reporters must be impartial and have the best journalistic intuition and allow themselves to be guided by Me, a great God, in writing as in life. Believe, O you reporters and journalists, otherwise you will be written about as hypocrites and liars in My books, instead of being among the chosen and special. Or do you think you have your own powers? Anyone following the liars will surely be lost, O you who read and also write books, reports and articles are to know, says the Lord God, the Creator.

See this story as you want, something interesting, a myth, a parody of religion, truth and reality, lies, brainwashing, Pseudoscience, but what it described are enormous proportions to not to be taken as a lesson. Maybe it's not a story in the traditional sense but I went through fire and sea to gather information and inspiration for this work. I am not a scientist, new prophet after Muhamed, or Allah who once sealed the prophets road, but just one who opens the seal and try to tell about it's content. If the God does not want me to write this, then may He help me, both economically and in inspired knowledge in the making of some thing else, or at least may I in that case be forgiven for believing in Him as He say that He chose me to be the God's reporter in religion. Whatever happens, I "sat my brick on the wall" with this text for my part of life, and hope He will see, be pleased and accept me, amen! In the sum end you should know that the God showed me all the prophets , major religious figures as Jesus, Buddha, Muhamed etc, religious events and Himself in His dreams. I dreamed that King David, Solomon and Ras Tafari, sat in separate thrones (in the middle was one seat empty), next to each other, and also another prophet (probably Samuel who also made Saul/Taul a king before David/Dawud, thou it was never mentioned and wich seems to be accurate if thinking that neither the Quran does it accept that it refers the account where David and Saul were crowned by this prophet) beside me, down on the ground, who said in what seemed to be English, that my pseudonym should be "Firesoul", and I accepted their wish. In the last dream, in autumn 2012, my God said that the story now was approved for publication, in the english language, it being the writing of digital technology as a reference to the Quran which is written in the daily, religious and international language arabic. These were, as said, only a hand full of the experiences and dreams, and the first encounter I had with the mystical part of religions, since then everything is changed for the better part for me and now religion and meeting The God is easy like a child play. This story I'v told a bunch of other times (as an University essay, an interview, etc.) in other contexts, forms, location and time. But with religion, one thing leads to another, so this is where it's writing end may come in, because my God actually already says it all, for and to all, and included perfectly in the Quran already. That being said, I want to address all and say that this was dedicated to the God and the glory of His message, the Arabic Quran. And no exception can be seen in man's troubled sight, they say without exception that 1+1 = 2, when it may be that 1+1 = 1, for example in the fact of family life or when two lover become one, how, when and why is it so? (Instead of accepting the fate of God, they, most of the scientist become compensatory ending instead up with making exceptions to standards) If this question can't be answered by the so-called knowers and experts, or anyone who believes himself to be God or sees Mother Nature as an exploatory merchandise, and if they do not stop with their bad doings, they may end up with exhaustion in the development of knowledge, in Science and faith which are signs of poverty, and the same thing happens with Nature.

- This foolhardy distancing from religion, separates you people from Me, says the Creator of nature and religion, the Almighty God. Be fearing for vengeance, from Me the God who is one, or do the right thing now, and get food and knowledge, clarifies His Majesty, The Almighty God.

If there are inconsistencies between the audience and the author, me Fatmir, know that the God sees and hears, and it is to Him all matters return.

Good Luck, all!

... The end ...

Text & Illustrations: Firesoul

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